Asian style features

Asian style in clothing and interior involves the use of cultural traditions of China and Japan, Thailand, India and Singapore, as well as other countries of the East. Each culture is endowed with its unique color and has a number of distinctive features. Modern designers-orientalists, studying the image and lifestyle of Asian peoples, took the most interesting features from their traditions and, inspired by them, contributed to the culture of the West a completely new direction fascinating with its exotic.

Features of interior design

Modern interior often with Japanese or Chinese motifs. Asia for a long time was closed from foreign eye of Europeans, so now, when the information has become available, the originality of the East looks like something unique and exotic. People seeking originality, often decorate the eastern elements of the decor of their house, apartment, room.

Lovers of the East at all are not necessarily all his interior subordinate to this style: it is enough if the kitchen or living room will be decorated in oriental.

Residents of Asian countries have a special philosophy that differs from the worldview of the Western man. For the Asian, his house – shelter from life storms, a place where harmony and peace reign. This philosophy is impregnated with the entire atmosphere of the dwelling: design, furniture, finishing. The main idea of ​​the interior is the lack of superfluous items in order not to clutter the space and be in maximum harmony with nature.

Asian style in the interior is characterized by special versatility.

The general concept of decor depends on your preferences: it can be a bright exotic design or calm and discreet, in the tradition of minimalism. If you are a commitment to the Chinese direction, red and black colors will prevail in the decor, whereas for lovers of Japanese stylistics, white or pastel muffled shades will be more pleasant.

Now focus on several useful advice on the design of the interior in oriental style.

  • When creating design, attention is paid not only to choosing a color palette of materials for finishing, but also their texture. Each item must be carefully thought out: furniture, its placement, choice of fabrics, accessories, plants. A special place in oriental design is bamboo: his presence in the interior immediately configures on unity with nature and east flavor.

  • In contrast to Western culture, in Asia, it is customary that the floors in the house are covered with carpets or mats. The texture and color of floor coverings can be any, while the common goal is to create a cozy and comfortable placement in the room.

  • Furniture in the eastern interior has small dimensions, it is compact and multifunctional, does not attract attention and does not occupy a lot of free space.

  • Special place in oriental traditions are given to water. This source of life has always been a valuable resource in Asia countries, so the attitude towards it is honorable. The decor of the room can be complemented by aquarium with fish or a small vertical fountain.

To create an eastern interior in your home, it is important to keep harmony. The share of rigor and laconicity or the riot of paints should be sufficient and natural.

Stylish examples

Design in Asian style can combine modern items and antiquities. Such mixing creates unique compositions and unforgettable images.

In modern Western culture, Asian style looks ache and fresh. This direction seems inexhaustible to all new and new creative ideas.

Union with nature and gentle handling of it – one of the main ideas of asian philosophy, manifested in design.

      For eclectic connoisseurs in the interior, Asian motives will be the easiest option that can be combined with styles of other cultural traditions.

      Review of the Asian style apartment in the video below.

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