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    Modern climate machinery is quite diverse, and recently complexes are becoming increasingly more popular that combine a large number of functions. With their help, the device can monitor air performance in detail in a fairly large area. Today we will talk about PHILLIPS climatic complexes.


    All models of this manufacturer support Operating mode 2 in 1, When the air is not only cleaned, but also moistened. This function is most useful in winter when the air becomes dry due to the operation of the heating system. Imaging the humidity and cleaning space in the room, the likelihood of colds is noticeably reduced.

    Another feature is High degree of air purification due to 4-level filtration systemand. In the first level, large particles are captured, for example, lumps of dust, wool, fluff or hair.

    At the second level using The coal filter is cleaning air from gases and unpleasant odors. At the next stage, the system begins to function Nanoprotect, The meaning of which is the cleansing of the air from very small particles of dust, dirt, mold and bacteria. The effectiveness of this type of filtering is so much so that it prevents the content in the air particles up to 0.003 microns.

    Final stage filtering represents the work of the moisturizing element. Rooms with high humidity are less favorable medium for the spread of bacteria. During the operation of all components of the filtration system, air is cleared to 99.7%.

    Speaking about the features, it is worth mentioning about testing technologies of this technology. Air quality recognition sensors were compared with an infrared industrial sensor, and dust and antibacterial filters worked with sterilized water in which bacteria and viruses were located.

    Also tests for Cleaning from sodium chloride. After the completion of the procedure, all third-party particles were eliminated. In addition, the filtering system can cope with an elevated level of mineral substances in the air, due to which white spots may appear on the furniture. In the process of wet cleaning, they disappear.

    All characteristics declared by the manufacturer are drawn up Laboratory studies, which are confirmed by independent organizations. But the fact is that in your room there may be a layout that differs from the standard layout of the rooms in which tests were carried out.

    Despite this, the difference in characteristics will not be so significant, so it is not necessary to fear undergraded parameters.

    Main functions

    As in the complex built in many different functions, That is, the need for an energy-saving mechanism, which will reduce the cost of equipment. As a result, the total consumption of electricity will not exceed 1 kW per hour.

    AERASENSE technology Allows the owner of the climate station to find out what the level of allergens content in the room. This level is denoted by a scale from 1 to 12, and you can see it on the display. It also displays all information about the current state of air.

    Even minor changes are immediately detected by the AERASENSE system and are displayed on the front of the device.

    There are 3 modes of operation: Standard, Allergens Detention Mode and Night.

    In the first case All components of the complex work on the usual speed, noise from the equipment does not exceed the stated indicators, the backlight of various display icons is activated.

    Allergens Detention Mode at full power Activates air filtration systems and air humidification. This type of work is preferable when the room has accounted for some time without cleansing the bacteria, and the air has become quite dry. During the procedure of maximum humidification, it is desirable that there is no one in the room, because a sharp difference in humidity can entail deterioration.

    Night mode Creates conditions for the most quiet operation of the complex. To lower the noise level, all fans work on the minimum permissible speed so that residents do not have discomfort during sleep.

    All illumination and display is also turned off, which allows not only to eliminate unnecessary light effects, but also reduce electricity consumption.

    Among other things, for models are provided Transport wheels, Thanks to which you will not need to raise the phillips climatic complex completely. As for the setting of basic functions, there are presets for 40, 50 and 60 percent of the total air mass.

    If users have not served a cleaning system for a long time, then it will be inflation Light indicators. They will tell you that it is time to clean the filters of pre-cleaning and moisturizing.

    To do this, you can only rinse them under running cold water.

    Review models

    Phillips AC2721

    Air purifier with moisture for this complex designed for 30 kV. M, Therefore, we can say that this unit is more suitable for the apartment, rather than for a large house or plot. There are 3 previously mentioned operation modes, a 4-speed filtration system is built.

    Moisturizing performance is 500 ml / hour, purification performance – 250 cubic meters. m / hour. On the control panel, the user can not only select the modes you need, but also set the timer to start the device. Embedded sensors for collecting information about the level of pollution, humidity and gases in the air.

