Apple Columns Overview

Apple products have long won the market. Brand has millions of fans worldwide. Not only smartphones and tablets of the famous manufacturer, but also high-quality columns are popular. Consider Read more Apple Columns Overview and find out how to choose them.


Apple speakers enjoy popular popularity in modern consumers who choose only high-quality and reliable technique. The brand is famous for the highest quality products than and attracts users of all ages. Apple pleases and the fact that the products produced constantly improves, updating them, making more functional. Today, Apple columns are in demand and relevant more than ever. Read the main features of these devices.

  • Apple releases Exceptionally high quality technique, which is designed for long years of operation. This also applies to brand columns.
  • Strikes I Apple column assembly quality. They are going so scrupulously that you will not find in their designs not a single flaw. Of course, we are talking about the original products, and not about the next copy, which are on sale a lot.
  • Apple releases “smart” speakers that are characterized by high functionality. Such devices perform a lot of tasks than supporting the active interest from consumers.
  • It is impossible not to mark the brand minimalistic design of Apple. Products of the famous brand are mainly carried out in a strict and laconic, but very attractive vein.
  • Modern Apple columns boast good quality sound without unnecessary noise and distortion.

If you decide to buy an Apple column, you should consider that Neoriginal devices manufactured by Chinese “masters” are too often. Such technique will never be as high quality and durable, even if it looks just like the original.

Apple technique is much more expensive than similar devices of other well-known brands. Often it is this factor that repels consumers from buying products of the manufacturer.

The lineup

Apple produces high-quality technique that copes perfectly with its main functions. This can be said about the column of this brand, which is called homepod. This is a popular musical device that attracts customers with the highest quality sound. According to the assurances of the owners of this column, it is very simple and understandable in management and settings. This model provides Voice Assistant Apple Siri. Column supports Bluetooth version 5.0. The device provides power from the network.

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HomePod is a “smart” column, which is equipped with 7 high-frequency speakers of the highest quality and 1 LF speaker. There is support for streaming services. The laconic device is distinguished by the presence of a touchscreen control, supports Wi-Fi Mimo network. The device has built-in Apple A8 processes. In the device of a small column there is a subwoofer, “looking” up. Due to his work guarantees deep and pure playing bass. Sound is reproduced almost without distortion. This quality is particularly pleased with music lovers, which “hear” electronic or rock music.

And also homepod is equipped with 6 microphones. They are distributed evenly in the circle of Apple device in the central part. These components are formed a special diaphragm. They can scan the surrounding space, after which the gadget adapts the directions of sound, based on where it is located (in the central part of the room, near the wall or on a separate shelf). The homepod column has the ability to redirect the sound exclusively forward, on different sides, diagonally either immediately in all directions (this effect is achieved if you set a column in the center of the room).

It is worth considering the external execution of this “smart” column. It is distinguished by a cylindrical structure. You can choose a black or white model. Of course, the Black Apple columns are more practical, because they are harder to stain or remove from their surface of pollution, without leaving noticeable traces.

The White Model HomePod models will often not be pronounced beautiful and attractive – for their cleanliness you have to keep track of constantly.

Housing HomePod has no additional decorations or decorations – Gadget design is deprived of any frills and varnishes. If you look at the picture or photo on which the HOMEPOD column is depicted, it may seem rather large and massive. In fact, this is a compact wireless device with such modest dimensional parameters as:

  • height – 172 mm;
  • Diameter – 142 mm.

The weight of the fashion gadget from Apple is only 2.5 kg. For a multifunctional column, you can quickly find a suitable place in the room, as it will not require a lot of free space.

HomePod can be easily moved from one place to another, After all, the column has a modest mass and the user does not have to spend extra forces on transportation. HomePod pleases music lovers and the fact that it is complemented by a special system responsible for echoing while playing sound tracks. Of course, it will not fully remove the echo, but it comes down to a minimum that is also noticeable.

Important! In the near future, the release of new models is scheduled – HomePod 2 and HomePod Mini. At the moment, these devices are still under development, but it is assumed that they will be more functional updated.

How to choose?

If you decide to buy a high-quality column from Apple, of course, you can wait for fresh models, but you can buy and homepod, which is sold in stores today. Consider how to select such equipment and what to pay attention to.

  • Select the Column Column HOMEPOD, which you more like. Higher was already indicated than good dark options – they are less vintage. If you want to buy a white column, you should be prepared for what you have to constantly monitor her cleanliness, otherwise it will look completely unattractive.
  • This technique is recommended to buy those people who live in a kind of Apple ecosystem. HomePod was developed for such users – for Apple Music subscribers, which is compatible with HOMEKIT. If you are not an Apple fan and treat it skeptical, you should not spend. You can find a lot of branded portable and wireless columns of this type, but at a more democratic value.
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If you decide to purchase a really high-quality and original Apple brand production column, You should go for her purchase to a specialized store where the American brand technique is sold. Here you will definitely not stumble upon a well-performed replica that cannot be distinguished from the original. With the device you can get all the necessary documentation that will confirm its origin.

It is not recommended to buy homepod in dubious stores or on the market. Of course, in such places you will most likely find a copy that is much cheaper, and the seller will convince you of its authenticity. Confirming technical documentation here will not be able to provide.

Do not trust the surprisingly low prices and unscrupulous traders.

User manual

Apple HomePod branded column will surely please users unsurpassed work quality. But first, you need to understand how it is right to use it to feel all the completeness of its possibilities. Tell in this question in detail.

  • First of all, it will be necessary to prepare the HOMEPOD column to subsequent work. It is necessary to bring it to the iPhone or iPod. After these actions, the setup will occur automatically.
  • Next will need to subscribe to Apple Music, if it was not done earlier. By get around this item can not if you want to further enjoy the voice assistant Siri, to launch the tracks with voice teams. Do it all with the usual google music will not succeed.
  • At the end, allow the device to transfer all your data from iCloud. All listed procedures are needed to connect the music device to all necessary networks. They will take the user at no more than 5-10 minutes.
  • After that The column will be cooking for full operation.
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And also should be taken into account and the following important items concerning the operation of the HOMEPOD branded column:

  • Make sure, To the column did not approach pets, especially cats; Mixed four-legged can easily think that this thing can be accusing claws;
  • When you turn on the column on your iPhone A window will open with the proposal to connect and configure the wireless device; The installation process will begin with a language selection for voice helper – Siri;
  • need to take into account that HOMEPOD column always remains included, What distinguishes it from most standard acoustic devices that produce other brands; Disable the Apple column will turn out only by pulling it out of the outlet, all the rest of the time all 6 microphones, which is provided for by the device, will function as usual;
  • Physically affecting the homepod from Apple, permissible to control playback or adjust the volume of the playback tracks; When the music plays, the buttons appear on the screen by clicking on which you will add or drop the volume; Pressing the center, you put the track pause or switch to the next / previous sound track;
  • Reset or any column settings Apple is possible through Home. App for iPhone User.

In the next video you will find an overview of the Apple Homepod column.

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