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With the beginning of mass distribution of the Internet, many citizens managed to “bury” TVs as a class of technology, but TV manufacturers quickly caught trends and made their products universal, able to perform monitor functions for a computer or player for flash drives. Some people have long refused to watch TV channels, and from desktop PC as a cumbersome and inconvenient attribute of the recent past, but a TV for such a person is still relevant as a large screen, convenient for watching movies or sports broadcasts through Stringing Services.

At the same time, high-quality TV will help “pull out” even a medium film, but a classic “box” will ruin the impression even from the best movie. Probably one of the best solutions to the problem will be a modern TV from Samsung.


Most of the average consumers in the world do not like to go into the nuances of choosing a particular technology – it is often easier for them to blindly trust a manufacturer with high recognition and a decent reputation. It should be noted that in many cases this approach is partially justified – at least you can count on the reliability of the purchase and the impressive service life. When it comes to televisions (and many other types of household appliances), the Samsung brand turns out to be exactly the pleasant music in the buyer’s ears, which will force a person without a doubt to post the right amount for the units liked.

Samsung – This is a gigantic South Korean corporation with an annual turnover of a trillion dollars, founded in the late 30s of the last century. Already the fact that during this time the company not only disappeared anywhere, but also explicitly gained his capital, suggests that its employees perform their work responsibly and professionally. It should be noted that the activity of the brand actually concerns different areas, including even the automotive industry, construction, chemical industry and insurance, but all these industries are developing a firm mainly in Korea.

Around the world they know it mainly due to smartphones and TVs – it means that the company gets best.

It is the electronics that brings the corporations maximum incomes, and in our country the brand technique is so popular that in 2008 the company opened its own factory in Russia. To date, Samsung’s new TVs are a combination of high reliability with the most modern characteristics in terms of image display technology. The company’s model range is sufficiently diverse to meet the requests of each cointer, and the leading models will necessarily fall into different ratings of the best TVs and often head them.

Description of series and models

SAMSUNG TV manifold is so great that we decided to stay in our review only on the newest models of the manufacturer, who are all as one are built on the basis QLED technology. In essence, it is the same LCD TV, but working on quantum dots, which has reflected in the title, where Q is a quantum.

If you move away from unimprovandable physical terms for the manaron, it will turn out that it is a LED-TV, which is better than its more ancient plasma colleagues due to increased permission. The diagonal can remain similar, but the points even on a modest 22-24 inches are noticeably more, due to which the increased clarity of the image is achieved.

The technology is present on the market for several years, but still considered a very new. Actually, thanks to her, it was possible to produce 4k and even 8k monitors of relatively small sizes, like 28 inches, which have not been associated with outstanding image parameters a few years ago.

Today, even on such a TV, it is possible to enjoy 3D – for this, the monitor has such a modest dimensional dimensions almost close, but even the viewer will not notice individual points, and its impression from viewing will not deteriorate.

As for the resolution of HD, thenIn the new Samsung TVs, such a matrix is ​​no longer used as outdated, because even a pocket smartphone is now able to issue higher quality.

Given the stunning characteristics of fresh models of the company, it should be understood that TV, especially if it is larger than 40-42 inches, can cost impressive money – such a plasma can have a six-digit price tag. At the same time, judging by consumer reviews, it is worth it, and the quality of the picture should not even try to compare with more budget solutions. We decided to make a comparison only between new series, highlighting the differences between them and leading examples of the best.


This series is fair consider the most advanced and modern in the whole line – It is in it that the most “smart” TVs with a mass of functions, which for some decade ago it was impossible to dream. For example, Model Q90r – This is not just a TV with 4k, and a full-fledged modern gadget to display a different video content that allows you to do even without a remote control, since it is equipped with voice control. You can receive a signal from external sources of any types – here and Wi-Fi wireless protocols with Bluetooth, and a network cable connector, and an HDMI port, and a decoder to get a digital television signal.

The technique is already equipped with all the necessary codecs to understand all the common media formats. For convenience of consumers, the model diagonal allows the choice – there are models in 55, 65 and even 75 inches.

Toy, naturally, not cheap – price tags about 110-120 thousand rubles should not be surprised.

