All about HP printers

Currently, the products of the well-known company-producer HP are becoming increasingly popular in the current market. This firm produces, including high-quality and convenient printers. In the assortment, anyone can see a variety of models of such equipment. Today we will talk about their main features and characteristics.


HP brand printers are distinguished by high levels of quality and durability. The company produces both black and white and color models. It also specializes in the release of modern laser devices. Products of this manufacturer are equipped with a large number of optional features. Same, As a rule, the auxiliary elements (cables, adapters, printed goods kits) are in one set with the technique.

The set has a detailed manual.

The lineup

Specialized stores present a variety of printers manufactured by HP. All of them can be divided into two large groups: black and white and colored.


This category includes the following popular models of printers.

  • Color LaserJet Professional CP5225DN (CE712A). This printer refers to the laser type. It can print on A3 media. The total weight of the technique reaches 50 kilograms. The sample is designed for desktop placement, despite significant sizes and weight. The actual print speed is 20 prints in one minute at any color. At the same time, the first imprint will be made after only 17 seconds of work. Color printing of the device is built on a four-color standard model using a certain number of individual cartridges. The dimension of trays is 850 sheets (auto feed tank), 350 sheets (standard), 250 sheets (output), 100 sheets (manual feed). Among the main advantages of this model, you can select the maximum format, a combination of high level of productivity and speed, as well as an attractive and accurate appearance. Among the disadvantages – possible problems with drivers. The product has a rather high cost.

  • DesignJet T520 914 mm (CQ893E). This widescreen printer with maximum format A0. Principle of printing for this technique thermal, inkjet, full color. The total weight of the model reaches 27.7 kilograms. Most often the product is installed on the floor. Convenient control panel is made with a color liquid crystal screen. Its size is 4.3 inches. Color image is obtained by combining ink four standard shades (each of its specific cartridge). At the same time, black paint is a pigment, color paint – water-soluble. You can take ordinary paper as a carrier for such a printer, and the model can also be used as a photo printer, in this case the carriers will be special films and photographic.

The product is characterized by a high speed of work, excellent quality made images. Connecting from a sample of a wireless type.

  • Color LaserJet Pro M452DN. This color printer A4 format has a rather high level of performance. It has a lot of almost 19 kilograms and is intended for desktop placement. The model has a duplex regime that allows you to produce bilateral printing on media. For one minute, the technique is able to make 27 prints of any color. In this case, the first copy will be issued after only 9 seconds. Capacity of each individual cartridge reaches 2.3 thousand pages. Connecting the sample can be carried out using USB or simply on the local network. The product is distinguished by a neat and beautiful design, simplicity of configuration, favorable price.

  • Color LaserJet Pro M254NW. This laser printer has a mass of 13.8 kilograms. It implies a desktop location. Color images appear on the basis of a four-color base model. For one minute the device is able to make 21 copies. The first imprint appears 10.7 seconds after the start of work. The printer provides duplex mode. The model assumes both a wired connection using a local network or USB and a wireless connection by Wi-Fi.
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  • Ink Tank 115. This modern model is made with SRSH. The printer is issued with dynamic safety support. It is used to work with cartridges that are equipped with a special electron microcircuit HP. Similar items from other manufacturers can not be supported by technology. The maximum load on the printer for the month is only 1000 pages of A4 format. The creation model is equipped with a comfortable symbolic-type liquid crystal screen with seven segments. This sample has inkjet thermal printing technology on media. The model can be attributed to the group of mobile small printers. Its mass is only 3.4 kilograms.

This portable model will be an excellent option for home use.

  • Deskjet 2050. Technique refers to the group of budget jet models. It performs features such as printing, copying and scanning. Black and white printing speed is up to 20 sheets per minute, for color – up to 16 sheets per minute. Load per month should not exceed 1000 pages. Total product provides two cartridges (color and black). The input tray can accommodate up to 60 pages at the same time. The total mass of the sample is 3.6 kilograms.

Black and white

The following printers of this brand can be attributed to this product category.

  • LaserJet Enterprise M608DN. The model is high-performance enough, it is used to work in large offices. The nominal noise of the printer during operation is 55 dB. In one minute the model can make 61 copy. At the same time, the first imprint will appear after 5-6 seconds. The sample is equipped with a special automatic reservoir for supplying consumables. Connect the printer through the local network or via USB to a computer. LaserJet Enterprise M608DN is characterized by the highest speed, excellent combination of quality and small cost.

  • LaserJet Pro M402DW. This model can be attributed to the category of medium-producing products. The maximum load on the device is 80 thousand. copies in one month. The noise of the device during operation reaches 54 dB. For one minute he is able to make 38 copies. The first sheet will be ready in 5-6 seconds after the start of work. The device has an automatic sheet feed tank. Its container can simultaneously accommodate up to 900 sheets. Connecting such a printer can be both wired through the local network and wireless. The sample when creating is equipped with a powerful processor.

  • LaserJet Ultra M106w. The printer is suitable for a small office. In one month the device is able to make up to 20 thousand. copies. Maximum power consumption in working condition is only 380 W. The noise of the model reaches 51 dB. The sample is produced with a special built-in chip that is able to automatically count printed pages. The tank for automatic feeding accommodates 160 sheets of paper immediately. Included only three cartridges. LaserJet Ultra M106W is characterized by compactness and ease, its weight is 4.7 kilograms.

  • LaserJet Pro M104W. The device refers to the budget group. It has a modest performance (a month to 10 thousand. copies). Energy consumption by model in working condition reaches 380 W. Noise level is 51 dB. Input tray accommodates up to 160 sheets of paper. The product has a wireless connection type.

