Best budget gaming headphones

The rapid development of the computer game industry led to the assortment of almost all companies there appeared products for gamers. Headphones are one of many elements that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay and get a maximum of pleasure from it. Like other computer peripherals, headphones are divided into price categories, but even among inexpensive devices, you can find decent “representatives”.

What manufacturer to choose?

In the headphone market for computer games, various brands offer their products. Among them are companies specializing exclusively on the manufacture of gaming patterns of headsets, as well as firms producing various types of acoustics. There are several brands whose products have proven themselves from the best side, and it is preference to gamers in many countries of the world.


Computer devices of this company are in demand from gamers. A4Tech specializes in the production of high-quality and affordable computer peripherals: mice, keyboards and headphones.


Famous manufacturer from Germany produces high-quality headsets of various models. In the range of products Sennheiser presents headphones for gamers and ordinary users.


Unlike Sennheiser, the Razer brand specializes exclusively at the production of goods for active players.

All products of this brand are popular among cybersportsmen.


Computer peripherals of this brand is distinguished by high-quality performance and low price. HyperX devices are in demand among ordinary gamers and players speaking at the professional level.


In the range of products of this company, models of devices of various price categories are presented. Regardless of the cost, Logitech headphones meet modern quality standards and cope with their main task.

Top wired models

Almost all gamers when choosing headphones are primarily focused on their cost. Manufacturers of computer peripherals produce various models of such devices, among which there are inexpensive options that can satisfy the needs of the recovery buyer.

Red Square Bomber

A feature of this model is their small weight. Red Square Bomber belongs to closed-type devices, which ensures maximum comfort when communicating while playing with other gamers. The main advantage of the Red Square Bomber is the presence of a high-quality built-in microphone. During the conversation, it does not create interference and echo effect. Their connection is possible exclusively using the wire.

An attractive design of the device is ensured by the presence of an extractor of artificial leather.


Budget gaming headphones with comfortable ambush, which are tightly adjacent to the head. Thanks to comfortable shape and high-quality materials, even after long-term use, the SVEN AP-G888MV headphones do not cause discomfort feelings on the ears and head. The device is equipped with a sensitive microphone. It provides high-quality voice without interference.

The wire for connecting to a PC is equipped with a reliable braid from a fabric that protects it from damage and fractures.

Lenovo Y Stereo

Good inexpensive headphones for beginner gamers. Clean sound and complete noise insulation allow them to be one of the leaders in their segment. Some device parameters are not inferior to the characteristics of more expensive headphone models. A distinctive feature of Lenovo y Stereo is a removable microphone. During the game, it can be easily removed so that he does not interfere and did not give extra weight headphones. Due to the presence of a hinge compound headphones perfectly fit the ear of any form.

Ambushira from high-quality fabrics provide comfortable use of the device for a long time.

HP Pavilion Gaming 400

The main advantage of the presented model is the support of the frequency range ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz. This feature provides full-fledged deep sound. As a material, an ambushure uses soft artificial leather. Thanks to the thoughtful form of HP Pavilion Gaming 400 headphones, they do not press the head and ears, which creates maximum comfort while using the device. The built-in microphone is characterized by increased sensitivity, so emotional gamers during the active game it is better to disable it.


Characteristics of this model allow you to sound, corresponding to the quality of premium headphone models. Ambushura is made of perforated fabric, which provides air access to ears during the game. Even after a long use of Logitech G231 STEREO GAMING HEADSET Head does not heat up. Ease of operation is provided by the anatomical form of the device, light frame and the ability to rotate ear cameras at any angle.

Rating Wireless Headset

For maximum convenience, gamers use wireless headset for games. A distinctive feature of such models is the ability to connect to a head unit through Bluetooth. Wireless connection does not limit the gamer and gives him great freedom during the game.

SteelSeries Arctis 7

Headphones have a concise design, thanks to which they look expensive. The strength and reliability of the design is ensured by the special way of adjusting the headboard. Many cheap models of wireless headphones are equipped with plastic main adjustment, and in SteelSeries Arctis 7, the setup process is carried out by moving the soft tape. Headphones are fully adjacent to the head without additional pressure. The model under consideration is ideal for long use. The comfort of the ears is ensured by applying an AIRWEAVE special material. It has good air permeability, which allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The duration of the device during a wireless connection is 12 hours.

Razer Mano’war

Many cybersports do not use wireless headphones for two reasons:

  1. Built-in batteries give extra headphones;
  2. The device may discharge at the most inopportune moment.

For amateur gamers who do not embarrass similar features, wireless headphones can be the best solution for creating comfortable conditions during the game. The Razer Mano’War model operates at a distance of 12 meters from the header, which provides maximum comfort and freedom while using. This sample does not provide for a wired connection, which could significantly expand its capabilities. Another feature is the need to use special software that provides for saving user settings exclusively in the cloud.

The best microphone headphones

Many gamers during online games are actively negotiating with other participants in the process. A similar opportunity to them gives headphones for a computer with a built-in microphone.

A4Tech HS-60

The device is equipped with two sets of amcusur:

  1. fur, ensuring comfort for the ears and head, but when using such a material, no significant worsening is deteriorating;
  2. Standard, made of leatherette.

The main cable is rather thick and even after long use remains the whole.

Cougar Phontum

Available by price Gamers closed headphones. Despite the low cost, the device’s package includes two pairs of amcusur and a full cable extension. Headphones made in classic design. The only feature pointing to their gamer bias is a bright color upholstery located at the headband. Headphones Cougar Phontum are equipped with high-quality microphone, which is easy to remove.

Perfeo Guard

The budget model of full-size headphones is equipped with a backlit, adjustable by microphone, high-quality speakers. A wide range of supported frequencies allows you to clearly hear the quiet sounds even on the background of more loud. Some inconvenience during the operation of the device may be caused by their nonsense design.

Headphone housing is easily scratched due to low quality plastic.

Steel Series Arctic Pro

Full-size model of game headphones supporting virtual sound of format Different with an unusual design and attractive backlight. The manufacturer positions this model as intended exclusively for gamers. Steel Series Arctic Pro headphones offer users clean and high quality surround sound.

Top 5 budget gaming headphones in the video below.

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