Choose a dance rug with a connection to the TV

Dance rug – relative to the “young” entertainment device with a game controller that connects to the TV, console, computer or laptop. The choice of connection is largely affected by the cost of the entire purchase. This article will talk about models connected to the TV.

Features, pros and cons

For the first time, the Japanese company Konami presented his invention to the world in 1998. It had a toy appointment. The platform has improved and upgraded, but the essence of the game actually did not change. Initially, the device was intended for one player, but over time began to produce mats for 2-3-4 people. The device, despite the disadvantages of the first models, quickly gained popularity among young people, he collected big queues at entertainment centers. At that time, the rug had a bit of melodies, only three modes and suffered a violation of sound synchronism and movement.

Over time, the disadvantages were eliminated. The company began to produce lightweight options for home use with 7 modes and a large number of melodies. Modern dance rug has a lot of titles: Music platform, Dancemat (DenSmat) or Dancepad (Denspad). It is a rubberized removable platform for proper geometric shape (square, rectangle), which does not slide and does not grieve.

The cost of such a rug can be from 800 to 20 thousand rubles. It depends on the connection, for example, to a computer via USB will cost more than the TV, but also has more. In addition, the price affects the material from which the device was produced. If the rug is similar to the usual oilcloth, it will cost much cheaper than a solid rubberized platform.

On the product of the product it is worth stopping in more detail, according to the structure of the model is divided into thin (cheaper) and thickened (expensive).

  • Thin models consist of synthetic tissue connected in several layers. They are compact, easy to handle and occupy little space. They are easy to transport even in foot. But on thin mats do not dance with azart, there is a danger of slipping.

They can not be in shoes, it can damage not too durable surface.

  • A thickened model is a solid dense rubberized rug with a thick polymer tab inside. If the rug must be collapsed, the liner can be removed. Despite the strength and reliability, dance on a thickened platform is also recommended without shoes. Such products do not slide and withstand any rhythm of dance.

Music Denspects – exciting gaming devices that are still not found in every home. But their popularity is growing thanks to many advantages:

  • raise sports spirit;
  • give a lot of positive emotions;
  • make it possible to play a team from 2 to 4 people;
  • develop attentiveness, memory, motorcy;
  • teach to feel rhythm;
  • train the body is no worse than any charging.

After analyzing a large number of reviews, significant flaws of miracle toys have not been identified, users are satisfied. Small complaints related to very cheap models. Some of them are produced from polyethylene and slide slightly.

Such devices are better spaced on pales or carpets to increase the grip with floor.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of the dance rug is quite simple, having a desire, anyone can be performed. The device is endowed with varying degrees of complexity of connection to home equipment. The computer option requires a thorough, long-lasting setting, the latter generation mats are suitable (released after 2013). But DRPEAD models that support the SD flash card are able to upload additional melodies and camera options for equipment.

Connecting to TV is easier, using the adapter (available) and cable with a tulip-type connector. Inside the rug mounted microprocessor. Commier with a special program that provides a large number of melodies. When connected when the equipment passed to the desired mode, you can see pictures on the TV screen with comments. Selected CRT or LCD TV type. Next, a list of programs is displayed, with which you can select the number of buttons, the complexity mode, melody.

The device has different levels of difficulty, which makes it available players with unequal preparation:

  • Beginner – designed for beginners;
  • Light – light, the game passes without much voltage;
  • Standart – standard, used in most cases;
  • Heavy – heavy, calculated on experienced players.

The platform is built from 7 to 9 buttons, arrows are applied to the surface to help determine the movement. The game itself is as follows: the player under the active melody comes on the buttons in the desired sequence. This is due to the display located in front of the game participant. During the dance, you need to watch the arrows on the screen or the “dancing little man”, they inform about the buttons to appear.

Jumping to get the arrows to the square designation. For each correct movement there is a ball that can be seen on the display, at the end of the game the total amount of earned points is exhibited. Summing up, we can say that dance floor mats connected to TV are more suitable for beginners or amateurs. Professionals choose computer options.


Dance mats are single and double. Single look in the form of a square sample with dimensions of 90×90 cm or 100×100 cm. Rectangular products for one player have dimensions of 90×80 cm, 94×82 cm, 92×80 cm. In folded form, the rug is 30x30x8 cm. Double platforms repeat the shape of the rectangle and have dimensions, twice as large as single models – 165×90 cm. There can be several people on such products.


Dance platforms are created in a bright, cast tonality, because they represent entertainment programs and are responsible for a good mood. The surface of the product is painted with colorful squares even so that you can quickly navigate and put the leg correctly, in the desired sector. Bright paints, rhythmic music, backlight and energetic movements create an atmosphere of fun and holiday, which is required of such a device.

    In most cases, for the surface itself, a black background color is selected, on which juicy squares contrast:

    • in blue and raspberry execution;

    • in red, blue and yellow tone;

    • Often, squares are painted in the color of the traffic light – red, yellow and green.

    Children’s rugs are performed more artistically, instead of squares, children can contemplate pictures of animals, colors or heroes of favorite cartoons.

    Overview of the best models

    Choosing a dance rug, we suggest paying attention to the models that have proven themselves best on the basis of user reviews:

    Smoby (Cotoons)

    The product is intended for kids up to a year, even a newborn. The model “First Steps” is especially useful.


    Under this brand launched rugs of different topics for children from 3 to 5 years. The best includes “Funny mice” and “Party for friends”.

    Dance Pad Deluxe Piu

    Modern multifunctional model for 32 bits with a connection to a computer and TV.

    Stay Cool Duplex Wireless

    Wireless dance danced for 32 bits, with flash card and 2 joysticks, has 6 levels of difficulty. You can connect to the game together.

    Dance Performance II

    A convenient rubberized non-slip rug with a waterproof surface is endowed with a large number of settings and at the same time it is inexpensive.

    Tips for choosing

    Choosing a model, it is important to know who it will be targeted: a child, an adult, a professional, beginning. Targets are also important, the device can be bought for entertainment or exercise (fitness classes, yoga, for weight loss).

    The cost of the product depends not only on the material and method of connecting to different types of equipment, it affects the degree of complexity of the electronic filling itself.

    Rugs can differ in the number of buttons, different power, the number of bits. At the last point should be stopped. Models produced 8, 16 and 32-bit. In the choice of product, you should pay attention to the TV diagonal – how it is impressive, the more bits you may need. There are other important criteria.

    • 8 bits. The most simple variants are used for children’s gaming rugs.

    • 16 bits. Here the graph is already better quality. Models have a lot of varied melodies. Endowed with dance and gaming programs.

    • 32 bits. Refer to the most modern devices, they appeared in 2019. Their HD graphics has perfect quality. Products are completed with a memory card to record favorite compositions.

    The device is more expensive than its predecessors, but it allows you to play and dance to all family members.

    Recommending electronic stuffing, consider other selection criteria.

    • Convenient options include a flexible soft rug made of thickened material. It will not be on the floor, it can not slip on it. Such DensPad is comfortable, safe for children and adults.

    • Professionals for serious training selected hard platforms, in cost, they significantly exceed rubber mats, but the price is justified by high functionality.

    • For those who want to lose weight, you can choose a rubberized model with a lot of buttons. To score points, you will have to work well, which leads to the burning of calories.

    As for age categories, Destracda can be divided into children’s, adults and for the whole family. The minimum age for which the products produced is not at all 5 or 6 years old, as many think. Invented mats even for kids up to a year, more similar to blankets with side.

    How to connect a dance rug to TV or computer, look in the following video.

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