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A beginner photographer is primarily facing the question of which models of cameras to give preference. Currently, specialized stores contain a large selection of the most diverse optical equipment, including systemic cameras. Our article introduces readers with the features of these devices, and also conducts an overview of the best cameras with which you can make interesting and high quality images.

What it is?

System Camera is a design consisting of removable modules. This means that the camera is the core of such a system, various main components are installed on the camera. First of all, these are lenses, so such a system implies a whole Park of replaceable optics. In addition, including such key modules may include:

  • viewfinder;
  • photo flashlights;
  • digital backs;
  • focusing screens;
  • Adapters, adapters and much more.

Systemic digital cameras can be both mirror and mirrorless.

Pros and cons

In the mirror chambers, sight and focus are carried out using a mirror installed at an angle of 45 degrees to the axis of the lens. As already mentioned, All optics in system cameras can be changed depending on the purposes and conditions of photography. Such devices have quite impressive sizes.

Mirror cameras have a number of advantages compared to firecall. First of all, this is fast autofocus – it is carried out using a directional light flux, which is reflected in the mirror and is sent to special sensors. Thus, in the “mirrors” the phase system of autofocus is implemented, the main advantages of which are high speed and tracking / predicative effect.

In addition, the strong sides of the “Slirlok” are:

  • high quality image;
  • Optical viewfinder through which a real-time object can be observed;
  • powerful batteries that give the ability to produce up to 3 thousand frames for 1 charging depending on the camera model;
  • Instant inclusion of the device, which is especially important for making photo reports or sports shooting;
  • Control of such a camera is carried out using a large set of buttons located directly on the device housing – you do not need to quickly understand the multi-level menu;
  • Embedded outbreak.

Of the main deficiencies of mirror cameras, several factors should be noted.

  • High cost of serious models.
  • Weight of such cameras can reach 2 kg.
  • Phase autofocus can create problems in the form of an inaccurate focus, which manifests itself on some lenses. And also using such an autofocus system, it is impossible to focus on the eyes or face of the object.
  • Lack of some modern opportunities. For example, an electronic shutter appeared in some recent models “Slirlock” leads to delays in the shooting and impossibility of sharing with flashes.
  • A large number of focus sensors, which leads to a time loss when setting up.

Mill-free chambers of the mirror function perform other elements of the design of these devices. For example, The sight can be carried out using an electronic viewfinder, and the focus system does not phase, but a contrast, at which the analysis obtained from the matrix of the picture and the search for a contrast image. Due to this, those inaccuracies focus, which are inherent in mirror cameras. In addition to the contrasting, the mirrorless cameras also use hybrid autofocus, eliminating the minuses of both previous.

By the way, a hybrid focus system is also introduced into some modern models “Slslok”.

Among the advantages of “Magniflower” can be allocated for several points:

  • Accurate focus with the ability to change the size, automatic focus on the face and eyes, much more;
  • Availability of new options and capabilities, so that you can make frames with non-standard angles, remove from the ground or from above, control via Wi-Fi;
  • compactness;
  • lack of vibrations when shooting, which allows you to get a more high-quality image;
  • Thanks to the absence of mirrors, work is performed almost silently;
  • high shooting speed;
  • long life.

Such models also have cons.

  • High cost of murmless cameras with new lenses, while the quality of optics is higher than that of the lenses of the mirror systems. Lens for mirror cameras are produced for a very long time, so their price is significantly lower.
  • Low speed autofocus. Problematically shooting fast moving objects, which is a significant associated minus for those who plan to perform the shooting of sports facilities, as well as animals and children. However, the latest models are developed taking into account this disadvantage, so such a technique has a fairly high autofocus speed.


All cameras with replaceable optics can be divided into:

  • Professional – more expensive advanced models equipped with the most advanced technologies and options;
  • Amateur cameras – with a standard set of functions that differ from a very high price;
  • Intermediate option – This type of technology provides special features to improve the quality of shooting.

Rating models

We will review the best models of system cameras, which, as already mentioned, can be mirror and mirrorless.

Actually There is no unambiguous opinion, which photo equipment should be considered better – mirror or digital – with the possibility of changing the lens, because each type of cameras has its own advantages and unique features.

but There are top models of both mirror and mirrorless devices that users and specialists stand out as the best, possessing wider capabilities capable of making pictures having the most beautiful colors.

Let’s start with the mirror technique:

  • Nicon D3300 – Digital Mirror Camera for beginners, the main advantages of which are compactness and low cost. The model is available in three colors: black, gray and red. Among the features of the camera -13 artistic effects, updated optics with a folding design, the ability to shoot in the dark, reduced energy consumption compared to the previous version of the product and much more.

  • Nicon D5500 – Another mirror camera for newcomers with the APS-C-matrix is ​​best suited for the conduct of sports filming, as well as 15 more plots: landscape, beach, twilight and other.

  • Sony Alpha 68 – Mirror Entry Camera with APS-C sensor, which has a convenient interface and focus speed.

The best murmless cameras are represented by several models:

  • OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1. This model has a weather sealer protecting the device from water, dirt and dust. This camera may be in the rain for 10 minutes, which is especially relevant for those who plan to perform shooting in wildlife. Ability to do up to 10 frames per second speaks for itself – the model has excellent high-speed autofocus, as well as high-quality image stabilization. All this is capable of providing high level photos. The hard case of the camera has quite large dimensions, so that all sorts of external control systems are easily located on it.

  • Panasonic GH3 – The best system camera for shooting video with excellent work of autofocus. Among the advantages of the model – ergonomics similar to the mirror photographic, the body with protection against water and dust, fast autofocus, high shooting speed, many different treatment options (noise cancellation, contrast, and so on), high shutter resource, built-in flash and much more.

Tips for choosing

To not be mistaken when choosing system photographic equipment, you carefully read all positive and negative moments inherent in different models.

Recommend to your capabilities and requirements for photography. Decide that it is more priority for you: convenience and compactness in combination with good photos or bulky, allowing you to get high-quality pictures.

And it is also necessary to deal with the price category of a model and choose the one that optimally combines such important characteristics as the price and quality.

What mirror cameras differ from mirrorless, look in the video.

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