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Currently, each of us knows about headphones and often use them. Thanks to them we can listen to music and your favorite movie. Among many companies in the production of this product, you can allocate Shure trademark.

About brand

Her story began in 1925. The founder was a resident of Chicago Cindy N Shur. Initially, it was a small company for the sale of details for radio. A year later, the company has already created its product catalog. Every year the company expanded the range. If first these were microphones that won the authority from many music figures, at the moment the brand offers a large assortment of headphones both at a professional level and amateurs.


Headphones of this brand are distinguished by excellent American quality. They reproduce natural surround sound with high frequencies and low bass. All SHURE models are made of high quality materials. A large range of products of different types, with designer performance and Bluetooth will allow you to choose the appropriate option even for the most capricious listener. Since the products are original, it has a high cost. All headphones have brand labeling. In the set with any model there is a case, be sure to warranty card and instruction. As a product, you can be absolutely sure, since the entire warranty period is subject to official service support.


All product range can be divided into several types. First of all, it is full-sized head, overhead headphones. They can be divided into professional, studio and options for mobile devices. Headphones provide excellent sound quality. They are good and tightly sit on the head. They can be used with any portable musical devices, DJ mixers, headphone amplifiers and mixing console. According to the method of use, they can be divided into mixing, mastering, monitoring, as well as on audible headphones and options for DJs.

Intracinal options have many awards. They have high sound insulation, block about 90% of background noise. Thanks to this, the listener gets the most pure sound. Such models perfectly complement MP3 players, iPhone and even Hi-Fi equipment.

Intracinal options for headphones can also be divided into areas of use. It may be stage, monitor and audiophile headphones. There is also a large selection of wireless headphones and “liners”.

Best models

  • Headphone Review Begins Professional SE215 Sound IsolatingTM Series Model. Internal option provides clean sound and deep bass due to high quality dynamic drive. The model has an ergonomic design. Modern design significantly increases the demand for this model. The wire is located behind the ears, which allows you to fix the headphones well. Special soundproofing technology allows blocking external noise up to 37 dB. MMSh connectors have a gold-plated surface and are able to rotate 360 ​​degree headphones around their axis for more comfortable placement. The kit includes a carrying case and a set of sleeves. This model is designed for use on the scene. The company gives a guarantee for 2 years.

  • Electrostatic System Shure KSE1500. This model is made in black. It has a unique design and modern style. The system has a preamplifier with a DAC for use with digital and analog sources. The system provides settings for many sound parameters. Sound can be played according to any user preferences due to 4 customized settings. There is a parametric equalizer with 5 presets. Management Tools Optimized, which implies fast and simple navigation by settings. Correlation with sound source is very high, so the device gives the most faithful transitional characteristic on the market. The battery is built in the system, thanks to which the device can be charged from standard USB charging or from a computer. Headphone shape is very easy and ergonomic.

During listening, the ears are not tired, while it is blocked to 37 dB of external noise. For this system, a special cable has been developed that isolates each conductor.

  • Shure SRH440 – This model is a professional version of an open type. Headphones provide pure sound at any volume due to the extended frequency band. Foldable design, which provides convenient transportation and storage. Using use for professional and personal audio devices. Using a bayonet connection cable connects to cups. Headphs can be used both in the studio and at home. Power, sensitivity and impedance involve the work of data of headphones with a mixer console, DJ mixers and amplifiers. Headphones are well sitting on the head due to the fact that the rim is obliged, and the cups are soft. This design allows you to work in this model quite a long time.

Made in black and has weight 311 g. Complete spiral cable, storage case and gold-plated adapter with a diameter of 6.3 mm.

  • Intracinal headphones SE215. This model is equipped with a dynamic driver and provides surround sound with efficient sound insulation. The kit includes bushings of different sizes. They block about 90% of external noise. The model has a stylish design in a transparent body of a blue shade. Standard cable with 3.5 mm connector. The model is tight in the ear shell, does not cause discomfort. Headphones work with most phones, iPhone, laptops and tablets. Supports Bluetooth technology and provides operation at a distance of 10 m to 8 hours from its own battery. There is a built-in control panel, which is amenable to voice commands. Included with a model of charging cable, clipping clip, set of sleeves and a zipper case.

  • SRH550DJ Headphones for DJs. This model is equipped with rotary inches and high output levels. Sound is heard even in a very noisy room. The speakers have 50 mm neodymium magnets that reproduce a deep and clear bass. Headband is regulated for convenient storage and portability. Especially for DJ devices a high impedance is optimized. Hinged cups have a turn on 90 degrees to accommodate on one ear. The model is designed to fit the movements and style of the life of DJs. Perfectly suitable for listening to music on the road. In the kit there is a storage case and a gold-plated adapter with a diameter of 6.3 mm.

How to distinguish the original?

When choosing a model, first of all it is worth paying attention to the cost. If the price is lower than on the official website, then before you fake. Different series of Shure headphones have their own characteristics that can be checked on any official website either by contacting official representatives of this brand. Each product of the radio aircraft has its own license for use in Russia. Original headphones have SHURE branded marking, which even in strong effort is not erased. Nockets always have a numbering. The kit includes a case, instruction and additional elements of the headset. A warranty card must also be issued, which is issued when purchasing.

SHURE SRH 750 DJ headphone overview.

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