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Photographic equipment from the brand “Zenit” Many years are used, during which it was constantly improved and became more modern and high-quality. According to professionals, the devices of this brand are undoubtedly entering the top different ratings. They have a rich history, stunning specifications. Until now, this technique is purchased by many lovers and professionals for the production of retro shots and not only. Zenit deservedly became a truly religious device, which is still in great demand.


Since the first release of the camera under the brand of KMZ, many years have passed. Previously, the technique in large quantities went abroad, where the mirror aggregates were greatly popular. Since its appearance, film devices have undergone many changes. As for the aggregates of the Zenit brand, they became the subject of admiration for domestic and foreign consumers for a number of reasons.

In the late 70s, the Zenit-EM model was recognized as the best camera, both in the USSR and beyond.

KMZ received the first task to release peaceful equipment in the post-war time. Manufacturers began to make theatrical binoculars, projection devices, as well as cameras. In 1947, a base was created at the factory, where not only instruments for scientific research were manufactured, but also photographic equipment. The prototype of the “Zenit” series became the aggregates “Koke”, first they were released by small parties.

However, the real story of this classic photographic equipment begins from 1952, when the developers managed to release the first mirror small camera. Three years later, Zenit-C received syncount and improved shutter. When lifting the shutter of the mirror in both cameras descended.

CMZ produced devices with an aluminum alloy body, thereby ensuring strength and resistance to mechanical damage. The device was distinguished by grapplery image. In 1962, the camera began to wear the name “Zenit-ZM”. The series was released in a million copies and went to export. Germany received an order for the automatic line of machines, thanks to which it was possible to process the hulls on special technology (used up to the nineties).

  • “Zenit-4” became a more solid aggregate. His main advantage was a wide range of excerpts, which is not so easy to find in modern devices. “Zenit” of this series was equipped with a viewfinder and exposure meter. The fifth version of the photographic equipment of this brand has become a real breakthrough in the field of not only Soviet, but also foreign photographs. The device mounted an electric drive that was fed from a replaceable battery. When it is out of order, it was enough to produce a regular replacement.

  • “Zenit-6” – a few simplified version of the brand because there has been a limited feature. But the most popular camera, which quickly divided worldwide by millions of copies, became Zenit-E. This apparatus has absorbed the best qualities of all its predecessors. Manufacturers managed to make a shutter shutter soft, had a built-in exposure meter. All these and other technological features brought models of world success.
  • “Zenit-E” became the standard of high-quality equipment that every beginner and professional photographer dreamed of. Great demand led to a significant expansion of the production of KMZ. For fifty years, cameras issued under the Zenit brand continued to be popular. Today in the market you can find several different assemblies of this device. In interesting facts include the fact that the cameras of this brand have repeatedly become laureates of various premiums, received positive feedback from lovers and real experts. Zenit-E has become the most popular mirror aggregate not only in the territory of the USSR, but all over the world.

The total number of cameras released about fifteen million. The old brand “Zenit” remains modern.

Main characteristics

The classic design of the device is made of Aluminum corps, in which the bottom cover is removed. In some models in the case there are Battery place. The use of aluminum alloy ensures the reliability of the unit, its strength and resistance to mechanical damage. There are 35-Milimmeter films in such cameras. Frame size 24х36 mm, you can use two-cylinder cassettes. The film is rewound with the head, the frame meter is set manually.

Mechanical shutter has an excerpt from 1/25 to 1/500 s. The lens can be fixed on the tripod, since it has a threaded connection. The focusing screen is made of matte glass, pentaprismism is not removed. With the development of technologies and the growth of demand for KMZ equipment, the design of the device has undergone a number of changes, including not only technical supplements, but also design. Despite the variety of models, all the “zeniths” support one type of film. It is possible to use objectives compatible with them. Many devices are equipped with a focal shutter.

The main decisive characteristic, which brought the success of Zenit cameras, became regular lenses “Helios-44”. They have excellent reliability and quality. It is safe to say that the lens is universal, so it can shoot landscapes, macro, portraits, and t. D. The models have an additional accessory – a belt cover, which reliably protects the device from unfavorable conditions and mechanical damage.

Reliability is one of the actual characteristics that significantly affected the success of Zenit cameras.

Devices released even fifty years ago, can be used today if they were used to be exploited. Therefore, it makes sense to learn Varieties of brand models, their features and characteristics to find for yourself a otmnaya film camera.

