Bizers Tion: Pros and Cons, Models, Choice, Installation

The modern climatic equipment market is represented by a wide range of diverse goods: air conditioners, air purifiers, calorifers, bizers and t. D. The latter are compact ventilation devices. They are equipped with special filters that help clean air from dust and various viruses.

One of the domestic leaders in the production of brizers is Tion.


The brizer is a household ventilator, which is mounted in the wall using special equipment. Tion products not only high-quality assembly, but also quite functional, with an acceptable price.

The brizer assumes not only air purification, but also heated. It is possible to manage the device from a smartphone. The work of the bizer is imprisoned in the seizure of the street from the street, its further cleansing and heating, and then submitting already purified air into the room. Recycling function helps maintain air indoor air clean and without unpleasant odors.

Devices are quite quiet in work, have an excellent level of filtering, a simple control panel.

Such a product is ideal for people inclined to allergic reactions, as well as asthmatics.

Its main advantage – indoors with closed windows, the air will always be fresh and have a comfortable temperature.

The built-in LCD display shows the temperature of entering the device, as well as the air flow, the fan speed, the number of days before the filter change, the automatic mode icon, and the current time. The set is the remote control, with which you can easily set all the necessary device operation parameters. There is a standby function in which the brizer remains on, but the air ventilation does not occur. Several air flow modes allow you to control the fan speed. Climate control makes it possible to maintain the optimal air temperature in the house.

The company produces two main line of brizers Tion 3S and Tion O2, Each of which is represented by a wide model.

Advantages and disadvantages

Bizers from the company Tion have a number of advantages that make products of this company so popular among consumers. These include:

  • affordable price for many products from the entire line;
  • ease of operation;
  • compact design;
  • The filter can be changed once a year;
  • high quality air filtration;
  • The device is quickly and without problems disassembled;
  • silent work of most models that allows you to leave the device to function all night;
  • cleans the air in the room;
  • High quality filter built into the brizer is not necessary to install auxiliary;
  • Some models have the ability to replace the coal filter to an improved, which eliminates smells.
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Despite the large number of advantages of Tion brizers, there are several weighty minuses:

  • Does not hold out street odors, if you do not install a reinforced filter;
  • More advanced models have a very high cost;
  • Some devices are noisy during operation.

From all of the above, it can be concluded that, thanks to a large number of positive parties to the acquisition of a bizer, its disadvantages become not as weighty.

The lineup

The Russian company Tion is engaged in the release of not only brizers, but also of smart microclimate systems, air purifiers, various filters and many other. The most popular goods among buyers is a brizer. Depending on the technical characteristics and sizes, they are divided into two main rules: Tion 3S and Tion O2. Each of these of them is presented in the market with a wide model side: Tion 3S Smart, Tion O2 Standart, Tion O2 Lite (Mini), Tion O2 Base, Tion 3S Special and others. These are discharge devices with a unique functional set. Below is a brief description of the most popular samples.

  • Tion 3s Smart. The model is equipped with a convenient control panel and LCD display. It is possible to set the necessary temperature of the air entering the room. Magicair smart microclimate block is built-in, a prefilter is installed that protects against dirt and dust. The main filter is class G4, the replacement of which happens once a year. Filters are included: Class E11 (high quality filter, fights with the smallest garbage particles), adsorption-catalytic AK-XL (does not let the malicious gases in the room). The device has 6 speed modes, power – 30 W. The manufacturer gives a guarantee of 2 years.

  • Tion 3S Special. The brizer involves cleaning air from malicious dust and dirt microparticles, as well as various allergens. The highest productivity of the device is 160 m3 / h. A convenient control panel Allows you to set the necessary device operation parameters that are displayed on the LCD display. Effective Prefilter and Primary Filter Class G4 Exclude Pooh, Mud, Large Garbage Particles. The model can work in combination with the Magicair smart climate control system. Complete two filters are included: Class E11 and adsorption-catalytic AK-XL. They must be changed annually. Product capacity – 30 W, it is possible to choose one of the 6 supposed speeds.
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  • Tion O2 Base. The ventilator is equipped with a single filter of purification of incoming air – F7, which eliminates the possibility of entering the room of medium particles of garbage and dust, as well as wool and fluff. Replacing the filter occurs once a year. The brizer has a built-in function of heating through the air passing through it to a comfortable temperature. The device has 4 speeds and heating element with the possibility of climate control. The power of the device is the average (18 W).

  • Tion O2 Standart. The brizer has three highly efficient air purification filters: class F7, E11 (H11) and adsorption-catalytic. Filters change once a year. It is possible to connect to the Magicair system. The device is equipped with 4 high-speed modes, power capacity – 18 W.

How to choose?

In order for a bought bromzer effectively to air the room, It is necessary to choose a device for a certain apartment, its climatic conditions.

For example, for a family consisting of two people and living in the area with an affordable environmental situation, the aggregate with the productivity of 50-60 m3 / h is suitable. But the family consisting of more than 3 people, the device must already be chosen with a capacity of up to 120 m3 / h.

Preference should be preferred with heated models, Since in the winter period, they are perfectly coping with maintaining a comfortable temperature in the apartment.

Conventional devices carry out a stream of cool air, so in winter this option is not suitable for everyone.

It should be known that when contacting cold and warm air is formed condensate, which settles on the surrounding furniture items, which leads to their boost and swelling. In this case, it is the bizers with the heating function of the air will help to avoid this problem.

If in the area where you live is some industrial enterprise, it is better to choose a device with a reinforced filter. People living in a more environmentally friendly zone are also suitable for a coal filter. As for people inclined to allergies, and astmatics, then they, regardless of the location of housing, should choose models with high-end filters.

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Montaja rules

The installation of the Tion bizer should be carried out by experts in this field. but Those who decided to do it independently need to know several important rules for the installation of this device.

  1. Choose a place to install a bizer. It must be determined taking into account the indents by the safety rules and be even. There should be no wires and pipes on this site.
  2. Hole is made using a diamond bora (with additional use of the catchment device and vacuum cleaner). Therefore, the process itself turns out quite neat and with minimal devices.
  3. Finishing work. At this stage, work on noise and thermal insulation, sealing sealing is carried out, an outer protective lattice is installed from entering the device insects, dirt and t. D.

It must be remembered that the installation of the brizers should be made so that they are, despite the overall indicators, as close as possible to the wall.

Review reviews

After reviewing reviews of the owners of brizers from the company Tion, it was concluded that the installation of such a device in the apartment justifies all expectations. The hosts noted that over the years of operation, the instrument has shown himself only with a good side. Households not only have the opportunity to warmly breathe purified and fresh air, but also to almost forget about such problems as allergic, cold, insomnia and T. D.

Many people who acquired bizers noted that air conditioners and supply ventilation systems – not the same thing. First of all, the principle of operation of these devices is different. The air conditioner only cools the air inside the room, but the brizer also provides the flow of fresh air from the street. Therefore, if possible, it is better to install at home and that and another. However, if the financial situation does not allow it to do, it is better to first purchase a brizer.

On the features of the Tion brizers, see the following video.

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