Big headphones: how to choose and wear?

For every avid computer player and music love in choosing headphones, the main aspect is the quality of sound. Despite the fact that the market is represented by a huge selection of such accessories, large models are greater popularity than compact. This is explained by their ability to transmit a surround and deep sound without distortion.


Large headphones are a device that consists of a flexible wire and two paired ambush, fully covering the ear shell and not missing outsiders outside. They are equipped with large speakers that provide excellent sound. Wherein, The more the size of the speakers, the better the bass and low frequencies will be played.

Some devices are also able to create various sound effects and illusion of the presence in the concert hall.

The principle of operation of such headphones is quite simple. Full-size models have a special emitter of a dynamic type, a coil and a magnet attached to the housing that creates magnetic field statics. When interacting with alternating current passing through the wires to the device, the magnetic field moves the coil, which causes the membrane vibration (sound appearance). Dear models are equipped with magnets from complex alloys, they are usually present boron, iron and neodymium. As for the material of manufacturing the membrane, it may be cellulose or Malar.

Large headphones have their advantages.

  • Universality. Manufacturers produce data accessories of various price segments (budget, medium-value, elite), which can be used both for a film view, listening to music and games.
  • Safety. Such headphones cause minimal harm to the user’s hearing.
  • Good noise insulation. Due to the fact that the ambush will fully cover the ear shell, you can fully dive into the atmosphere of games, movies and musical compositions, without interfering with high volume surrounding.
  • Excellent sound. Large headphones equipped with major speakers provide excellent detail, so they are considered an excellent choice for music lovers.

    As for the shortcomings, their little.

    • Big weight. Due to essential dimensions, headphones may cause discomfort during transportation and wearing.
    • Price. Such models are expensive, while the price is usually determined by the device class. If desired on the market, you can find and budget options that have good operational and technical specifications.
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    Review of species

    Large headphones produced two types: monitor and overhead. The first are considered the most cumbersome (their ambush will be large enough), the second (they are often called full-size), despite their sizes, more convenient to use.

    Such huge wired headphones buy specialists working with sound. It can be sound engineers, DJs and musicians. For recording studios usually choose models with long wire.


    This type of headphones is very wide and has a comfortable arc that allows you to regulate the landing on the head. Overhead models have good noise insulation. Bowls in such headphones are represented from high-quality materials, the wire length is standard – from 5 to 8 mm.

    The main advantage of the devices is clear a clear transmission of sound and the possibility of connecting the cable to the left and right ear. Overhead models can be considered something average between conventional small-sized headphones and monitor.

    They are an excellent choice because their quality is high, and the price is available.


    Full-size headphones are ideal for professionals working with sound. Arcs in such models are wide, they are made of metal or plastic. A portion adjacent to the head is usually made of polyurethane, a tinted cloth or leather. Such headphones can not only move up and down, but also turn around the vertical axis.

    Wire at monitor headphones monumental, twisted. Additionally, manufacturers are equipped with a removable cable device, which connects to any headphone.

    All components of the details in such models are gilded, which positively affects the quality of the sound.

    Music accessories market is represented by a chic assortment of large headphones, so you can quickly pick up both budgetary and expensive (professional) models. In order for this accessory to serve a long time and pleased with excellent sound, it is necessary to take into account not only its operational characteristics, but also give preference to models that have received positive feedback. The models presented below are well proven.

    • Sennheiser HD 201. This is a budget option that is ideal for work, computer games and home use. Headphones have a good design and are convenient for listening to music.

    The disadvantages of the model include greater cable length and low sensitivity.

    • Audio-Technica ATH-M50X. This accessory is considered an excellent choice for complementing portable equipment. The manufacturer produces headphones in configuration with three cables and a case.

    Advantages of the model: Foldable design, high-quality assembly. Disadvantages: Bad Isolation Noise.

    • Sony MDR-ZX660AP. Good and inexpensive headphones decorated in the original style suitable for representatives of the beautiful floor (on sale you can meet both red and black).

    Plus – high-quality assembly, minus – larger diameter and cable length.

    • Beats Studio. This is a wireless device produced in the configuration with a microphone. Headphones are ideal for listening to musical tracks on a mobile phone. This universal accessory is equipped with good noise reduction, sold with an adapter and an audio cable for an aircraft.

    Headphones have a rather interesting design, but they have not very high quality.

    • Philips Fidelio X2. This open model requires a high-quality sound connection of expensive portable equipment. The assembly is performed qualitatively, all elements of headphones are made of expensive materials. Disadvantage – high price.
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    Sony MDR-ZX300 monitor models also deserve separate attention (their weight does not exceed 120 g), KOSS Porta Pro (have a decent sound), Sennheiser, JVC and Marshall.

    How to choose?

    Departing for the purchase of large headphones, you need to take into account not only their appearance, complete set, but also specifications. To make the right choice in favor of a particular model, experts recommend paying attention to certain parameters.

    • Purpose. Headphones should be purchased under certain purposes. To work and at home it is better to choose a full-size headset that provides a comfortable landing on the head and fully covers the ear shells. Closed acoustic appearance headphones are suitable for office, and open to home use. Separately, accessories for computer and phone are also found. For sports, it is desirable to acquire wireless models that have moisture protection.
    • Frequency range. The quality of sound reproduction depends on this indicator. Standard is the range from 20 to 20,000 Hz.
    • Sensitivity. Indicates how the headphones will be able to play. The higher the sensitivity of the device, the more it will be its volume. For regular use, approach headphones with a sensitivity of 95 to 100 dB.
    • Power. This indicator is important to take into account fans of bass, which for listening to music additionally use stationary amplifiers. If the accessory is planned to be purchased for a smartphone, the high potential of power is unlikely to be disclosed.
    • Resistance. It directly depends on the volume and sound quality. For portable equipment and telephones, you need to select devices with a low range up to 16 ohms, for stationary – from 32 ohms.
    • Connection method. Most models are equipped with a plug, the diameter of which is 3.5 mm. Professional models occurs as a normal plug with diameter 6.3 mm and microdgees (2.5 mm).
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    It often happens that two headsets with the same technical characteristics may sound absolutely different, so before buying you need to always test the product and carefully examine the description from the manufacturer.

    It will not hurt to learn and reviews about a model, its rating in reviews.

    How to wear?

    After the headphones are purchased, it will remain to deal with their connection, configuration and how to wear on the head. Large headphones are popular with all music lovers and amateurs of computer games, because they qualitatively pass the sound and do not harm the hearing of the user. In this case, such devices can deliver many problems in use. For example, large headphones are inconvenient to wear with a headdress, some prefer in this case to lower the headphones crossbar on the back of the neck, others simply wear on top of the caps.

    That this accessory does not cause discomfort when wearing on the street should be remembered by some safety rules. You can not listen to music, turning the railway tracks and the roadway. During walks on the street in the cold season, it is recommended to hide the wiring under the clothes, because under the negative impact of a low temperature, it can operate and crack.

    To listen to the music of the house headphones need to wear in such a way that their massive housing will not cling to the hair and pulling them down. It is best to place an accessory on the top of the top. For this, there are headphones in hand, the cups are moved to the size of the head, then the device is put on the ears and the size of the alignment is adjusted.

    To eliminate the confusion of wires, experts recommend additionally acquire a special case.

    What kind of headphones choose, look in the following video.

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