Choose a mini projector for smartphone

With the development of technologies, people have become more demanding for technology. New gadgets conquer users with their capabilities, and one of the outstanding devices of these years – Mini Projector for Smartphone. This device was created on the prototype of desktop strokes.

Gadget reproduces an image from a tablet / smartphone on any wall, allowing you to view movies with comfort and full immersion. Reproduction of films is not the only possibility of a mini-projector. For businessmen and office workers, such a device will make it possible to show workers presentations to the team without any problems.

Features and characteristics

Among the features should be allocated.

  • Multitasking – The projector is suitable for watching video and to show workers presentations with slides. Video game lovers will also be able to use equipment and broadcast gameplay on a large screen, which will significantly increase emotions from the game.
  • Low weight and compactness. The main and most important feature of the projectors for smartphones is the minimum weight of the gadget and small sizes. This means that the device is calmly placed in the laddish handbag of the medium size or in the portfolio for documents.
  • Minimum settings and easy phone connection. Projectors have only a few connections and a simplified menu – no long equipment installations. Just connect the smartphone and turn on the device itself – and the image manifests itself on the screen.
  • Limited service life, measured in hours. This is not a positive feature, and it is very important to take into account. Technical equipment has a maximum of hours, during which the unit will project a picture. After wear off the main lenses, the device ceases to work correctly. It should not be afraid of this feature: the manufacturers are trying to maximize the limit of the work of one projector, so almost any device will serve at least one year at an average load.
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The cloth for receiving the picture should be smooth and without bends. Otherwise the image will be deformed.

As soon as compact multimedia projectors began to appear on the market, they were decided to divide into three different categories for ease of choice. All categories have their own sizes and capabilities, so the following characteristics of each of them are described below.

  1. Portable projector. This is a copy of full, bulky devices. Differs from them with their reduced dimensions and several trimmed characteristics.
  2. Pico projectors. The smallest and compact representatives of the gadget. Have lightweight plastic in the design, all optional items are absent to reduce dimensions.
  3. Independent projection stations. This is a separate category, because these projectors can reproduce the material without using additional gadgets (smartphone, tablet). Compact stations have its own external drive and connector for connecting a USB flash card.


There are many proposals from both famous brands and Chinese manufacturers. The user himself must decide what to choose – brand more expensive, but time proven, or the Chinese projector with the risk of emergency breakdown.


The company is famous for the quality production of printers and all printing techniques. Since the beginning of the development of projects, Epson has joined the hype and released several models that delight their performance and abundance of functions.

Epson EB-1781W comes with the user with the original device for transporting the device. Also in the shell installed a function Gesture Presenter, allowing to scroll through the presentation slides with one hand gesture from the corner of the screen.


TOUYINGER EVERYCOM X7 – Curious model from China. It has a built-in shell based on the operating system android, What should expand the list of opportunities very much. The manufacturer notes that the gadget does not heat at all, and you can even use it as a TV – you can forget about the console or antenna and enjoy TV.

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In fact, everything is not so joyful, and the reason is that the Chinese tried to equip a portable gadget too many functions – it turned out to be a reasonable apparatus for funny money. Android system is installed raw and not intended for a low-power in terms of operational memory consoles.


World brand, known primarily by monitors and televisions, also expanded its range of compact projectors. LG make universal devices that are sharpened under multitasking.

In a compact segment there is an interesting model – Cinebeam LG Ph30JG. The projector offers the user an adjustable support from the bottom for the projection of the image on the ceiling, connecting over a wireless communication and a powerful built-in power supply for continuous operation from 3 to 4 hours.


Like other world brands, ASUS supports a quality bar and offers high-quality mobile phone projectors. The company has released a ruler of 4 solutions, each of which is compact and aimed at performing specific tasks.

Built-in sound system, as well as long battery life (up to 5 hours) make products a popular choice. In addition, the Power-Bank feature has been added to their projectors, which offers to recharge mobile phones from the projector. For which it is done – it’s not entirely clear, because the battery is not so big to fully charge at least 1 phone.

Tips for choosing

To properly select the projector, you need to pay attention to some details. Of these, the following factors can be distinguished.

  • Gadget sizes. Although size and weight is reduced to a minimum, you should consider where the projector will stand in the house. Children’s room for watching cartoons, living room for comfortable gamega – wherever the user would have decided to put the projector, you need to find a suitable place. Otherwise, after the purchase, the device will have nowhere to put.
  • Careful study of phone review reviews. Since portable wall image technology is a relatively new word in electronics, there has not yet appeared absolutely safe brands without minuses in the design. Therefore, it is desirable to post all feedback on the product before buying it. And search need predominantly bad reviews to see all shortcomings of use.
  • Price category. Price scatter is wide – from several thousand rubles to 100 thousand, so the consumer itself decides here, is it worth paying for quality or better save. For average quality, less prices in 5-8 thousand Russian rubles cannot be lowered.
  • The meaning of the purchase. Projectors are really universal. But more often a person buys a thing for some particular purpose. And already knowing this goal, you can pick up goods based on needs: for children’s cartoons are sold inexpensive, painted in the style of character cinema characters projectors. For business purposes, the device will be the most lightweight and small. For home viewing it is recommended to choose a model with an attractive design and an increased service life.
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Subtleties of operation

The projector is a technically complex device, and there are nuances of operation of this equipment. To enjoy the device without problems and additional repair, you need to know some moments for care and use.

First of all, it Protection against falls, moisture and dust. This is an obvious fact, and it concerns all electronic mechanisms. Fully protected projectors today do not exist. This means that the user must gently exploit the device and regularly wipe the dust copying on the surface.

After purchase, the user receives detailed instructions for the operation of the gadget – this text needs to be carefully read and take into account when leaving the projector.

The following video presents a review of one of the projector models.

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