All about the repair of TV receivers

Many regions of our country rated the benefits of digital television. Television ranks first in the world of entertainment. The number of users is huge. And if the broadcasting suddenly stops, life “stops”. Frequent cause of a malfunction is precisely the breakdown of the receiver, which we now consider. There are various models of satellite receivers, but most common faults have the same.

Diagnostics and possible malfunctions

First of all, you need to make sure that the TV receiver is really faulty. Do your own diagnostics. What exactly can happen to the TV most popular firms – Sony, Samsung and Philips?

Main faults:

  • There is no search for channels (it is possible to break the entry in the receiver or exit from the converter);
  • Interference on the screen, regardless of the weather outside the window (try to change the position of the satellite plates or change to a plate with another optimal diameter);
  • There is no sound and there is a sound (you need to check the volume on the TV and the receiver);
  • instead of the image characters on the screen (reload equipment);
  • Channels are not available or require decoding (also reboot);
  • Faulty antenna cord (when disconnected, the inscription disappears on the screen).

Other possible causes of damage:

  • Changing the position of the plate;
  • The receiver is not connected to the TV;
  • broken power supply;
  • Receiver registration ended;
  • The converter failed;
  • interference in receiving a signal due to weather conditions;
  • violation of operating conditions;
  • no signal from satellite.
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Besides, can burn the power supply – when connected to the network, the screen flashes or does not turn on at all. In this case, a replacement or repair of the block is necessary.

If the receiver turns on, all the characters on the screen are lighting up, but there is no broadcast on the TV, it will be necessary to replace the motherboard or make flashing.

When the tuner malfunction must be replaced.

How to renovate?

Repair TV receivers after the warranty period is usually worth a decent money. If the guarantee is still valid, the seller must make diagnostics, eliminate breakdown or replace parts for free. If you have ended registration, you need to contact technical support for new activation.

However, it can also eliminate small breakdowns. First of all, it is necessary to determine the fault – most often it interference on the screen or inaccessible channels.

You can independently restore channel search, remove interference on the screen or replace the characters to the image, as well as correct the antenna cord and increase the sound.

To do this, you need to check the contact of entering the receiver and output from the converter, change the position of the satellite plates, restart the equipment and check the sound on the receiver and TV.

In addition, you can restore the power circuit. Most often this situation happens when the fuse burned down. It must be replaced, then check the input to the current and can be further watching TV.

All elements of the receiver can be checked for a short circuit, burned in this case should be replaced with new. When replacing it is important to act neatly, turning off the device from electricity, otherwise you can hit the current.

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If the status of the socket for connecting a television wire leaves much to be desired, there may be poor image quality. Replace the nest is much more complicated than everything else. In this case, it is better to turn to a professional.

If there are failures in the interface system, it takes a simple update. Usually, the instructions can be viewed on the infocanal.

Translation of the signal from the satellite check in the main menu, in the settings (manual search) on the level scale. If it shows zero percent, then the problem is. The reason for the lack of a signal may be a receiving device offset. Mounting with time can unscrew the position of the plate changes.

If the design is large, then the strong wind can also change the direction.

Switch on a satellite plate (a small box that has one output and several inputs) check for rust. The oxidized switcher must be replaced. This is the most fragile component of satellite equipment and the most vulnerable to moisture.

Check all cables. Connection locations Rotating and check for oxidation traces.

Tuner breakdown happens due to dust and dirt, mechanical damage. It must be cleaned and the device will continue to work.

In addition, the receiver can overheat long-term viewing or simply to be disconnected from the TV. If everything is in order, try to check if the service package paid. Preventive work can be carried out. There is nothing to do, you have to wait.

The receiver is quite complex multi-element device. Even the most reliable and high-quality equipment can break due to bad weather events and problems with electricity.

Serious work – replace software or firmware, repair of motherboard and expensive parts – you need to trust the master.

therefore If you have a dear digital prefix, then it is more expedient to give it into hand to the specialists of the service center. With specialized repair there are advantages. You are guaranteed for a certain period and establish all causes of damage.

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In the absence of due experience, you cannot be sure of the quality of your diagnosis and repair, so it’s better to contact a specialist. But if you definitely defined the problem, you can fix it within a few minutes.

To avoid breakdowns, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Install and connect equipment should only authorized personnel;
  • protect the prefix from mechanical damage;
  • not violate instructions for use.

On the general principles of repair of satellite tuners, see further.

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