All you need to know about Gopro cameras

Gopro Action Cameras are among the highest quality on the market. They can boast excellent stabilization characteristics, magnificent optics and other properties that benefit them to highlight them against competitors. A large range of cameras allows each user to choose an optimal option.


Since its appearance on the market, Gopro fully changed the idea of ​​the action cameras and produced a real extension in the market. A distinctive feature of the models is not only high quality, but also excellent device performance. They can boast electronic stabilization of the image, so that users no longer need to use additional devices or instruments. Among the main advantages of the brand that benefit from its competitors benefit from competitors, the following can be noted.

  1. High quality products. In the process of the production of cameras, only high-class components are used, due to which the devices housing are distinguished by durability and reliability. In addition, they can boast with their ability to resist mechanical damage.
  2. Functionality. The company’s engineers are close attention to the technical characteristics of the models, so they are obtained fairly functional and reliable. Many advanced features make it possible to create excellent videos.
  3. Autonomy. Unlike most Chinese analogues, GOPRO cameras are distinguished by the presence of increased capacity batteries, which greatly simplifies the process of using. This is especially true for traveling when it is not possible to regularly charge the device from the network.

The only disadvantage of Gopro cameras is their high cost, however, it is quite acquitted, given the reliability and indispensability of devices.

There is nothing on the market yet, which could to some extent to compete with the company’s action cameras.

Review models

Gopro offers a large selection of models that differ in their functionality, cost, appearance and other characteristics.

Hero7 Silver Edition

Hero7 Silver Edition is one of the most popular models of the company that is average in its capabilities. It is offered in the corporate translucent packaging, which immediately shows the appearance of the device. The appearance is almost no different from other ruler devices, but the functionality is slightly expanded.

A distinctive feature of the gadget is the presence of a high-class matrix by 10 meters, as well as electronic stabilization functions.

Built-in battery lasts up to one and a half hours. Among the advantages of Hero7 Silver Edition, you can note the availability of voice control functions, the ability to remove the looped rollers, as well as the presence of a deceleration function video. Standard equipment includes device itself, fastener, USB cable Type C, Screw and buckle.


Max – a unique panoramic action chamber, which is distinguished by its high quality, reliability and excellent functionality. Distinctive A feature of the model is the presence of two hemispherical lenses, thanks to which you can spend a photo and video filming of panoramic type. Camera packaging is distinguished by a standard design that includes accessories and a transparent cap, under which the device itself is visible. The only thing that lacks complete is different mounts on the steering wheel, monopod and other items.

Staster attention in the development process engineers paid a device body that is made of durable aluminum base and rubber coated plastic. It is needed in order to prevent the camera slipping in the process of use. The main one is considered the lens that is on the side without display. It should be noted that the parameters of all chambers are the same, regardless of their location.

Max boasts a touchscreen display that reacts perfectly on touch and can recognize smacks. But in gloves manage the camera will not work. If, of course, the fingers do not have any additional inserts. Hemispherical glasses are repeated by 6 mm, which is quite enough for panoramic shooting.

Ergonomics is also quite simple and thoughtful. There are only two buttons to control. One is needed for inclusion, and the second allows you to change the shooting modes. One of the advantages of the MAX model is that it is capable of shooting without inclusion.

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To write a camcorder offers several modes that differ in the frame rate and its size. In addition, if necessary, you can choose a specific codec. It should be noted that the regions setting also affects the frequency. The maximum resolution is 1920×1440, while the device can boast wide viewing angles.

The main advantage of the model, which makes it beneficial on the background of others, is unique stabilization. It is as accurate as possible and the best, and in some moments there are even optical stabilizers.

In addition, there is a horizon leveling function, which is also characterized by its effectiveness.

Hero8 Black

Hero8 Black is an extremely popular model that will be an excellent solution for people who are engaged in extreme sports. In its appearance, the camera is quite different from previous models. According to its sizes, Hero8 Black has become a little more, and the microphone is now located on the frontal part. The device has now become more monolithic, and the protective lens is fixed. The left part of the device is highlighted under the cover under which the USB Type C connector is located, as well as a place to install a memory card. In the lower part there are clamping rings – unique elements, due to which it was possible to abandon the use of a protective case.

