Case for amplifier: characteristics and manufacturers with your own hands

A high-quality and attractive enforcement body is quite possible to make it yourself. Not so much time will go to all procedures, and labor costs will be minimal. In this article we will find out which stages there are similar works and that it will be necessary for this.


Cabinet of any device plays one of the most important roles. It is the case protects and closes the entire inner design of one or another device. This component is usually carried out not only as reliable and durable, but also attractive. This is due to the fact that it is the case that turns out to be in sight and attracts all the attention.

Many home masters are taken to independently do a case for different devices, for example, for amplifier. Conducting such works requires special care and accuracy. If you do not comply with these simple and understandable conditions, the result may upset the user.

When designing a self-made case for amplifier It should always be considered not only constructive, but all its design features. The product should be convenient and neat, so the master should be thought of the master before the start of all works, which will be the case of the technique in the end.

All ideas are desirable to draw in detail in the form of schemes.

Materials manufacturing

To collect a high-quality and reliable enhancer case, need to stock all the necessary materials. They must be in perfect condition if you want to get a good product as a result of all works. Many users make the body from the tree, but the homemade design can be constructed and from such material as aluminum. If the cabinet is made of it, then it should not be wooden or steel elements (with the exception of fasteners). You must not forget that the enhancer case design is the heat sink, and the screen at the same time.

To build blanks for the future product, Allowed to use hollow aluminum beams, which are usually used in 12 and 14-storey buildings of the P46 and P55 series to protect window structures in angular entrances. It will also be necessary for durable plates, the thickness of which is at least 3 mm. Of these, it turns out to build a bottom and the enhancer case cover. Having found all the necessary materials, It is recommended to immediately decompose them at the place of assembly of the future cabinet design.

It is better to do that at the right moment not to look for the item all over the house, in vain losing time.

How to make it yourself?

Before all the work, it is strongly recommended to make a detailed plan for the future design. Draw detailed case diagrams with all sizes and features of certain parts. Try to be as accurate as possible to do not encounter unexpected problems and discrepancies during the assembly.

Prepare all the necessary materials, tools and schemes, you can go to the immediate assembly of the amplifier housing. We will analyze on items, how can this be done correctly.

  • First you need to make the right blanks of the future design. Here you will use hollow aluminum beams, which were previously stated.
  • You will need to cut the aluminum beam along its length. As a result, you will get a P-shaped profile. It can be applied to the construction of reliable lateral details of the future design, as well as partitions in the inside.
  • You can use an aluminum corner 15 mm (can be more), cutting it into separate segments of the length you need.
  • Now you will need to prepare Dulely plates. Of these, you can build a good wall and bottom of the construct for the amplifier. Instead of these elements, it is permissible to use a special profile of decorative type, which is often used to decorate and cover various buildings.
  • If you planned to combine the amplifier and the exciter generator, then one of the walls of the cabinet design is desirable to make from a solid piece of beam. Place the chains, frequency control, and the generator board in the formed container.
  • For all cascades, you will need to build your separate “pocket”. As an exception, only the first first cascades differ in small capacity indicators can perform. They can be placed in a common department. The output filter item will need to be placed in a separate compartment.
  • Be sure to measure the size parameters of the board and compartments. In this case, if it is necessary, dismantling the specified part will be easier, without dismantling the walls of the product.
  • Do special propuls in design partitions. They will need you to run connecting cables.
  • And cables, and fees do not need to be attached to the sidewalls of the case design. They will need to fix it on the bottom of the product. The described approach will noticeably simplify the user adjusting the amplifier subsequently.
  • Close attention will need to pay the question of fitting the required panels in size. Between all components of the cabinet design should not be the slightest gaps and cracks. If we smend to this nuance with your hand, in the end you can get not the highest quality body, which will not be pleased with you.
  • Between partitions located in the inner cavity of the product, It is allowed to leave very small gaps, components from 0.3 to 0.5 mm and no more.

Useful Tips and Recommendations

    If you decide to make a high-quality enforcement body at home, You should pay attention to some useful recommendations.

    • Instead of buying new materials for the construction of high-quality design You can use the housings of the old technology. Such things can be bought from both hands and order on many sites. As a result, you can get a good and professional design, but its design will be simple, devoid of individuality. It is because of this, many users refuse to such an idea.
    • Before starting all the work, constituting the scheme of the future design, Pay special attention to the dimensional parameters of all parts. If you are mistaken in some calculations, it may pour into serious problems during the assembly of the product.
    • If you want to “bring to mind” and prepare a hull taken from the “donor”, You should take care of the fact that he had ventilation holes. It is better that the amplifier is in the ventilated body design.
    • Making the case with their own hands, It is very important with maximum caution to relate to all important sites of the amplifier. Be especially accurate in relation to all payments and wires. If you accidentally damage the important detail of the device, it will entail a lot of unnecessary problems and worries.
    • Use for the assembly exceptionally high-quality tools, in good condition. With broken and curve adaptations work can delay.
    • Try to collect a hull, not forgetting that in the future you may need to get to a certain part of the amplifier. The design should be such that you have the opportunity to repair and repair technical nodes located in its inner cavity. Otherwise, you will have to disturb the integrity of the hull, which will negatively affect its appearance, and in the state as a whole.
    • Do not rush, collecting the amplifier housing. In the hurry, you risk forgetting to install some important nodes and parts. Because of this, you will have to go back a couple of steps back and correct the error.
    • Having completed all technical works and installing an amplifier in a new building, Be sure to check how it works.

    If you notice that some shortcomings allowed during manufacture, immediately correct them and repeat the testing of equipment.

    About how to make a housing for an amplifier, see the following video.

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