Bluedio headphones: characteristics and tips for choosing

Bledio’s headphones managed to purchase devotees in many countries of the world. Learning how to connect them to a computer and other gadgets, you can easily use the capabilities of these devices for all 100%. Make the right choice among the many models manufactured by the company will help the detailed overview of the wireless T Energy and the rating of the other series of headphones with Bluetooth from Bluedio. Consider Read more Features and tips on the choice of Bledio headphones.


Bledio headphones – This is a product developed by American and Chinese engineers using the most modern Bluetooth standards. The company has more than 10 years old produces high-tech devices capable of supporting playing music or sound to video using wireless data transfer protocols. Brand products are addressed Mostly youth audience. Headphones have a bright design, each series presents several print options that look very stylish.

It should be noted by the products of Bluedio the following features:

  • Fully surround sound;
  • Clear bass;
  • easy connection with a selection of wired or wireless connections;
  • Charging via USB Type C;
  • Good equipment – everything you need in stock;
  • Universality – they are compatible with any mobile devices;
  • Large stock of capacity in the battery;
  • voice control support;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • dense landing of amcusur;
  • Wide selection of design options.

All these moments should be taken into account by buyers choosing Bluedio headphones for everyday use, jogs or cycling trips.

Rating models

Bluedio is known worldwide as a manufacturer of high-quality wireless headphones, providing high sound cleanliness and stable Bluetooth connection. In the range of products there are models from budget to class premium – the best of them choose real music lovers that make high requirements for the quality of music reproduction.

Among the obvious sales leaders can be highlighted by Bledio T Energy. An overview of this, as well as the other series of brand headphones, will allow you to get more complete and detailed information about what advantages and opportunities they possess.


Wireless headphones in this series have Stylish design and pretty large amop, well-closing ear sink. The model has a battery for 25 hours of active listening to music. Foldable design, with a wide soft headband from PU skin. SERIES A headphone set includes a case, carabiner, 2 charging cables and wired connections, linear splitter Jack 3.5.

This product line runs based on Bluetooth 4.1, the sound quality corresponds to Hi-Fi 24 Bit encoding. The models implemented 3D function. Sound is obtained volumetric and juicy. The control buttons are located as convenient as possible, on the right cup of headphones, do not lose design, inside there is a built-in microphone.

Bluedio designers have developed 4 models – Air in black and white, China, Doodle, distinguished by bright, charismatic design.

Series F

Bluedio Series F Wireless Headphones are presented in white and black colors. The actual model is called Faith 2. It supports wired connection via cable with 3.5 mm connector. Wirelessly implemented using Bluetooth 4.2. Built-in battery can work up to 16 hours without interruption. The model is quite universal, reliable, has a foldable design. Series F is an example of low-cost and stylish headphones focused on clean sound lovers.

Headphones with wide headband headband and stylish earliests with metal edge look very presentable. The FAITH 2 model provides active noise reduction, the frequency range varies from 15 to 25,000 Hz. Cups have a swivel design, control buttons are located on their surface. The model has a voice set, support MultiPoint.


Bluetooth Headphones Series H – Excellent Choice for True Melomanians. This model has active noise reduction and closed acoustic design – the sound is heard only to the user itself, it is distinguished by high quality and realistic transmission of all intonations. The capacious battery allows Bledio HT headphones to operate without a break for 40 hours.

Large ambules, comfortable headband, support for receiving a signal in the range up to 10 m from the sound source allow you to apply this model not only in a ligament with players. Headphones easily connect to television technique, laptops over a wire or wireless technology. Built-in microphone makes it possible to communicate through them, replaces the headset. Cable for charging here refers to the type of microUSB, and Bledio HT has its own equalizer to change the soundtacks of music.

Series T

Three versions of headphones are represented in Bledio Series T.

  • T4. Model with active noise reduction, support for wired and wireless connections. The stock of the battery is designed for 16 hours of continuous operation. Included there is a convenient cover for transporting headphones in folded state, adjustable headband, stationary cups.

  • T2. Wireless model with microphone and voice dialing function. Headphones are designed for 16-18 hours of work. They support frequency trapping in the range of 20-20000 Hz, operate on Bluetooth The model is equipped with a convenient rotary cups with soft amop, a wired connection to the signal source is possible.

  • T2S. The most technically perfect model of the series. Bluetooth 5.0, Dynamics 57 mm with a powerful system of magnets and rigid emitters. These headphones cope with the most complex tasks, purely reproduce the bols’ party, sound loud and juicy. The battery capacity is enough for 45 hours of continuous operation, the built-in microphone provides the convenience of communication even on the move due to the active noise suppression.


