Best TV Box Overview

The range of TV consoles is constantly updated with new high-quality models. Many large manufacturers produce functional and thoughtful devices. In this article we will get closer with the most popular and high-quality TV Box models.

Modern TV consoles are characterized by high functionality. They are simple and practical in use. With such a technique, users can brighten their leisure if they are tired of regular television programs.

Today, consumers can choose a decent TV Box model from a wide range of various devices. Such technique produces many well-known and large brands that are famous for the high quality of their products. We will get acquainted with some of them.

  • Xiaomi. A large Chinese corporation offers to choose from consumers Television prefixes of impeccable quality. Devices are characterized by functionality, high-quality assembly and modern design. The Chinese manufacturer constantly replenishes the range of products with new thoughtful models. Buyers can find inexpensive Xiaomi consoles that are controlled by the remote control. Most media players are withstanding in a minimalist key and made in strict black color.

  • ZTE. Another famous Chinese company founded in 1985. Releases high-quality telecommunication equipment in the widest assortment. ZTE consoles are in great demand because they are characterized by excellent build quality and support for most modern technologies. Chinese manufacturer’s media players are sold in many stores. In their design, all the necessary connectors are equipped with wireless network modules, such as Bluetooth.

  • BBK. The largest manufacturer of household appliances operating since 1995. Chinese brand produces high-quality products designed for a long service life. BBK television prefixes attract customers not only excellent quality assembly, but also a democratic price – you can find a lot of functional devices of the budget category. TV Box from this Chinese firm are presented in both black and in gray, dark gray colors.

  • Zidoo. Large premium class brand. Releases a lot of high-quality TV Box models. The technique of this manufacturer boasts high performance indicators, advanced functionality. In the assortment, buyers may find advanced models of TV consoles with Open WRT operating system. In the devices there is not only video output, but also the HDMI connector. Cases are equipped with USB outputs. Provided in products and interface SATA.

  • Apple. Fans of this world-famous brand may choose for themselves high-quality TV Box – Apple TV, which previously had another name (ITV). Apple equipment is distinguished by an attractive minimalistic design and consoles themselves, and remote controls that run with them in the kit. Technique attracts impeccable assembly quality and rich functionality. The TV BOX firms are more expensive than many of their competitors, but for these money, consumers receive durable and functional devices, comfortable and easy to manage.

  • NEXBOX. Products of this brand differs not only by rich functional “filling”, but also practicality, multitasking. Many NEXBOX devices are equipped with powerful processors, have smooth, stable systems and worklessly. TV BOX brand is equipped with all relevant and necessary connectors, support popular high-definition formats. Managed by remote control. The brand takes care of the quality and functionality of the available consoles, so the NEXBOX TV Box is in great demand.

  • Vontar. Another major manufacturer from China, producing good TV consoles. In the Vontar assortment, you can meet the original TV BOX, which have compact dimensions and rounded shape. The brand pays due attention to the design of products, so in Vontar media players often attracts not only good functionality or build quality, but also an interesting appearance. In addition, in the range of firms, you can find quite beautiful, but inexpensive TV Box models.

  • Mecoool. Television consoles of this Chinese brand are sold in many stores. The manufacturer offers a large number of speakers that have different functions and specifications on the choice of consumers with different functionality and specifications. You can choose the optimal television console model as a small and relatively high price.

  • NVIDIA. Wonderful novelties regularly pleases this famous manufacturer. NVIDIA assortment can be found excellent models that support all possible technologies. Technique can convert a picture of low quality and turn it into an image of 4K format. NVIDIA products pleases brilliant quality, but it is more expensive than many analogues.

  • Ugoos. Excellent models of Android consoles offers this Chinese brand. In the UGOOS assortment, you can find high-quality devices that support a huge number of video encodes having a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module. In the devices of this manufacturer, all necessary connectors are provided that will be useful at present.

Of course, the listed manufacturers are not all of the TV Box producing good models. There are still very many large brands in the market, offering modern and functional apparatus to the modern buyer with advanced design.

Rating the best models

Nowadays, the choice of television consoles with various operating systems is huge. Buyers may pick up for their TV as a simple and budgetary and expensive, multifunctional console. Find the perfect solution can every person. To choose in favor of the best option to do easier, it is worth disassembling the top best consoles for the TV in various price categories.


You can find enough inexpensive media players on sale. Their cost does not affect quality. Budget devices are manufactured as reliable and practical, but their functionality can be slightly simpler than in the case of expensive specimens.

Consider a small rating of good consoles for TV having democratic price tags.