  • LaserJet Enterprise 700 Printer M712DN (CF236A). This printer is considered the most powerful and high-performance of the entire range of black and white copies. He is also the most expensive. Maximum format for the apparatus – A3. Electricity consumption is 786 W. Sound effect is 56 dB. For one minute, the device makes 41 copy. The first page is issued in almost 11 seconds. Consumables Capacity can accommodate 4600 pieces at once. As a processor, a special chip is used, the frequency of which reaches 800 MHz. The memory of the standard equipment is 512 MB. LaserJet Enterprise 700 Printer M712DN (CF236A) is characterized by the highest speed of work compared to the rest of the models, the capitride, which avoids problems with the rewross.
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Separately, it is worth noting innovative printers without cartridges. Today, the brand releases the model Neverstop Laser. This laser device has a fast toner refueling function. At the same time, downtime is minimal. The main part of the sample is made of high-quality plastics. One refueling such printer will be enough for 5000 pages. Rewater takes only about 15 seconds. The model can print and scanning also through a special mobile application.

HP Smart Tank MFP is also an apparatus without cartridges. The sample has the option of continuous automatic ink supply. It is equipped with a built-in sensor that shows the level of pigment. The device has a function of copying information immediately on both sides of the sheet per one. Assortment and HP Latex Latex Samples. The main difference from other standard models is consumables.

The paint for such printers includes a synthesized polymer, paint, which consists of water from water.

How to use?

In one set to the printer, a detailed instruction, from which you can find out how to turn on the device correctly and how to use it. Also there are prescribed notation for all buttons. In addition to the on and off keys, the technique is usually located and the button to cancel print, make a photocopy, print on both sides. These options can be found in the computer connected to the device.

After connecting to another technical apparatus, install drivers. This is done so that the printer itself can be recognized by the computer operating system. After that you need to configure printing. To do this, the computer opens “Start”, there you need to find the “Printers” section. Then you need to click on the icon on the icon of this device, select the file to be printed, and set the necessary print parameters. If you bought a new printer, then first to check the test page.

How to serve?

So that the printer is able to serve you without breakdowns for a long time, you need to comply with some maintenance rules for this technique.


To make the cleaning of the laser printer, you need to prepare dry clean napkins in advance, a small soft bruster for paint, cotton wool, special liquid. First, the technique is disconnected from the network, and then wipe the body of the product. Later extracted cartridge. Toner inside it can be accurately pulled out with a vacuum cleaner. To do this, you can use simple cotton. For all visible items should be a tassel.

Plastic parts of the cartridge also need to wipe a little wet cloth. After drying, it is better to get a vacuum cleaner. At the end, clean the phototrabane and waste containers. If you have an inkjet printer, then you will need to pull out all the cartridges and carefully clean them.

When carrying out such procedures, check the condition of air filters. If they start clogged, the print quality will be much worse.


To begin with, check the level of pigment in the printer. When the paints remain a little or when she dried, it’s time to change the materials. If you have a laser instance and you use to rewrite a toner, then pick a substance clearly on its marking. Before refueling, be sure to turn off the device from the socket and remove the cartridge. Using a screwdriver, the bolts are neatly turned off, which secure the back cover in the cartridge. Then you need to get a photocell. It is a small detail of a cylindrical form. Next, you need to remove the magnetic shaft and divide the cartridge into two parts (toner and the hopper with a working out). The whole trash that stayed is cleaned.

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The bunker is cleaned from the old toner. After removing the protective cover on one of the side parts, you can find a special path. In it and you need to fix powder. Before this, the container with the substance should be fine. Later a hole for refueling tightly closed with a lid.


If you reset the printer, a quick discharge of the amount of printed sheets on the chip will occur. As a rule, in the service manual, you can find a step-by-step algorithm for resetting the device. First you need to carefully remove the ink tank and insert it back.

Some models provide for a special button for this, while holding it within a few seconds.

Possible troubleshooting

Despite the fact that HP printers have a high level of quality, in some models in the process of operation, certain breakdowns may occur. So, such devices quite often print empty pages, problems appear due to the fact that sheets are stuck. Many printers can knock paper, jams appear later, the continuous ink supply system is often broken. To independently address the troubleshooting, you need to make sure that the device is connected to the power supply. Also look at the USB connection, thanks to which the computer sees the device. Open the control panel through the computer and check the settings. You can restart the technique.

If the problem is associated with the supply of coloring substances or the printer prints with yellow stripes, it is better to carefully disassemble cartridges. In this case, air filtering parts can be contaminated; All the trained garbage should be removed. If the printer does not turn on at all, then it is better to contact support, where it will help to eliminate malfunction.

Proper and timely maintenance of technology will allow the possibility of breakdown to a minimum.

Review reviews

Many buyers have noted a high level of quality of printers of this brand. The devices allow you to quickly print in various modes. In addition, some models make it possible to print important documents through smartphones. Among the advantages was also noted that many models of such printers have small dimensions and weights. They are most often used for home.

They can be easily transferred if necessary, while small models also allow you to make high-quality and fast printing. Some users spoke of a convenient and simple management of such printers, high-quality scanning, acceptable value. Many brand samples relate to the budget category.

Most devices are equipped with a convenient touchscreen display. It allows you to make management more convenient for the user. Positive feedbacks have earned a wireless connection to other devices, convenient HP technical support. At the same time, consumers noted some essential flaws, including rapid overheating of products during regular and long printing. They can slowly work. In this case, the technique should be left for several minutes, stopping work.

In addition, products are equipped with only one color cartridge, because of this, it is necessary to change the entire cartridge immediately, even if only one of the colors ended.

In the next video, you will find a detailed review of the HP Neverstop Laser 1000W.

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