In Bledio U headphones, a classic model in several color variations: black, red-black, golden, purple, red, silver-black, white. Besides her, there are headphones UFO Plus. These models belong to the category of premium class, are distinguished by high quality performance and assembly, excellent sound characteristics. Each headset is a stereo in miniature, equipped with two speakers, 3D acoustics technology is supported.

Stylish futuristic design gives a series of special attractiveness.


Popular series of wireless premium headphones, submitted at once 2 models.

  • Victory. Stylish headphones with an impressive set of technical characteristics. Included 12 speakers at once – different diameters, 6 per cup, separate drivers, operation in the frequency range from 10 to 22000 Hz. In the model provided by Bluetooth Connection. There is a USB port, an optical input and an audio cable connector 3.5 mm. Headphones can be connected to a pair with another same model, they are controlled by a touch panel on the surface of the cups.

  • Vinyl Plus. Elegant headphones with large, diameter 70 mm speakers. The model has a stylish design, ergonomic design, included in Bluetooth 4.1 and microphone for communication with voice. The sound remains high quality on any frequencies – from low to high.

In Series V, there are headphones that every Meloman can dream of. You can choose an option with a surround stereo system or a classic solution with very clean sound.

Sports Series

In the sports line of the headphones, Bluedio is presented Wireless headphones models AI, TE. This is a traditional solution for sports activities, in which the ambush covers the auditory passage, providing reliable fastening and the best sound quality. All models have moisture-proof design, you can wash them. In the headphones there are built-in microphones supporting their use as a headset. There is a mini-remote on the wire to switch between conversation modes and listening to music.

How to choose?

When choosing Bledio headphones, it is worth paying attention not only to the quality of performance – tightly fitted spare parts, excellent assembly can hardly guarantee the lack of factory marriage. There are much more objective criteria to help find the best model for a specific user.

  • Active or passive noise reduction. If you have to listen to music on the go, in public transport, during a sports training in the hall, then the first option will ensure the protection of the ears from extraneous noise. For home use enough and models with passive noise suppression.
  • Open or closed cup type. In the first version there are holes through which the juiciness and depth of bass is lost, extraneous noises are heard. In a closed cup, the acoustic properties of headphones remain the highest.
  • Purpose. Headphones for sports have vacuum ambush, immersed in a hearing pass. They are not afraid of moisture, when shaking and vibrations, they stay in place, well isolate ear from outsided sounds. To view the TV, listening to music at home will be more suitable for classic overhead models, providing a full immersion in a melody or what is happening on the screen.
  • Type bluetooth. Wireless modules are used in Bledio models not lower than The higher the number, the better the stability of the connection is. In addition, Bluetooth technology is improved, today the standard 5 is considered relevant.0.
  • Sound Range. Standard are indicators from 20 to 20,000 Hz. All that below or above this level, the person’s ear is not able to perceive.
  • Headphone sensitivity. Sound playback volume depends on this parameter. The norm is considered to be 100 dB for overhead headphones. Vacuum have smaller values.
  • Management type. The best models of the Bledio headphones have a touch panel on the surface of the cups, allowing you to adjust the volume and other sound playback settings. Mass series offer push-button control that many are considered more convenient and functional.

All these factors will help determine how well the selected headphones are suitable for solving tasks in front of them.

User manual

Setting and using Bledio headphones does not cause special difficulties. To turn on, the MF button is used, which you want to press and hold until the indicator flashes in blue. Turning off in reverse order. Configure work in Bluetooth mode can also be used by this key, waiting for the other light signal. This button in the audio playback mode provides pause or activate the Play function.

Important! Take the phone in the headset mode, you can also press the MF button. Single contact will remove the tube. Holding for 2 seconds will be completed.

How to connect to a computer and telephone?

Basic by connecting Bluedio headphones to the phone is Bluetooth. The procedure is as follows:

  • Locate your smartphone and headphones at a distance of no more than 1 meter; With a larger distance, the pairing will not be installed;
  • Headphones need to be turned on by holding the MF button and keeping it until the indicator does not light up;
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on the phone, find an active device, install pairing with it; If necessary, password 0000 is entered if necessary for connecting to headphones;
  • With a successful pairing, the blue indicator on the headphones will shortly blink; The connection takes about 2 minutes, do not hurry.

Through a linear output, the headphones can be connected to the computer connector, laptops. Cable comes complete. Some models have additional components to allow multiple wire devices or using wireless communication.

In the next video, you will find a detailed review of the Bledio T7 headphones.

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