True, the real flagship should be considered another model – Q900r. Excess zealik easy to miss sights, but you will not confuse two TVs thanks to the price tags – this model is worth the breathtaking 3.5 million rubles! From the point of view of most technical characteristics of the difference with the previous model, there are no two fundamental differences: Q900R issues the most advanced permission to date 8k and has a space diagonal in 249 cm!

It is also worth mentioning the advanced set of wireless protocols, which are added to the miracast and widi. This TV is largely a step into the future, because today you will not find TV channels broadcasting in 8k, and the cinema in such a format is also a great rarity.

In view of this, some of the stunning characteristics of the expensive TV will simultaneously be disclosed yet.


This series today is no longer new, but it is impossible to say that the purchase of TV from its model range is any omission. A vivid example of her representative is TV Q80R – in all respects it is very similar to the Q90R described above, but it has a more modest price tag – in the region of 85-90 thousand rubles.

The picture will be the same 4K, and the principal difference consists only in one – the older model of the processor is somewhat weaker. This imposes some restrictions on you only if you plan to drive a “drawer” as a full-fledged universal gadget with installing third-party programs, and when watching TV channels or video from a flash drive, you will simply not notice.


This series was presented in 2018, and therefore it cannot be considered too new nor outdated. For example: in terms of technology, it is still quite relevant and approximately corresponds to newer models, but at the same time on the purchase can be saved a little due to the fact that such a TV cannot be considered flagship. Those who have always dreamed of buying a TV size with a wall, but not ready to spend millions of rubles for such technique, it is worth considering the purchase option Q77R with a diagonal of 208 cm.

A modern picky consumer could criticize such a TV for the fact that when it sizes, he is “just” 4k, and not 8k, but we understand that the last technology appeared just recently, and it is impossible to use it anyway, so to overpay it makes no sense. The two-meter version of the device will cost the consumer about 350 thousand rubles, and there are more compact analogs, up to 49 inches, for modest 50-55 thousand – speech about Q70R.


Today it is the oldest Samsung QLED TV line from those that have not yet been removed from sale. It is easy to assume that the most budget models can be found here, but the consumer who wants to get a maximum at the level of a decent gadget, such a purchase may not like – no matter how cool, these TVs have been developed a few years ago.

Model Q67r Modern observers consider several revalued – for not the most obvious reasons, it stands just more expensive than almost similar models of more than fresh series. Doubtful title of the most cheap brand TV claims Q60R, But from her more expensive and new colleagues The unit is distinguished by both reduced quality pictures, and a limited number of interfaces.

Serets of selection and main parameters

It is unlikely that anyone will doubt the quality of the TVs of the South Korean giant, but it does not mean that you should blindly choose any model and assume that you hit the point. There are general rules, following which will help consider their investment ideal. The first moment to pay attention is screen diagonal, which largely determines the cost of the “box”. Many buyers believe that it is more, the better, and in many ways it is.

Another thing is that you can be limited to the size of the room, and after all, too close the location to the giant screen will only lead to the fact that you cannot fully cover the whole picture. On the brand website, it is not clearly said that the optimal distance from the screen is that the display takes 40 degrees of your horizon. To find your perfect diagonal, think from what distance you will watch and movies, and share this figure by 1.2.

For small rooms, where it is impossible to retire from TV more than one and a half meters, 43 inches will be a ceiling opportunity.

It is important to remember that the screen diagonal does not describe the size of the housing, and in reality the TV may be even larger – Buyer must make sure that the acquisition will fit there, where it is planned to put. If it seems that a huge plasma does not fit into the classic (or any other) interior, give preference to interior models – they are able to portray the specified picture or even act in the best traditions of chameleon, disguised as a wall!

Also note that a large diagonal with a small resolution is money for wind. Whatever size is a picture, it consists of separate points, the area of ​​which is significantly different. All sorts of Full HD is because they came out of fashion that on large diagonals these points becomes visible to the naked eye, and the picture is crushed. 4K, and even more so 8k this problem is solved and allow you to enjoy the picture even on a two-meter screen – but provided that the source signal supports such permission.

In general, by purchasing a TV from Samsung, if possible, rate the dynamic image mode in the store, that is, the ability of the purchased TV brightly display the colors even with a powerful lighting of the room. The brand is known for the fact that it works productively on solving this problem, but you can not doubt that in some models, white and other shades can be slightly less saturated than that of the representatives of a newer series.

Considering how many different functions today possesses modern TV, Ask for the seller the presence of an intelligent or even sensory console for a specific model.