“Zenit-3” can be found in good condition, even if it is released in 1960. This model has an enlarged body and self-timer. To weigh the gate need to use a trigger. The weight of the film photograph is small, so you can take it with you. Such a rare camera is popular among connoisseurs of Soviet equipment, film pictures lovers.

If you want something more modern, you can pay attention to the 1988 model “Zenit 11”. This is a mirror film camera that has a pressure diaphragm. The device is compact, the control buttons are placed in the same way as in other devices of this brand. The index finger is easy to press on the descent, there is a button under it to rewind the film, although it can not be noted immediately due to the small size.

Cameras from Zenit attract a huge number of photographers who know how natural and atmospheric films are obtained.

Single lectural mirrors

  • This category includes a mirror apparatus “Zenit-E”. He was produced until 1986, but to this day it can be found on sale at an affordable price. Type of film – 135. The device is compact and convenient to use. Focus can be configured manually. Like most representatives of the Zenit brand, this model has cast aluminum corps. Frames are considered mechanically, there is a self-timer, as well as a slot to install the device on a tripod. The model comes with a cover on the strap.

  • Camera “Zenit-TTL” is no less popular among fans of film pictures. The main characteristics include an excerpt that is configured in manual, automatic and long-term modes. There is a mechanical self-timer, aluminum case, durable. The device is a bit harder than other models of this manufacturer.
  • “Zenit is” is a small-format mirror camera that has a manual exposure setting. The release of the device ended in 1995. Its main features include mechanical shutter and standard lens. The cost depended on which lens was in the configuration, which largely influenced the choice of a specific model. The model range of photographic equipment “Zenit” is wide enough, each series possessed its own characteristics and advantages.


  • Mirrorless full-frame camera is presented in a compact model “Zenit-M”. It is worth noting that this is the first digital aggregate of Russian production under the famous brand. The appearance differs little from Soviet optics, but the change has undergone the technical side. This is a rangefinder chamber, as evidenced by the two-color defillas of an additional lens. This model produced a furor among fans of photographic equipment.

Under the back lid there is a memory card and battery. The device has a microphone, which means that you can shoot not only photos, but also video. The inside of the case is made of magnesium alloy and brass, there is moisture protection. Screen Glass Protected by Gorilla Glass technology. Design deliberately made vintage to save style.

  • “Zenit-Avtomat” also causes great interest. The viewfinder displays a 95% frame, there is a focal curtain shutter that quickly works. Using a tripod possible due to the presence of a thread. This device is somewhat lighter than the rest, since the panel in the case is made of plastic. If you look for a compact camera, it is worth considering this particular option.

To pick up a technique for creating beautiful and high-quality photos, you need to decide on the main Technical characteristics, who should have an aggregate, taking into account the shooting conditions. Each manufacturer offers a rich selection of cameras, which, naturally, their distinctive features.

As for the brand “Zenit”, which is highly appreciated by fans of vintage technology, the first thing it is necessary to decide what and how exactly you are going to shoot, it will affect the choice of lens.

Pictures on the film are obtained by atmospheric and high quality, Therefore, many photographers love to use in their work not only digital devices. The presence of manual adjustment in the machine allows you to independently bring the focus to the shooting object, getting the desired effect.

If we talk about reliability, it is better to pay attention to Zenit cameras, which were released until 1980. However, new digital devices presented by this brand appeared not so long ago, which have already caused great interest.

It should be remembered that if the acquired technique has already been used, it is necessary to carefully examine it for breakdowns and faults.

Important inspect aggregate, make sure of its integrity both outside and inside. Blinds must be workers to check it out, you can take a shutter. If they move synchronously, it means everything is in order. The lens is unscrewed counterclockwise, it will help you know what state is the curtains.

Zenitis Belarusian assembly sometimes deliver a lot of trouble due to the fact that their production, periodically, were engaged in students attracted to assembly. The quality of such devices was slightly reduced, so it is worth checking their performance. The position of the mirror must be the same, both in the operating mode of the camera and in the usual. If it changes the position, it means that the device will not be able to keep focus. You can check the work of excerpts, make sure that there is no shutory jamming. The big advantage will be the health of the exposure me, which is found not often in the vintage models of “Zenith”.

Film cameras to this day remain relevant and attract lovers of high-quality vintage shooting. Despite the fact that the market offers modern models of such devices, it is impossible not to note that interest in Zenit remains as high as before.

The video presents an overview of Zenit cameras “.

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