Anime style in the interior

Along with the traditional ways of design of housing, anime style in the interior is now gaining. To succeed with such a choice, you need to know how to decorate a room and an apartment in the style of manga, what are the main features and approaches. No less significant moment – typical examples of anime design for a girl.


Anime style – one of the children of our rapid time. The genre itself of specific Japanese animation arose in the 1950s, but only 30 years later he gained wide popularity abroad. Many try to embody their passion in the interior design. The stylistics of manga has no more clear well-established canons. It should be emphasized that most of its adherents try to reproduce the specific world of a particular cartoon, animated series. Professional designers share anime style on such varieties as:

  • techno;
  • romantic branch;
  • urban (or, as they say, urbanistic) approach.

Distinguished these scents helps a colorful solution and semantic content. So, the stylistics of techno reproduce the plots of animation cosmocker. Naturally, in this embodiment, the maximum of blue and black tones is used. Occasionally meet white and red inclusions. Design specialists recommend using glass elements and mirrored metal. In romantic design, tone is most in demand:

  • pink;
  • solar yellow;
  • White;
  • blue.

The romantic direction of the anime style is not bypass, by the way, and without textile use. Thematic drawings may be present on the curtains and on the furniture upholstery. Lace on the bedspreads and pillows is also quite appropriate. As for the urbanide direction, this decision implies more relaxed and harmonious tonality.

This option was no longer on the Japanese Islands, but in Western Europe, and therefore, instead of traditional plots, robots and scenes from the high-tech life of the Japanese prevail.

How to decorate the room?

Apartment in the spirit of anime can be finished with various decorative materials. For walls most often used plaster and various paints and varnishes. And the wallpaper of the required coloring with the required prints can be applied. Ceilings are stained, covered with wallpaper. In some cases, decorative panels can also be applied. On the floor put:

  • linoleum;
  • parquet;
  • laminate of various varieties;
  • carpet.

Furniture in the manga style must be as simple as possible (minimalist). Special decor in it can not. The most important criterion for choosing – occupied place. Very bulky instances in anime style almost unacceptable. From accessories perfect:

  • vases;
  • figurines;
  • dishes with various prints;
  • wall posters;
  • Original table lamps;
  • Other suitable lamps.

The choice of decor is very high. The reason is just not established before the end of the manga style format. It allows you to apply almost any decor that it turns out to be visually entering the environment. It will be appropriate to look the chairs toys. At the same time, which is important, the size of the room is practically irrelevant.

IMPORTANT: Many people, especially adolescents, the passion for anime often reaches the absurdity. Their rooms turn into a semblance of a specialized store, and in the most running cases can resemble a landfill. You can prevent it if you provide good racks and shelves. To ensure the coziness use the appropriate textile case, primarily pillows and curtains.

Regardless of the specific decision you will have to take care of the maximum personality and positive setting.

The design of the anime style can be repelled from the plot “Naruto” with ninja children. This is appropriate, first of all, for boys. Pictures hang on the walls, beds are covered with thematic blankets and pillows. Preferred colors of juicy, warm shades.

Otherwise fit the room for the girl. In this case, bright wallpaper (white, pink, sometimes gentle blue color) are used). The accent wall is removed under the image of attractive long-haired heroines.

If there is no desire to draw pictures with paints, use completely ready-made stickers. The smallest children will be glad to images in the spirit of “Helow Kitty”, “Totoro” and other special cartoons. Blonde colors, drawn characters must be bright, but not too obsessive.

It should be borne in mind that anime is suitable not only for children. Many teens and even individual adults appreciate such stylistics. The interior is drawn up in blue, soft peach, pink, beige and light brown tones. Mix the accent wall to which pastel photo walls are stuck.

Important: Since everything is very individual, it is necessary to be interested in the opinion of the tenants themselves.

Examples of interior design

Interesting examples are many.

  • One of the possible options. Very attractively as part of this topic perceived image of a Japanese cartoon character in the whole wall. In other places, a few more bluish inclusions are used, but other colors are used.

  • Another possible approach includes the use of thematic posters, but the stylistics is not so insistently.

          • The connection with the anime style is expressed by the figure in the wall and the total color.

          Watch the video on the topic.

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