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Currently, few people are interested, which external chamber is best to choose for the phone, because in modern gadgets there are “their” built-in cameras. But no one is insured against situations where the “native” spare part ceases to work for one reason or another, too much polluted or covered by cracks due to accidental fall. In such cases, it is not necessary to do without an additional external camera, as in those situations where users are not enough quality pictures that demonstrate the built-in part.

Description and device

Modern smartphones that come to store stores in huge quantities are equipped with built-in cameras. They have different power and demonstrate various quality of finished pictures. But often there are cases when users decide to supply their phones with remote cameras that can boast more attractive quality.

Today, external cameras designed to further connect to phone numbers are presented in a wide range. Consumers may find an ideal model that will meet all their requirements and wishes.

You can find both budgetary and expensive external cameras from well-known manufacturers.

If we talk about the device of such devices, then several main elements can be distinguished here.

  • The matrix. In remote cameras, this item is performed larger than in the smartphones themselves.
  • Optical stabilizer. Important component of external cameras for smartphones. Wonderfully copes with its main task, eliminates the unpleasant effect of trembling hands.
  • Optical component (lens). Usually this component is endowed with zoom (can be from 3 to 30 times). In modern smartphones of such a good functional not notice.
  • Managers. As a rule, the list of controls is consisted of levers responsible for zooming, shutter buttons and additional keys pairs. Everything is arranged as simple as possible and understandable – to figure out the work of external cameras for the phone is not much difficult.
  • CPU. Another of the most important components, without which the outdoor camera for a smartphone will not work normally. The processing of information coming from the matrix (images) is the camera, and not the smartphone to which it is connected.
  • Built-in wireless modules. Due to the action of wireless modules, the device has the ability to freely synchronize with the phone, sending a shot on it in real time.
  • Fastening. Portable external cameras are equipped with reliable and durable fasteners, thanks to which they are fixed on the smartphone.

What happens?

There are different types of high-quality remote cameras. They are divided into several signs. Consider more, what are the mini-chambers and what characteristics are different.

First of all, all the types of type under consideration can be divided into subspecies.

  • Camera lens, which is synchronized with the smartphone at the expense of a standard wired connection. Most often, this is used for this USB port or 3.5 mm connector, which is designed to install headphones.

  • Popular today Small varieties of external cameras, which are performed in the form of peculiar endoscopes. They are equipped with a miniature lens, can sometimes penetrate even in hard-to-reach places. The described type of top removable cameras is also taken to attribute to wired devices.

  • Many brands produce External camera lenses, which are synchronized with the mobile phone due to wireless networks. For this, special mobile applications are involved, which are designed to work with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth are either designed directly for the Internet connection.

Excellent performance features showed modern external chambers calculated on the macro shot, or with a popular effect called “Fisheye”. Thanks to such devices, users can make amazing personnel looking original and unusual. For example, modern maccarmers makes it easy to capture very small objects due to the excellent possibility of approximation. As a result, users have the opportunity to take photos of small wonders of nature (droplets of dew, insects) and many other interesting objects.

Camera “Fish Eye” allows you to make curved photos that look unusual. Today, this effect is fashionable and terribly popular. Not only lovers, but also professional photographers are often resorted to it.

High quality pictures can demonstrate telescopic external camera for smartphones. Such an additional accessory is difficult not to notice, because it is “telescopes” it was always distinguished by impressive dimensions and a large length. Often, additional mini-tripods made from durable and reliable materials are used to fix such lenses. Externally, the device seems very unusual – as if a reduced professional camera with a built-in telescopic lens.

In stores with appliances you can meet original varieties of external cameras for phones with an angle of view of 360 degrees. For example, such devices produces a well-known Taiwanese brand ASUS. With these devices it is possible to remove exciting photos and video materials. Using a similar lens, many people use it as a camcorder and get wonderful records looking for vibrant and colorfully.

Usually, Cameras with an angle view of 360 degrees have small sizes and are very convenient. Most of them are perfectly round, they look stylish and modern.

Connect these devices can be connected via a USB port or 3.5 mm output for headphones.

The range of small cameras for smartphones is constantly updated with new models, characterized by rich functional and high performance. Consider the characteristics of some relevant copies.

  • DSC-QX30 camera lens. High-quality model from the Japanese brand Sony. Equipped with 30x optical zoom. In the product there is a durable matrix Exmor R CMOS 20.4 Mp. Users get great opportunities for creativity, using a special mobile application PlayMemores. Celebrated frames can be divided into social networks using android and iOS operating systems.

  • ASUS 360. Interesting camera model for modern smartphones. Removes high-quality panoramic photo and video files. Works quickly, can be removed as 2K or 4K. Easy device made of practical polycarbonate is manufactured. Supports VR mode.

