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Xerox is the leader in the office equipment market. Her products invariably occupies the top lines of the ratings. Demand for printers is growing every day, and the design of devices constantly make changes that provide for a longer service life and expansion of equipment capabilities.


Printers of this company have a wide functionality, so their popularity is quite explained. It is difficult to meet an office or a printing company, wherever there was no technology that has a given logo. All Xerox printers can be divided into two large groups:

  • industrial devices;
  • Models intended for use of the house.

The difference between them lies in performance. In large offices, enterprises, in large warehouses, the amount of documentation that is required to print or copy is huge. At home, even if the owner’s job is associated with various types of documentation, the consumption of paper and ink is much smaller, and the number of texts, graphs, schemes is limited. Very often, the future owners of the technique arises the question of which type of printer must be selected to fully meet any other requirements.

Review models

Depending on the principles of the printer, it can be attributed to one of several groups. The samples presented in them have a number of advantages, as well as some disadvantages.


For a long time, this type of printers could only be found in offices. To use the house, these models were fairly expensive. Even now their cost is higher than in jet devices. But their main advantage – they pay off for a short period of time. After a few months of operation, the difference in the cost between the inkjet and the laser printer is completely leveled. Well noticeable advantage of this technique becomes with daily printing of a large number of papers. But all of the above refers to black and white print. In this case, laser printers completely crowded inserts from the market.

A completely different picture is observed when comparing color laser and inkjet models. The quality of color images performed on the latter is much higher. At the same time, the price of colored laser photocpenss is almost 10 times higher than the value of the inkjet.

Select the appropriate laser model of xerox should be in the case if the plans are the printout of a large number of black and white documents. In addition to simple printers, the company produces laser multifunctional devices that, in addition to printing texts, have the ability to recognize them, precise copying and subsequent conversion with the ability to save copies on different types of carriers.

The main part of all laser printers is the freedom. On the whole surface, a static charge is formed, which is removed by a laser beam. The paper appears on the paper in places corresponding to where the phototrabans were charged areas. Maximum format of laser printers – A-4 or A-3. Such documentation dimensions most often printed at home and in small offices.

The main minus of laser printers – they are poorly pricked by halftone. On black and white images, this deficiency is almost impaired, but immediately rushes into the color.


This type of equipment is not as popular as laser models. The principle of operation of two types of printers is almost the same. In both cases, photographers are involved in the printing process. But in the LED samples, the reader does not deal with a laser beam, but at once several LEDs. Their quantity depends on the printer model. The more they are in the device, the higher the image quality.

These printers have several advantages that have not yet appreciated advantage:

  • In their production, a small number of parts is used, which significantly reduces the number of damage occurs during operation;
  • Small sizes that allow installing devices in small offices and houses;
  • low electricity consumption;
  • Highest image quality.

The disadvantages include:

  • Low quality mapping of thin lines or small characters in size;
  • Errors arising from the need to combine several colors at once.

Avoid deficiencies will be able to succeed only when buying the latest samples of LED meals companies.


Special requirements are presented to this equipment. When working in offices, there is a large load on them. Consequently, with high speed of reproduction of documents, they should be distinguished by high quality. The cost of printing one sheet of A-4 or A-3 format should be small.

An example of such equipment is black and white Xerox Phaser 3120. The device has a high print speed – up to 16 pages per minute with a high degree of resolution. In addition to ordinary documents, you can create brochures, postcards, posters, watermarks. Print Reproduction Technology – Laser.


Professional printing uses more powerful equipment. Industrial models of printers are characterized by high print speed. They are designed to satisfy the needs of medium and large business. The quality of the images reproducible on this equipment is much superior to what is obtained on modest home printers.

A distinctive feature of such devices is a high degree of automation. At once, several sections can be activated at once in operation, each of which is reproduced by the required image.

How to choose?

When choosing a suitable printer model, some difficulties may arise. This is due to the large variety of models presented in the market. Choosing the type of office equipment depends on the tasks facing these equipment. It makes no sense to acquire the industrial version of the xerox if it is planned to use it at home. And at the same time, simple equipment will not cope with the load, if placing it in production.

Houses Printers are usually connected to fixed computers or laptops. High performance from them is not required, especially if they are used when printing abstracts, instructions and other types of documents. Depending on the reproducible documents, the choice may fall on monochrome or color models. The spreads in prices between them are significant, therefore it is necessary to approach the selection process. Depending on the selected model, the need for consumables changes. A person without special skills will be able to use any of these devices.

The overwhelming majority of printer models manufactured by Xerox requires only original cartridge cartridges. Get them easy, but the cost of servicing such equipment increases significantly. At the same time, the quality of the printed documents on the company’s equipment is guaranteed.

If the budget allocated to the purchase, small, and requests to the quality of printing are small, then you should pay attention to inkjet models, both monochrome and colored. But in this case, it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that paint and cartridges will have to acquire quite often. Another restriction imposed on the owners of inkjet models – in the operation of the device must be involved constantly.

How to set up and install?

Usually setting and connecting this type of technology does not cause complexity. Perform this type of work is possible independently or seek help from specialists. There are several ways to connect. The easiest of them – using a USB cable. This is how the printer and computer work is synchronized. The main condition – both types of equipment should be close to each other. A universal driver must be installed on the computer, which will help the user computer to recognize the printer connected to it.

The second option is more convenient, because it does not impose a restriction on the distance between the computer and the existing office equipment. Wi-Fi connection allows the technique to be in different houses of the dwelling. With this technique it is possible to connect to the smartphone, and to iPhone. Together with any model of the proposed equipment to customers, the appropriate driver is sold, so there is no need to search for it on the web.

If for some reason the driver with the driver was lost, then the required software can always be downloaded on the manufacturer’s website.


Serious equipment breakdowns to eliminate independently undesirable, as you can finally spoil the printer, after which it will be unable to repair from experts. To simple breakdowns that do not require access to the service center, the capture of paper can be attributed. Solve such a problem is possible independently. In the instructions attached to the device, there is a list of breakdowns, eliminate which does not represent complexity. There are also considered ways to correct errors. For example, the printer captures the paper if the sheet is inserted unevenly into the guides. Get the stuck leaf required extremely careful.

Refilling cartridges can turn into a problem if you do not follow the instructions, the probability of falling out paint in this case is quite high. If the device does not print, then immediately call the service should not. Need to check whether the paper is not stuck, and for this you need to pull out toner. In some cases, the problem is the outdated driver or in a faulty cable connecting the printer and computer. The easiest way to solve the repair issues, if the technique is on warranty service. If the rules of operation of the equipment were not violated, then the service staff will not arise. They will replace the part of the part for free.

The most common cause of breakdowns requiring the intervention of the Master is a strong wear of parts.

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