Some special chips in terms of shooting a video or a photo here. All the standard are complied with the most and not changed for many years. If necessary, you can shoot in a resolution of 4K with a frequency of up to 60 frames per second. The maximum bit rate is now 100 Mbps per second, which benefits Hero8 Black against the background of other manufacturer models. During video filming, you can adjust not only the viewing angles, but also the digital zoom, which is positively affected by the video quality.

Night survey is also high. The picture does not rock from walking, so you can even run. Of course, it is not perfect, however, it’s still much better than other models. If necessary, you can install the GoPro application on the smartphone, which will allow you to control the camera remotely, as well as view the video or mount it.

In terms of autonomy of the device, there is enough for 2-3 hours of work in the warm season, but in the winter the figure drops to two hours.

Hero8 Black Special Bundle

Hero8 Black Special Bundle Action Camera could imagine all the best from previous generations and has become on the step above due to its upgraded design, as well as due to the presence of high-tech components and multiple video modes. Flagship Hero8 Black Special Bundle can boast three automatic modes, so you can choose the best option for each specific case.

The camera of this model makes it possible to create a video with a maximum level of smoothness. It was possible to achieve this thanks to the advanced stabilization system. Distinctive feature of the function HyperSMOOTH 2.0 is that it supports many permits and allows you to change the frame rate, and also can align the horizon.

Using Hero8 Black Special Bundle, you can create original timelaps video. This mode independently controls the speed depending on the movement and lighting paces. If necessary, you can even slow down the effect to real time so that you can look more carefully to consider certain points. The presence of a matrix by 12 megapixel allows you to shoot excellent photos. In addition, there is an advanced HDR technology, which works not only in a fixed state, but also in motion, regardless of the level of lighting on the street.

In terms of design Hero8 Black Special Bundle differs from all other models. Reduced dimensions make the use of the device even more convenient. The flagship device can boast an image stabilization system that can work even at the maximum frame rate. Modern filling allows the model to broadcast video as a 1080r, which benefits it to the background of other models of the company. In the process of recording sound, an advanced noise suppression algorithm is used.

Hero7 Black Edition

Action Camera Hero7 Black Edition has become the first model that received an advanced stabilization system called HyperSmooth. This system is so high quality and advanced, which is able to completely change the rules of the game market. After shooting, the video makes the impression that the device was recorded on the tripod, so there is no shaking. The distinguishing advantage of the technology is that it is capable of working even in the highest mode, that is, at 4k.

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The model management is quite simple and does not cause difficulties. On the housing you can find the control buttons: one is on the front panel, and the other – touch allows you to control the interface and watch various video frames. Despite the fact that many other functions have appeared, the interface has become simpler and easy for perception. The camera allows you to select one of the set modes. Also, developers were able to save an excellent layout where there are no lists or various complex menu blocks.

Hero7 Black Edition can boast full waterproof without the use of special boxing. The model received a small rubber case, which is distinguished by resistance to shocks and water impact, if you lower up to 10 meters. This greatly simplifies the process of using the aggregate.

During video recording, you can choose one of the three viewing angles. Basic can be used in any situation, but the SuperView will be available only if the frame rate is reduced. As for the fish eye, it can only be used when shooting in 60p.

There is a fairly wide tonal range, so that all colors are saturated, and the contrast is at a high level.


The modern market contains many companies that offer their action cameras. They differ from Gopro appearance, cost and its functionality. Among the most popular and in demand in the market analogs can be allocated as follows.

  • Xiaomi Yi II – an ultra-modern camera that can boast the ability to shoot video in the resolution of 4k. The device is equipped with a 12 MP matrix with a fairly wide angle view of 155 degrees. Close attention in the development process was paid to the chamber body, which is able to withstand the temperature differences, water and dust effects.

  • Polaroid Cube – one of the smallest action cameras that can boast many features and capabilities. There is a built-in microphone, and the video can be removed in the resolution of 1920 to 1080 pixels. The device is not distinguished by a capacitive battery: it is enough for one and a half hours of use. Integrated memory is also not so much, so in the process of use you will have to use the memory card.