If the console is equipped with separate custom buttons, you can give a lot to give the team gadget and significantly simplify the use of the device for those people who, in principle, are not friends with modern appliances.

User manual

Although we are the generation that familiar with the TVs since childhood, the new Samsung models are much more complex samples of technology whose opportunities you just do not open completely without preliminary readinginstructions. Make it necessary before you decide to fix the bracket on the wall or will attach to TV legs – you see, it will be a pity if the dear TV will fall due to the error of the self-confident owner. By installing the TV to the bracket, it is worth removing the table stand, and this also need to be able to. In the same instructions, it is described in detail how to connect the power supply, the console or computer, and if it is necessary – then the microphone that is useful for communication through video program programs.

If you understand the mount, it is still intuitive, as well as turn on TV, then in the ability of the control panel is also the most reasonable to go into instructions in hand. To begin with, playing with color settings so that the parameters of the displayed picture correspond to the manufacturer’s recommendations and your wishes. After that, it is necessary Create your own account operating system for entering the application store, or logged in the system if you already have an account.

Next, you can download various software available from the Internet, thanks to which you actually get a modern tablet with a huge screen and you can use TV for video calls, viewing the same YouTube or receiving an IPTV signal for foreign channels.

At the same time, Samsung products are not deprived of both functions that are considered classic for TV. Love to fall asleep under the television – you can put Timer sleep, Which after a while will pay off “Blue Screen”. Have access to some channels whose content is undesirable for minors – set up parental control and enjoy. Some channels and the same YouTube allow Translation of subtitles – They can be enabled, if it is more convenient to watch the transmission in the unfamiliar language, or disable if they interfere.

The description of all these features with available commands is also contained in the instructions, and the management of the model to the model may vary, so it should not be reed only for your own preliminary experience. In the end, Samsung TV, like any other “smart” gadget, is able to clog its own cache over time, which adversely affects its performance.

Clear memory using the console is easy, but in older TVs you obviously did not do it, so that you will also help the instruction manual for a specific model.

Possible malfunctions

Like the prevailing majority of modern electronics manufacturers, Samsung does not welcome the attempt to independently repair the factories, especially since the Russian network of authorized service centers is extensive enough to solve problems for you. In essence, the only problem that can be tried to solve independently – this is when the TV does not respond to the remote, But even then in this case, the user is recommended only to change the batteries or try to replace the console itself, without disassembled it nor TV.

Any more serious problem that requires an autopsy of the unit of the unit, implies a mandatory appeal to authorized specialists. If the sound disappeared, and dark stripes or stains appeared on the screen, some owners may have a temptation to appeal to “folk crafts”, because so cheaper. In view of the complexity of modern gadgets, in particular Samsung televisions, such an intervention may end up with a deplorable for technology, which before such interference still has been subject to repair.

For this reason, any unauthorized opening of the hull means the automatic end of the warranty for goods.

Review reviews

User Comments on Samsung TVs on various forums are predictable are predominantly positive – It is not for nothing about the existence of such equipment knows absolutely every person in our country. Regardless of the methods of using the TV, whether it is classic viewing of a telecast or installing applications from the store with the transformation into a full-fledged gadget, two are considered the main qualities – two – Stunning picture with decent sound and good durability. Of course, televisions of any company are early or later break, but if the owner does not want to change an old unit to a newer, it can always be surrendered to repair – a technological giant opened a lot of authorized service centers throughout the country.

However, Samsung TVs are not just another good “drawer”, and the abundance of modern technologies, allowing to talk about the transformation of technology and its output for the usual framework. The newest models today support voice commands and allow you to connect to the Internet directly both wired and wireless – and therefore combines the features of the TV and monitor. At the same time, in any system unit, they do not need, and therefore, they are independent gadgets, allowing a person in principle to do without a computer and tablet.

Interior models are capable even to more – in the form turned off, they can show the “fireplace”, that is, they perform the functions of another popular modern device. All this can not not cause delight from consumers.

Justice for sake, look and minus, although more than one cannot find. Price about price – being the most advanced on the market, South Korean TV predictably do not cost cheap. Not too picky consumer can really give preference to cheaper Chinese products, but then it should be ready for the fact that it will not be able to count on corporate quality, and the functionality will certainly be cut off.

Video review 8 SAMSUNG 2020 TVs You can see in the video below.

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