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The importance of arrangement of the hallway can not be underestimated, because it is this space that creates an initial impression of the house and its owners. Even the smallest hall should not be faceless and boring. Furniture objects will help to decorate the objects in the popular Loft style, such as shoes with a brutal character inherent in this area.


The main purpose of this element of the interior is to accommodate the required number of shoes and maintain order in the corridor. Scattered on the floor shoes and shoes create a feeling of non-accuracy, litterness, and dust and dirt from street shoes are spread all over the apartment. Shoes preferably hide from pets that can damage it. A set of guest slippers, shoe creams and other cosmetics for leather goods should also be stored somewhere. Ideally, if the furniture copes with all these tasks. Functionality depends on the size and design, but all Loft style shoes combine general features:

  • They have simple geometric shapes;
  • Natural materials are dominated in them (metal, wood, concrete) or imitation;
  • There is no excess decor: panels on facades, carved and stucco parts.


Shoe storage systems are 2 types: open and closed. Closed shoes on the mechanism of fastening the doors are divided into types:

  • Cabinets, cabinets, dressers with swing doors;
  • with hinged doors by 35-90 ° – such a design is called “Slim” or a galoshnya;
  • with sliding door coupe.

Outdoor furniture can be made in the form of rack, couch, shelves, stands with light metal shelves (straight or inclined). Models without doors are most often designed for a small number of pairs, which is used in the current season, so they look compact and suitable for small-sized apartments with a small hall. In the wardrobe, such open systems can occupy the entire wall and accommodate an extensive shoe collection. Pluses without doors: Shoes are ventilated, you can quickly get it. Cons: Boots dust, are constantly in sight, available for animal order.

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Open stand usually consists of 2-5 tiers. Well, when the distance between the shelves is prudently made different: narrow for low shoes and large when it is intended for boot.

One of the varieties of shoes – a banquette. It is a cross between a bench and a bed, a chest. On the surface it is convenient to put bags or sit down to comfortably go. The seat is often made soft and cubs with cloth or skin. Such a model can be open or equipped with doors.

The shoes are often made by combined: in one product, open shelves and closed compartments are adjacent. Pretty overall, but multifunctional hallway furniture – hanger, wall mirror, umbrella holder, combined with shoe table or shelves.


Loft style involves the use of materials that cause associations with old factory facilities, with spacious industrial workshops. Therefore, for furniture in this style, including for shoes, applies:

  • Metal: profile pipe, steel plumbing pipes, perforated metal, mesh;
  • Tree: barn board, artificially aged tinted pine, packing boxes with logos prints, old warehouse pallets;
  • Concrete, most often unprocessed, with varying degrees of invoice: from smooth to rough;
  • MDF, LDSP with texture pattern.

Loftware shoes due to style features Looks expressive with open shelves. Industrial character is visible in the “naked” metal frame, because in industrial spaces it is not customary to hide beams, pipes and other structural elements.

The most chassis model: a small rack with a base of a square pipe, primed and painted in black, and wooden coated with mourn or shelf oil. Designer furniture studios represent many options using pipeline parts: couplings, fittings, cranes and plugs become original style elements. Easy and aircraft, the system of mesh steel shelves and interestbred baskets.

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Bluckies on a metal frame are stable and durable. The same can be said about products with lightweight concrete. Since the cabinets and cabinets using this building material can be found only in some furniture studios, the access can be purchased furniture from chipboard with lamination, imitating concrete texture. To cover the soft seating at the shoes-banquette in Loft style perfectly suitable fabric-rohogenesis, flat canvas, artificial leather embossed.

Stylish and unique piece of furniture can be made independently of the boxes, boards, pallets, just with the help of jigsaw and screws. Wood can be left untreated, but it is better to paint in shades of gray or coat with butter, wax, protective impregnation. So the junction will be easier to care.

Beautiful examples

Interesting examples are many.

  • Elementary design, dark gray or black metal profile pipe and wood or MDF – one of the most budget options for loft style lovers.

  • Even a non-professional is available for the manufacture of a jacket-stand without a metal frame of old boards, drawers or discontinued pallet pallets.

  • Designer model AVALYNE: Shelves made of pine barn boards treated with tinting oil and wax. Metal basis: water-gas pipes and cast iron fittings.

  • Closed cabinet reliably hide shoes from attempted (literally) pets pets.

  • The chic version with the mesh steel doors solves the problem of ventinging your favorite sneakers.

  • Three in one: shoes-bench, combined with hanger.

  • The rack from the set of mesh shelves is easy to care, and it does not obscure the main loft style attribute: textured brick walls.
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  • Cushion from canvas soften the brutality of welded metal design.

In the next video, it is described about how to make Loftware.

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