  • Sjcam – Chinese manufacturer who uses Panasonic matrices. Thanks to this, any multimedia files are performed in perfect quality. In addition, there is a Timelapse function here, which involves recording video in 4K resolution. A distinctive feature of the novelty is its minimum mass, which is 58 grams. Thanks to this, you can take the device with you on trips. The manufacturer’s catalog has special devices that can be used in combination with quadcopters.


The Gopro Action Camera can boast not only high quality and reliability, but also the presence of a large number of accessories. They are designed to simplify the process of operation of the device, as well as increase its capabilities. Among the most sought-after, you can select the following.

  • Quadcopter Phantom, which is an inexpensive aircraft with minimal mass. It has a special attachment for Phantom cameras. A distinctive feature of the model is the presence of a function of holding a certain place that works with the help of advanced GPS and autopilot.

  • Monopod Kaboon, which can not only keep in hand, but also attach to the salt or car. This allows you to shoot at original angles, which guarantees the popularity of video. The design of Kaboon includes five different sections from carbon fiber, the length of which can change.

  • Fotodiox Pro Gotough – A unique attachment for a tripode, thanks to which you can connect a Gopro action to a regular tripod. The main advantage of the model is that it is completely made of metal. In the production process, durable and resistant aluminum, which is offered in several colors.
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  • K-EDGES GO BIG PRO – a unique device that allows you to attach the camera right on the bike handle. It includes two parts from the treated metal, which are firmly connected to each other with hex chalches. This ensures solid fixation and the impossibility of camera loss.

  • LCD Touch BacpaC Installed from the reverse side of the device and makes it possible to display images from the camera immediately on the screen. In addition, you can scroll through the recording and view it. LCD Touch Bacpac can boast sensory control, which greatly simplifies the process of use. If necessary, you can separately purchase a waterproof lid.

  • Harness – one of the most sought-after accessories in the sport, which allows the camera on the body. Harness has enough space for adjustment, so you can choose the optimal place to fix the camera. Accessory is characterized by simple designs, which simplifies the process of use. In addition, there are no linings or clamps that negatively affect the comfort of wearing.

What to choose?

In order for the chosen Gopro camera to fully cope with the tasks set before it, close attention should be paid to the selection process. It makes no sense to buy the most sophisticated model, if half of the functions still will not be used. First of all, you need to decide whether it is necessary to shoot a video in the resolution of 4k.

In addition, it is worth understanding whether the capacity of the available equipment is enough to make the video installation in such a resolution.

In the process of choice, it is also worth paying attention to the exact same battery installed inside, removable or built-in. The first option is considered more preferable, since during a long shooting you can simply replace. Built-in batteries can not be charged on the street if the air temperature is minus. Also worth paying attention to whether there will be a first-person filming or from different angles.

Unless first-person, then the display is not needed, so you can purchase more budget models.

How to use?

The distinguishing feature of the Gopro is that the developers have done everything possible in order to pretty much to simplify work with the device. but All the same, you must first figure out in some nuances so that the work is as simple as possible and effective. After buying GoPro you need to insert a memory card. If you do not plan to actively use the gadget and shoot a lot of videos, you can do and the built-in. In order to produce interval shooting, which in recent years has become very popular, it is worth purchasing a class 10 card.

During the first inclusion you need to insert the battery and charge it to full. Turn on the device just enough. All models have a large button that is located on the front panel. Immediately you can hear a few short signals, as well as flashing indicator. Only after that it will be possible to start shooting video. No need to hurry. For high-quality shooting, it is necessary to figure out the settings. In the settings, if necessary, you can change the name of the device.

Gopro has a fairly good stuffing that is necessary to study before the use of the gadget. Close attention should be paid to video filming formats so that you can choose the optimal. Turn off the camera is also fairly easy. To do this, hold the inclusion button until 7 signals sound and will not flax indicators. This device will be an excellent solution for lovers of extreme sports.

Thus, In the Action Camera ranking of the Gopro device occupy a leading position. In comparison with more expensive cameras, better and better. The company’s catalog has cheap devices, as well as spherical expensive models that look premium and have relevant description and specifications. Such a camcorder can be used for underwater shooting, fishing and t. D., And with full charge, the device can boast autonomy.

Overview of the Gopro Hero7 model in the video below.

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