  • Kodak Pixpro SL25. Convenient Wireless Portable Lens for Smartphones. Connects to the phone using Wi-Fi network. The technique can instantly wake up, leaving the sleeping regime. Attached to the smartphone with reliable metal clamps. There is excellent optical stabilization that allows you to achieve high-quality pictures, as on a professional sir.

  • Altek Cubic. Compact removable camera model, has a cute and pleasant design. You can connect it to phones or tablet computers. The camera is compatible with most modern mobile devices. The product provides a special CMOS matrix. Can shoot materials as Full HD. There is a connector for installing a memory card.

  • Sony QX100. Another popular external camera model for smartphones. It has an attractive design, a matrix of 20.2 MPIX. The product provides for a truly advanced sensor. There is no own display of this device – instead it uses a smartphone to which it connects. The technique is equipped with a stabilization system, but the possibility of increasing the image is weak – the multiplicity is only 3.6x.

  • Vivitar IU680. One of the top models of cameras for modern smartphones. The model is equipped with a 10-30 mm lens, 3-fold increase in optical type is provided. Transfer of all necessary data can be carried out using Wi-Fi wireless network, which turns out to be a very convenient solution. There is a removable high-quality flash in the product.

  • Sony QX10. Popular model of an external chamber from the Japanese manufacturer. Its characteristics repeat the parameters of another known device – the camera Sony WX150. High-quality 18-pixel sensor, built-in Sony Lens G F / 3 optics.5-5.nine. The model has a good rechargeable battery, which is very convenient to recharge from USB, if there is a need. There is a slot to install Micro SD memory cards.

  • Olympus Air. Little and lightweight camera made in traditional black. It is necessary to attach it to the back panel of the smartphone. Also, the device is possible to operate, holding in hand, selecting new ideal angles, or consolidating at a special trip list. The product has a 16-megapixel Live MOS sensor, as well as a processor responsible for the processing of the pictures taken – Truepic VII. The model can make serial shooting at a speed of 10 frames per second.

Features of operation

The current market pleases buyers with a huge number of high-quality and functional chambers designed specifically for installation on smartphones. Such a removable, remote technique is very convenient in operation. We will analyze the main features of its use.

To begin with, consider how a separate camera lens must be connected to a smartphone. There is nothing difficult in this process – everyone can figure out.

  • Bought a device will need to carefully connect to the smartphone via USB or 3.5 mm connector (if the wired model). It is desirable that the phone itself functioned on the basis of the Android or iOS operating system.
  • After that, the special application on the smartphone should be launched. If there is no place on your device, you will need to find, and then download. Best download Similar applications with Google Play or AppStore.
  • Next, visit the technique to the object you want to fall asleep, and click the shutter button.

At this stage of connecting one device to another can be considered completed.

Consider other nuances of operation.

  • To prevent fire or damage to technology, you should take care of a small camera (and the smartphone itself) from the ingress of dampness and moisture. Be sure to follow this, if you do not want to seriously harm the device. It is not recommended to take such a camera with me if heavy rain is.
  • In no case cannot independently disassemble the block of a separate chamber, even if you want to find the reason for the breakdown that appeared or you just wonder its internal device.
  • Try to make sure that the product, like its battery, is not subject to mechanical damage, shocks, did not fall on the floor or land.
  • To avoid short circuit, try not to contact metal objects with battery block contacts.
  • Damaged or running lithium-ion batteries are not allowed.
  • The battery pack of a small camera should be kept in a place that children or pets will not get. Storage location must be absolutely dry and safe.
  • Replacement is allowed to produce exclusively on the same battery pack that was in the device before.
  • When operating an AC network adapter, it will be necessary to use the nearest outlet. If the technique suddenly ceased to work properly, it must be immediately turned off from the mains.
  • If you notice that the camera for the phone ceased to work correctly or there are obvious shortcomings in its operation, independently the cause of the breakdown should not. It is recommended to immediately contact the corporate service center. This is especially true when technology is still under warranty. If you open it yourself and exacerbate the situation, warranty service will be deprived.
  • Do not leave a small camera for a smartphone next to heating devices and heaters. In such conditions, the device can seriously suffer.
  • Insert a flash card into the camera right. Do it carefully, do not drive the memory card. This can lead to breakage and the carrier itself, and the compartment in which you install it.
  • Try not to shake an external camera for smartphones. Do not hit it, treat carefully and carefully. Otherwise, the product can get serious damage.

    Before starting to use similar devices, read the instruction manual to prevent serious errors and not spoil the equipment.

    Sony QX10 Model Overview in Video.

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