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When buying a camera that does not know the appearance of the device and checks its photographic qualities. But this is not the most important characteristics. First of all, it is necessary to check the wear (mileage of internal mechanisms). This is especially true of used cameras. But, unfortunately, even in specialized sales points, sellers may produce used apparatus for new. Somewhere tapping the case, perhaps change some details, and most importantly – glued protective stickers. With high-quality restoration, it is impossible to identify hints for old age. Therefore, it remains only to check the mileage.

What it is?

The design of modern cameras can not be called durable. The body of the devices can be cracked with a random drop from the height of human growth, and the internal contents and speak. If suddenly one of the order comes out at least one detail, the mechanical “body” camera stops working. Even the minimum breakdown breaks up a clear sequence of camera actions. That is why manufacturers recommend manifesting accuracy relative to the camera, do not even throw it on a soft surface.

This nuance of operation is known to everyone, but the knowledge of how to test the mileage of the camera, speak a few. In this case, we are talking about the valuation resource. The shutter is an element of a camera that regulates the duration of the light effect on the matrix. When you press the shutter button, the opening of the mechanism occurs, the light falls through it, after which the hole is closed. This time process is a fraction of a second.

For what is needed?

The mileage indicator of the camera (used the shutter resource) gives users to understand what state is the device. This information allows a person to find out how often the apparatus used former owners. Equally based on the experience of specialists and lovers of art photos, we can safely say that 50 thousand activations in mirror cameras and 100 thousand in professional chambers the shutter mechanism with all its constituents begins to give some failures. For example, sticks out or triggered after a few seconds.

In general, the knowledge of the camera’s mileage is needed by professional photographers who are ready to acquire devices not only new, but also an old sample. The new models will show a maximum of 25 shutter mechanisms, while in consuming cameras, this indicator may exceed 10 thousand. And if the camera was used very often, then the likelihood is great that the acquired device will soon have to be submitted.

When assessing the state of the run, it is important to take into account in what conditions the camera worked. The operation method is largely affected by the camera mechanism.

Mirror models with a spent resource in 200 thousand used only in studios, 90% better than devices with less mileage operated in street conditions.

How to find out?

To find out the camera’s mileage, you need to go to the device manufacturer’s website, find the desired model and see its detailed characteristics. You can also go to special forums where detailed reviews are provided from the holders of cameras of different models. They will be reported more accurately, which is capable of the model of the camera.

Next, it is proposed to get acquainted with the methods of checking the scant’s resource in cameras from different manufacturers. To begin with, consider the chambers of the most famous brands in photoendustry: Nikon and Pentax. Of course, these are different manufacturers, but there is something in common between them. On the data of the data of the brands, you can see the scant’s resource in EXIF ​​data that includes each frame. There are also many programs for checking the run online. Just download the last frame made.

The most popular program is considered exiftool. It can be installed on computers with Windows and Mac. After installation, you must open the command line, go to Exiftool Source_jpeg_file type. JPG, find the “Exposure Counter” and replace Source_JPEG_FILE. jpg on frame name from camera. Most often, the name of the frame is the numbers in which the date of creation of the picture and the exact time is encrypted. After replacing on the desktop screen, a window appears with a number indicating the number of valves made.

Determine the shutter mileage on the CANON brand cameras are much more complicated. Their system is not designed to show the resource used, and the programs on the Internet in this issue will not be able to help. However, there are several computer applications that allow you to get detailed information about CANON cameras. The EosInfo application has been created for Windows, for the MAC OS, a 40D Shutter Count mini-program has been developed. To use applications, it is enough to connect the chamber to the PC and activate the program.

Another method of checking may seem very difficult. It is necessary to find the service center of this brand and diagnose the device there. However, the verification program of specialists issues more accurate information. The third method of checking is to install in the firmware of the Camera Special Program Magic Lantern. It not only provides the user with information about the shutter run, but also gives the chamber with many additional functions.

In the chambers of brands Olympus and Panasonic, find out the information about the mileage is easy. All models are equipped with a built-in appointment of the number of shutoffs. Just getting into his menu is not so easy. You will need to press a few buttons, which can remind gamers input chit.

Application activation sequence in Olympus cameras:

  1. activate the chamber;
  2. Open the memory card compartment;
  3. Press Play and OK at one moment;
  4. Press the dial in the order “up, down, left and right”;
  5. Press the shutter button;
  6. Click the Up button on the dial.

Sequence of application activation in Panasonic chambers:

  1. You must insert a memory card into the corresponding slot;
  2. Turn on the camera and capture any frame;
  3. disable the camera;
  4. Select manual use mode;
  5. Press and hold the Q button at one moment. MENU / FN2, DISP / FN1 and the Right Arrow, including the camera;
  6. Next you need to press and hold the Q buttons. MENU / FN2, MENU / SET and the “Left” arrow;
  7. After clamping a combination on the camera, a two-page display of the history of operations will arise;
  8. the DISP / FN1 button switches the page of the information menu;
  9. The number of PWRCNT is the number of camera inclusions, the number of SHTCNT is a shutter response rate, the number of STBCNT is the number of flash responses;
  10. To return to normal operating mode, you need to turn off and enable the chamber.

Sony cameras also do not differ simplicity of viewing information about the shutter resource. To view this data will have to use free online programs. However, users note that checking the characteristics of the camera through Exiftool more convenient. That’s just compatible, it is not with all models of Sony cameras.

Tips for specialists

To learn the mileage of the camera, it is important to get acquainted with some recommendations of professional photographers and specialists in photoindustry. First of all, you need to carefully inspect the appearance of the camera. And this applies not only to devices, used, but also new devices.

Unfortunately, even in specialized points of sale can be purchased under the guise of the new camera old, renovated model.

The presence of scratches and scuffs on the body of the acquired cameras speaks of its active operation. BUT The presence of chips suggests that the previous owners threw and threw the device. With such flaws of the housing, the probability that the internal “filling” of the camera works on the last sip. Accordingly, the purchase of such cameras should be refused. Otherwise you will have to invest in the repair of the device, and this is the cheapest pleasure.

After examining the case of the camera, you need to know its mileage. As mentioned earlier, when the frame is captured, the shutter mechanism is triggered, which after a certain amount of activations fails. The number of operations of this mechanism and is the mileage of the camera.

You can determine the balance of the shutter resource in several ways. For example, take a laptop to the transaction with the Internet access. By downloading the necessary program or finding it online, it will be possible to identify full information regarding the technical characteristics of the camera.

Another option – check the integrated camera meter data. To do this, it is enough to turn on the camera, go to the photo mode and look at the bottom right angle of the display. These figures indicate the number of images made by the device. The greater the difference between the resource specified in the camera’s frequency and the specified number of frames created, the better. Speaking with simple words, with amateur shooting fixed by the manufacturer, the mileage will be over soon.

But this method of testing a resource exists several nuances:

  • system failure provoking the reset of the meter;
  • The seller can twist the indicator by hacking the camera system or replacing the shutter.

How to find out the mileage of the Canon camera, look in the following video.

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