Bluetooth microphones for phone: Features, Review of models, selection criteria

Modern smartphones are able to make high-quality photos and videos, but with the quality of recording quality things are not so good. It is for clean recording and full-fledged readability of audio files created Bluetooth microphones for smartphones. The choice of accessories from this category is carried out by some criteria.


The main and indisputable advantage of the Bluetooth microphone for the phone is good quality recording. Of course, for ordinary owners of gadgets microphone – a thing is not the most important. More often such microphones buy people whose professional activities are directly related to the need to record any information. It can be:

  • journalists;
  • musicians;
  • bloggers;
  • Students.

For these categories of users, the microphone will become an indispensable accessory.

All bluetooth microphones can be divided into 3 large categories.

  • Pethery – differ compactness, low cost and convenient fit in the form of clothespins (clips). Such microphones are conveniently used interviewers for voice recording, as well as bloggers. The disadvantages of “Perekhek” are that they are not suitable for recording music, as they have a limited range. In addition, they are non-directional, so the records will almost always be clearly audible noises.

  • Guns – this is just directed microphones, so extraneous noises on the records will be absent. “Cannon” writes that sound that is sent directly to it, and what hears on the sides is cut off. But this type of microphones are also not recommended to be used to record audio files precisely because of their direction. The fact is that “guns” are not able to record echoes and reverb. Of course, it is possible to clean theoretically to record music, but at the same time it will not be “alive”.

  • Stereo – These devices will be useful to greater musicians. This type of microphones are able to record sound in the entire room, capturing reflections that are important for music. The lack of wireless stereomycrophones is quite high cost.

Regardless of the type of microphones differ in price, as well as by other characteristics: size, manufacturing materials, compatibility with different types of devices (iPhone, Android and others).

Review models

As mentioned above, external microphones are divided into categories. If we talk about petrolery microphones, then the most vivid representative of this category is Model MXL-MM160. This accessory inexpensive, compatible with different types of devices, suitable for both iOS and Android.

A worthy representative of the “guns” is a model Rode Videomic Me. Excellent quality, average price, Australian production. Price – about 3 thousand rubles.

Stereomicrophones are expensive. The most popular representatives from this category are microphones from Zoom. Decent model – IQ6. Its cost is about 8 thousand rubles, but in Chinese shopping online sites you can buy analogs of such devices worth 150 rubles.

How to choose?

Before buying an external Bluetooth microphone, you need to decide on the objectives of using it. Of course, a novice blogger, an experienced interviewer and a famous musician present different requirements for this kind of technique. In any case, attention must be paid to the following details.

  1. Microphone size. Here everything is extremely simple – the more the microphone, the better the quality of the recording will be. For those who are important only readability of recording, for example, bloggers, quite suitable “Pets”. Those who are engaged in interviews professionally, most likely give preference to directed devices.
  2. Price. On average, external microphones cost about 3 thousand rubles. Those who are not limited in the budget can be purchased worthy premium models worth above 20 thousand rubles.
  3. Compatibility with devices. First, in each smartphone, with which it is planned to synchronize the accessory, there must be a Bluetooth system. It is also necessary to take into account the operating system, since some models are compatible only with Android, others with so-called “apples”.

It is also necessary to ask the seller with the following details: the frequency range, the ability to adjust the cardioids, the maximum sound pressure level, the preamp power.

If the budget is limited and the decision will be made to buy the Chinese-made device, it is necessary to check not only its technical characteristics, but also the strength. Unfortunately, such models are not always distinguished by reliability.

If you approach the selection responsibly, you can buy a good accessory at an attractive price. It should be remembered that Buy the cheap Chinese model is not always advisable due to the fast breakage and poor quality record. It is also not worth buying an expensive stereo model if it will use it the simplest.

Bluetooth Microphone Overview for Phone.

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