TV BOX TANIX TX6 with video support 6K

This console model provides 4 GB of RAM. Here is the Allwinner H6 processor. It works this unit running the Android 7 operating with the branded shell Alice UI. The system makes it possible to install the necessary applications not only from the Play Market store, but also from extraneous sources.

The device is quite inexpensive, but it is characterized by a rich functional filling. It provides voice control.


The main plus of this inexpensive television console is in the presence of a regular Android TV (not official). Also, there is also a convenient voice control, the control of the remote control is supported. By the way, the latter is included with the device itself. Nexbox A95x Pro can also boast a high-quality microphone built-in type.

The console accompanying the prefix NEXBOX A95X Pro is simplified to the maximum. It does not provide a gyroscope. However, with its main responsibilities, this manager will cope very easily. NEXBOX A95X PRO apparatus itself is based on chip-type chip – Amlogic S905W, which does not represent the slightest interest for gamers. This TV boxing is not designed to work with the modern codec VP9.

This model is included in the series, the most popular among lovers of the equipment category “DIY”. Android prefix TV Box X96 mini is as simple as possible and is simple, oriented to operate with a small TV. Perfectly suitable for viewing YouTube, a variety of content in online cinemas. Buyers who have decided to purchase such equipment should be prepared for what will have to “make up” with firmware.

TV Box X96 MINI attracts low cost consumers and elementary control. The apparatus provides a remote infrared highly sensitive receiver. Complete with the device goes. The model supports HDMI-CEC technology.

But the chip here is not the most powerful, and its ability is limited. Many users note that TV Box X96 MINI filiers require refinement associated with their cooling.

Wechip R69

Powerful technical characteristics This budget model of TV consoles can not boast, but for many purposes it will be enough. Here is the operating system Android There is a four-core processor. The device supports HD and 3D formats.

With the console of WECHip R69 to watch high resolution 4K video will not work. This device is produced in two versions that differ from each other by RAM / ROM parameters. In the cheapest model, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB ROM. There is a slot to install a memory card, but its volume should not exceed 32 GB.

Middle class

If you want to get high-quality TV-box with a richer functional, then you should look at modern devices of the average price segment. Similar models produce many well-known manufacturers, so buyers have something to choose. Let’s get acquainted with some top devices.

Xiaomi Mi Box S

Chinese manufacturer releases one of the most popular TV consoles of good quality. Many buyers prefer precisely Xiaomi products because it has a moderate price tag, rich in functionality and is distinguished by an attractive design.

The top model of Xiaomi Mi Box s uses in great demand. The device is working due to the AMLOGIC S950X processor, which has all possible advantages of certified products. The device boasts stable work, support directly from the Chinese manufacturer. Xiaomi MI Box S smoothly works with any permissions, supports all topical codecs, has a digital audio output. Lovers of high-quality acoustics can appreciate this device.

Xiaomi Mi Box S has a lot of advantages, but not without drawbacks. There is a fairly weak Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz. Because of this, small pickers in the interface or during the playback of “heavy” online movies may occur.

The problem can be solved by buying a high-quality router operating in the range of 5 Hz. Ethernet port in the device.

Google Chromecast Ultra

Beautiful game model of TV boxing. Makes it possible to fight audio and video streams on TV with various sources. Modern smartphones, laptops or ordinary personal computers can perform in the role of the latter. “His” hardware control components this prefix does not have, but they are not particularly in demand. All preliminary procedures can be performed in the same smartphone.

To work the Google Chromecast Ultra could fully work, the user will have to put the necessary application or addition. In use, this device is the most simple and understandable as possible. Google Chromecast Ultra attracts the minimum amount of wires. Supports 4K, Dolby Vision, HDR.

Ugoos am3

The UGoos brand is constantly improving the software of the manufactured equipment. Due to this, the UGoos AM3 model boasts a well-thought-out control and functional filling. The device attracts buyers and stable work “out of the box”. It has a worker AFR. Managed by synchronization with a smartphone – only you need to install a special FireAsy application. The full work of HDMI-CEC is envisaged. Ugoos AM3 is characteristic of perfectly implemented cooling, which will not have to refue to the users themselves.

The benefits of this apparatus are enough, so it costs more than many of its competitors. It is necessary to consider that the UGoos AM3 model does not have an AV composite interface.


In his category, this device is the best. It provides a certified sound decoding system in several channels. There is a highlighted DAC, there is support for MIMO 2×2 for the 802 interface.11 AC. MINIX NEO U9-H works through the Amlogic S5912-H chip. The device demonstrates quite good high-speed Wi-Fi interface.

MINIX NEO U9-H has some weaknesses. These include foggy prospects related to updates. The regular remote control of this device is made mediocre.