    Cleaning efficiency from bacteria – 99.9%, from pollen and microparticles – 99.97%. Filters are in each other in special compartments, thanks to which you will be enough to remove them and rinse.

    With regard to other characteristics, the level of noise is an important parameter. He, first of all, depends on the mode of operation and settings of the complex. The higher the fan speed, the louder will work the unit. It is also necessary to remember that foreign sounds can appear when any items are near the complex and come into contact with it.

    Maximum noise level – 50 dB with a large number of fan turns. On average, the indicator is 30-40 dB. If during operation AC2721 you are discomfort and cannot concentrate, you can use night mode, which will make the device much quieter.

    Powered through a network with a voltage of 220-240 V, length of the cord – 1.8 m. The frequency of work is 50 Hz, all used filters can be purchased separately from the manufacturer if the existing things have been faulty.

    White body is made of ABS plastic, which is solid enough and resistant to minor damage.

    Philips AC3829 / 10

    More powerful analogue of the previous model. The main advantage and honors from this complex from others is the work area, which is 80 kV. M. Naturally, to ensure air purification on a fairly large area, more powerful characteristics are required.

    As for basic functions, they remained the same. This is obtaining information on the level of air pollution, the content of various microparticles, gases and dust in it. For small particles and pollen, the indicator is 99.97%, and for bacteria – 99%. The basis of working with air is to eliminate the microbes of the influenza virus and saturation of the room with sufficient levels of humidity, due to which the bacteria will spread as slowly.

    Among the changed characteristics should be said about Cleansing performance, which is 310 cube. m / hour. The performance of moisturizing has also changed, because it has increased to 600 ml / h compared with the previous complex. There are presets for moisture mode. To carry out movement, the unit is equipped with 4 wheels.

    Embedded 3 basic operation modes, The design feature is an aerodynamic design that uses holes on the rear panel increases air purification efficiency. Fan equipped 4 speeds, among which 3 are basic settings, And the latter can be adjusted.

    You can also turn off Air Alert Alerts, If it is not needed. It is possible to set a timer with a maximum delay to 9 hours. Complex control is carried out through the touch panel, on which all the necessary buttons are presented.

    Another important part of the interface is Display with which you can get information about the current level of air pollution. The network voltage required for the complex is 220-240 V, frequency – 50-60 Hz, power cord length – 1.8 m.

    The case of the model is made of ABS plastic.


    Another device from the line of climatic complexes from Philips is a model AC3821. This complex combines power and convenience, which is confirmed by characteristics. The most important function is to clean the air from a large number of harmful substances, among which dust, small particles, air pollutants, gases, wool, hair and bacteria.

    Pollen elimination efficiency – 99.97%, bacteria – 99.9%, formaldehyde – 95.6%. All replaceable filters can be purchased from the manufacturer. Frequency -50 Hz, voltage – 220-240 V, cord length – 1.8 m. The maximum noise level is 50 dB, power – 45 W.

    Workspace – 37 kV. M, which is a little more than the first model presented. Moisturizing performance – 600 ml / h, for cleansing this indicator reaches 310 cubic meters. m / hour.

    Built the timer, the case is made of white ABS plastic.

    How to choose?

    If you want to competently choose the device, then first decide for what needs you need a climatic complex. The essence of these models is that they are not only cleaned, but also moisturize the air. If you need only one function, then overpay for the rest there is no meaning.

    As for the choice specifically between these 3 devices, there is an important role here Square of the room. For example, Philips AC 3829/10 It is better suitable for industrial premises, large houses and cottages, where elevated power levels and cleaning system are needed.

    If we are talking about aggregates for the apartment, it will be completely cope Philips AC 3821 and 2721. Their advantage is the smaller noise level, which is preferable to a smaller area. The technical base of the entire model range is about the same, in this plan there is no significant distinctive features.

    Of course, an important criterion is price. Among the models of other manufacturers, the cost of phillips climatic complexes may seem slightly higher, but this is compensated by a multistage air purification system that is very effective.

    PHILIPS AC4080 Climatic Complex Overview You can watch video.

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