Audio players: features and rules of choice

Recently, smartphones have been greatly popular, which, due to its multifunctionality, are not only a means of communication, but also a device for listening to music. Despite this, a wide range of audio players is still on the market.

Their modern models allow you to listen to the tracks loaded in memory, and music from the radio, from the Internet, in addition, they have a convenient interface.

What it is?

Audio player is a portable A device for storing and playing music files that are stored in digital form on a memory card or flash memory.

It can still be considered an improved type of cassette tape recorder, which, thanks to technological innovations, has acquired a compact look and the ability to play music files of various formats.

All audio players have distinctive features, namely:

  • Their design has minimal sizes and mass;
  • The device consumes little electricity, as equipped with built-in batteries or replaceable electroplating batteries;
  • The design of audio players is resistant to temperature differences, high humidity, solar radiation and shock loads;
  • This device is simply in management, all adjustments are carried out by pressing the buttons.

The main media of the audio player information is either flash memory or hard disk. The first option allows you to store up to 32 GB of information, and the second – up to 320 GB. Therefore, for those who love to constantly listen to music, Specialists recommend choosing models that have simultaneously flash memory and hard drive, which will allow you to upload a lot of songs.

What happens?

To date, the market is represented by a huge selection of audio players, which differ from each other not only by a set of functions, but also features of the hardware. Manufacturers produce data from three types of devices.

  • MP3 player. This is the easiest and budget version of the audio player. The functional characteristic of such models is narrow, they are mostly designed to play music. Some manufacturers additionally equip the players with a voice recorder and radio.

Models with displays are huge popularity: they are easy to use, as the user has the ability to see the information about the playable file.

  • Multimedia players. This type of device has more extensive options, they are considered to be digital technology. Most models are available with a powerful battery and loud speaker. They can be used both stationary (desktop) and portable option.

  • Hi-Fi player. Is a multichannel music player that allows you to listen to the files in high quality. The main disadvantage of devices is considered quite high price.

Besides, All audio players are characterized by type of food, in this connection they are two types: working from finger batteries or with built-in powerful battery. The first view is characterized by ease of use, since the batteries do not need recharging (the serves change to new).

The rechargeable audio players have a light weight and compact size, but to recharge the built-in battery you need to constantly have at hand or computer or power supply. Without recharging they can work from 5 to 60 hours.

Overview of the best models

Despite the huge range of audibers, make the right choice in favor of a particular model difficult, as you need to take into account many nuances. A huge role is played by a trademark of products and reviews about it.

Fiio X5 2

This is a specialized portable audio engineering, which is inexpensive and great for novice audiophiles. This model is available in an aluminum case, which looks stylish. The device reproduces almost all popular formats, Starting from mp3 and ending with DSD, FLAC. Offline audio player is able to work without recharging until 10 o’clock.

In addition, the protective film for the screen is additionally included, a silicone case with anti-slip function, a coaxial digital output adapter and two slots for microSD. The main advantages of the model: operational reliability, a huge selection of supporting audio file formats, good quality ratio and price. As for the minuses, they include ascetic functional equipment.

Colorfly C4 Pro

It is a stationary digital audio player with a 6.3-millimeter headphone jack. The device is characterized by an attractive design: the gadget is packed in a wooden case with original engraving and supplemented with a frontal panel of golden color. The manufacturer releases this model with built-in 32 GB memory, microSD format map is not included.

The weight of the audio player is 250 grams, offline it works up to 5 hours. Also, the device has an excellent level of comfort when used and a wide dynamic range. The pluses of the model include: good compatibility with various types of headphones, chic design, high quality. Cons: uncomfortable user interface.

Hifiman HM 901

Manufacturers have worked well on creating the design of this model and supplemented its dear leather insertion on the panel. The product externally has similarities with a Walkman cassette tape recorder, but unlike it has compact sizes. The design of the device includes a large volume control drum, many different buttons for interface settings. Audio player provides rich dynamic range with clear and relief stereopanora.

The advantages of the apparatus include the original interface, simple modification, excellent sound. Disadvantages: a small amount of permanent memory (not exceeding 32 GB).


This model can be exotic, since it is produced in an asymmetric grained case made of aviation aluminum. In addition, the manufacturer has tried with a complete set of the device, adding its drum volume control, touch screen (in the graphical menu there is a Russian language), Bluetooth 4.0 as well as Wi-Fi. Thanks to the “digital stuffing”, the audio player provides an excellent sound tract. This stationary model with the possibility of digital playback of files is well combined with the balance sheet, suitable for listening to studio quality audio files, but it is too expensive.

How to choose?

To date, almost every music loveer has an audio player, which allows fun to pass the leisure and life. If this device is bought for the first time, then It is necessary to consider many nuances, which will depend on its future life and sound quality.

  • You need to decide in advance with the type of device memory. Each type of memory (built-in or microSD) has its advantages and cons. Players with Flash memory have compactness and low weight, which cannot be said about devices equipped with HDD and DVDs. At the same time, hard disk players are able to accommodate more information, cost cheap, but they are considered morally outdated and weigh a lot. Wearing audio players with CD uncomfortable, so if you plan to listen to music not only at home, but also on the road, it is better to choose modern MP3 models with built-in memory.
  • A huge role is played by the duration of the device on one battery charging. If the device is able to function less than 15 hours, its acquisition is considered inappropriate.
  • Additionally, you need to clarify whether there is an opportunity to view the video on the player. It is best to buy media players with a large display and a voluminous hard disk from 1 GB. This will allow simultaneously listening to audio files and view your favorite video clips.
  • Evalnal to be considered the ability to listen to the radio, recording voice notes. Such models are more expensive, but they are more functional and easy to use.
  • One of the main attributes of the audio player is headphones. Therefore, it should be preferred to those models that are equipped with branded “ears”. If you buy a device without them, then problems are possible with their further selection. Also this will entail additional expenses.
  • Models with an equalizer are greatly popular because they allow you to conveniently adjust the frequency level and adjust the accuracy of music playback. Therefore, choosing an audio player, you must ask about the consultant about the presence of an equalizer, dress headphones and check the sound.
  • Separate attention is also deserved by the material from which the device housing is made. It should be durable and made of metal. Many manufacturers offer players with a plastic case, they cost much cheaper, but less resistant to mechanical damage. As for the metal box, it will provide long-term use of audio engineering and protect it from various damage, including scratches. Additionally, it is necessary to clarify the level of water permeability of the case, modern models are equipped with a special design that protects the machine from water penetration inside, they can be used when swimming in the sea, pool or while taking a shower.

In addition to the above, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of blocking. It can be installed both independently by pressing the button or a special lever and the software method. Thanks to the blocking, the main buttons are in the disconnected state, and when moving the player does not switch. For sports, you need to choose such models that do not allow inconvenience during. Such options are different Miniature view and are often equipped with special clips for fixing on clothes.

Choosing an audio player with high-quality sound, you should pay attention to the ratio between pure sound and extraneous noise. It directly depends on the quality of the amplifier built into the design. In addition, it does not hurt, if the player is supplemented with Wi-Fi technology.

In the next video you will find a detailed review of the XDUOO X3 II audio player.

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