Premium class

You can find good TV boxes not only a low or medium price segment, but also premium apparatus of wonderful quality. This technique is more expensive, but has more functions and less deficiencies. Consider several popular copies.

Ugoos am6 pro

Popular TV Boxing Model with RAM component 4GB. The device has an Amlogic S922X Hexa Core processor. Flash memory is limited to 32 GB. Broadcast format – 4K. Software this device – Android version 9.0. The display of this console is absent, like a remote infrared receiver. HDD installation here is not provided.

The Case UGoos AM6 PRO is made of metal. Internet applications are provided, Internet browser. The device is multi-format.


The prefix is ​​considered universal. Peculiar “mediacombine”. Here users do not need to refine anything and bring to mind. The device makes it possible to connect a variety of devices for convenient management. It can be a mouse, and keyboard, and at the same time several gamepads. You can also install flash cards or portable hard drives.

NVIDIA Shield Android TV allows you to fight 4K quality, ensures trouble-free integration with various game platforms. The device attracts consumers with a fairly powerful inner “stuffing”. Works stable.

There is no serious minuses to the device, however, the control of the remote control can not be called ergonomic. Streaming games from a personal computer limited to certain types of video cards. There is a language selectivity of voice search.

Apple TV 4K 64 GB

Apple’s media player boasts impeccable quality and design in the brand spirit – the device looks modern and minimalist. In this device there is no hard disk. It supports 4K UHD, can play FLAC format files. HDMI 2 interface is provided here.0. Installed TVOS operating system. It is possible to connect to the Wi-Fi and Ethernet network.

The device has many advantages, supports all current services. Managed by a very convenient remote control, integrates with Siri virtual assistant. But in a set with the device does not go HDMI cable. There is no possibility of connecting an external HDD disc, because there is no USB connector.

If the main language is chosen Russian, Siri will not work.

IPTV Player Zidoo Z1000

Top machine of chinese assembly. Built-in memory is 2 GB, flash memory – 16 GB, broadcast format – 4K. The apparatus provides an Android operating system The housing is complemented by a digital LED display of high quality, but does not have a remote infrared receiver. Power supply in the apparatus external. The housing is made of practical and durable aluminum.

Zidoo Z1000 provides Internet applications, Internet browser. The device is multi-format. Has an angular modern design. Performed in traditional black or metal color for similar technique.

Dune HD Max 4K

Dear model of high quality premium TV boxing without a built-in hard disk. Can be managed with smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems. The device supports 4K UHD. Works from the operating system Android Supports the files of a large number of different formats (both video and audio). The device boasts support for various interfaces, has many connectors and outputs. Supports Micro SD Memory Cards.

There are 2 places for HDD. Included with the device there is a very convenient remote control. The device is equipped with a REALTEK RTD processor 1295.

It has passive cooling and built-in power supply.

Serets of choice

Choose the perfect suitable TV boxing should be very careful. The buyer must be repelled from a number of basic characteristics to not be mistaken with the choice.

  • Pay attention to the operating system installed on the device. Than it is “more exotic”, the less chance to download and install really useful and necessary applications. The most popular OS today are iOS and various versions of Android. Buying Chinese production gadget, make sure that its operating system is translated into Russian or at least English.
  • We must consider the interfaces envisaged. Most devices provide USB or HDMI, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network. There are also devices with RJ-45 connector for connecting a network cable. Such devices are recommended to buy by those users who have the Internet speed of less than 50 Mbps.
  • Important and permissions in which the media player loses video. The best are 4K, 1080 p and 720 p formats. If your TV does not support UHD or you have too slow the Internet, all the benefits of the resolution of 4K to evaluate you can hardly be able to. Before choosing TV-box, it is recommended to conduct a kind of revision of the technical capabilities of the already available in the House of Technology.
  • Please note whether the player can support memory cards before you take a certain model. It is recommended to give preference to exactly such varieties of TV consoles, since their functionality is more extensive.
  • Preferably before buying carefully inspect the selected media player for the TV. Check your integrity and build quality. The case should not have slots and backlash. The device should not creak or crunch. On it should not be the slightest damage or defects.
  • It is recommended to buy only branded TV boxes. Fortunately, today you can find a huge number of branded models of impeccable quality. Not all of them have a prisoner price, so you do not need to be afraid of such problems. Many well-known firms offer to choose buyers quite inexpensive devices.
  • For the purchase of TV boxing should be sent only to a specialized store or place an order in the official online store of a specific manufacturer. Do not take such things on the market or in dubious outlets – high risk rushing to the cheap contamination of poor quality.

Review of the Xiaomi Mi Box S model in the video below.

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