Audio-Technica Microphones: Features, Model Overview, Choice Criteria

The microphone is an element of sound equipment, without any vocalist, an artist, journalist will be able to do. It is very important to choose exactly such a device that will fully comply with all your needs.

The production of modern stylish and functional microphones is engaged in the company Audio-Technica. Consider the features of this brand, as well as its products, analyze the most popular microphone models of this brand.

About brand

Japanese company producing audio equipment, Audio-Technica Corporation was founded in 1962 by the efforts of Hideo Matsusita. At that time, the company was engaged in the production of such devices as stereo beams (the first models of the AT-1 and AT-3). Over time, the Audio-Technica product range has expanded noticeably and improved. So, In the early 1990s, the first microphone from the company was released. Model AT4033 possessed a unique cardioid orientation diagram at that time.

In 1998, another microphone model appears – AT4060. This device was intended primarily for studio recording. It was assigned to the category of condenser lamp microphones.

From that period, microphones from Audio-Technica began to receive increasingly distribution: they were used at the Olympic Games, for the show and concerts of the musicians of the world values, for the ceremony of the award of Grammy and many other.


In the Assortment of Audio-Technica Presented several categories of microphones:

  • vocal;
  • instrumental;
  • Studio;
  • free;
  • pets;
  • headset;
  • desktop;
  • Surface.

Each of these species is intended for use in specific situations. The manufacturer took care that the company’s products could enjoy the maximum majority of people.

Review models

On the Russian market of sound equipment presented a large number of microphone models from Audio-Technica (for example, radio microphone, condenser and dynamic types of devices). Consider several of the most popular models in more detail.


The main purpose of the device is to conduct digital recording. In this case, the microphone can record both singing and text. The recording procedure itself is allowed to be carried out both in studio premises and beyond. In the design there is a special jack for connecting headphones – accordingly, you can control the signal that comes from the device.

The power process of the model is carried out by a specially designed USB port. And also provides for the MIX knob required to configure signals – incoming and from the microphone.


The device has a neodymium element HI-ENERGY, which helps to improve sound and signal. Besides, Model supports advanced frequency range, Thanks to which the optimal transmission of the sound of instrumental music is possible.

For the convenience of the user, the manufacturer has provided a rough surface of the microphone handle, as well as the metal design of the device itself. There is a modern and practical useful function Magnalock (silent shutdown function).


This microphone refers to the category of cardioid dynamic devices. It can be used to record both vocals and speech (for example, in the course of mass lectures, conferences or seminars). The design of the model is very durable and reliable, since the unit is made of metal.

The microphone is easy to use, the switch is comfortable for the user.


This microphone model from Audio-Technica is perfect for use during meetings, group entries and broadcasts. By its design, the microphone is compact and durable – he will be able to serve a long period. The power switching button is located on the bottom of the microphone, which simplifies the process of controlling the unit. External case painted black.


This model of a petrolery microphone is distinguished by compact sizes and ease of use. For fastening in the design there is a special clip. In addition, the standard set has a special smartphone adapter.

The petition model of the microphone is suitable for the implementation of video filming, as well as during sports.

The device has a built-in cable, the length of which reaches 6 meters.


This model refers to the category of game. The microphone is used to work with video cameras and portable auditoris. The unit can perceive sound waves that are in the range from 70 to 18000 Hz. The mass of the device is only 79 grams, so it is very easy to transport.

Connector Connector Connector Connector is a 3.5 mm type TRS diameter slot. Standard package includes replaceable Power Elements of AA.

How to choose?

The choice of the microphone is a responsible process, during which a large number of factors must be taken into account.

  • Price. Assortment of Audio-Technica provides microphones of various price categories: from budgetary devices to luxury models. Obviously, expensive models have an extended functional range.
  • View. As described above, the company offers its customers microphones of a wide range of categories that are intended for different purposes. For example, a petrogen microphone is suitable for interviews and reports, and studio – for use when recording musical tracks.
  • Functions. The manufacturer releases microphones with different functional filling. So, some models are well suited for performances and concerts of vocalists, while others are intended for lectures.
  • Setup and control. The company’s assortment has a variety of models. Depending on your technical knowledge, you can choose simpler or more comprehensive in the device management.

Tips for use

After you have chosen and purchased a microphone, which fully complies with your needs, you should carefully read the instruction manual, which is included in the standard device package. Depending on the specific model, the rule and principles of use may vary, thereforeBe sure to learn the guide. For example, to connect the ATR3350 model to a specially provided compartment, you need to insert the battery, set the switch on the preamp in the on position, and then connect the unit to the audio recording device. It can be a computer, smartphone, camera, other gadget.

After the connection procedure is terminated, you must go to the setting. The configuration process will also differ depending on the specific model, as well as on that device to which you connected the microphone. Setup can be done via a computer.

So, you can select the parameters such as sensitivity, signal level, volume and other. At the end of the preparatory procedures, you can proceed to testing the operation of the microphone.

In the next video you are waiting for an overview and a Test of the Audio-Technica AT2020USB microphone.

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