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The action chamber is called a compact size camcorder that is protected by higher safety standards. Mini cameras began to be produced in 2004, but at that time the quality of assembly and technological capabilities were far from ideal. To date, there is a huge number of models from different manufacturers. Consider the action cameras from the company Digma.


Action cameras Digma has its own distinctive features.

  1. Model manifold. On the official website indicated 17 relevant models from which you can choose. It gives the buyer the opportunity to explore its own mini-chamber requirements and choose the model individually.
  2. Price policy. The company provides record low price tags for their cameras. If we consider that the action cameras format involves frequent losses, breakage and failure of devices in adverse conditions, this is a great opportunity to choose several cameras at a small price tag at once.
  3. Equipment. Manufacturers who have won the Extreme Camera Market will never add additional accessories. Digma comes otherwise and equipped the device with a rich set of fasteners. These are napkins for the screen, adapters, frame, clips, waterproof container, two mounts on different surfaces, mounting on the steering wheel and many other other little things. All of these accessories are made of high-quality materials and will come in early or late to any video monitor.
  4. Instruction and warranty in Russian. No Chinese or English characters – for Russian users, all documentation comes in Russian. This will facilitate the study of instructions and functions of the gadget.
  5. Support Night Function. This setting is present in Digma devices for more expensive, but this feature allows you to shoot a video with artificial lighting or almost complete darkness.

Review models

Dicam 300

The model is one of the best pictures of both video and photos. Of the disadvantages, you can select the amount of battery volume in comparison with other cameras: 700 mAh. High-quality shooting in 4k-mode allows you to get juicy, volume frames.

The camera is covered with gray plastic, there is a large power button on the outside, as well as an output for a microphone in the form of three winding bands. All side surfaces are made in the form of a point plastic that resembles a rubber coating. Gadget comfortably lies in hand and does not cause feelings of cheap plastic.


  • Light lens – 3.0;
  • There is Wi-Fi;
  • connectors – Micro USB;
  • 16 megapixels;
  • Weight – 56 grams;
  • Dimensions – 59.2x41x29.8 mm;
  • Battery Capacity – 700 mAh.

Dicam 700

One of the leaders among Digma models. Comes in a bright box, which displays all technical information. Inside packed camera itself and a set of additional accessories. Ideal for use as DVR. You can find all the necessary settings for this: Deleting video after a specific period, continuous recording and indication of dates and time in the frame during shooting.

Removal in 4k present in the model and is its main advantage. Camera, like other models, withstands 30 meters under water in Protective Aquabox. The camera is made in a classic rectangular shape in black color, on the sides of the surface covered with ribbed plastic.

Buttons Office on the outer and upper sides are highlighted by blue light. From the outside, next to the lens, also settled Monochrome display: It shows the information about the settings of the camera, date and time recording video.


  • Lens lens – 2.8;
  • Wi-Fi is present;
  • MICROHDMI connectors, Micro USB;
  • 16 megapixile;
  • Weight – 65.4 grams;
  • Dimensions – 59-29-41mm;
  • Battery Capacity -1050 Mach.

Dicam 72c

NEW from the company caused an excitement. For the first time, Digma cameras came out for their low price range. The company has released a camera with advanced features, and the price tag has grown.


  • Light lens – 2.eight;
  • Wi-Fi is present;
  • Connectors – MicroHDMI and Micro USB;
  • 16 megapixels;
  • Weight – 63 grams;
  • Dimensions – 59-29-41mm;
  • Battery Capacity – 1050 Mach.

How to choose?

There are several items for which you need to pay attention when choosing an Action Camera.

  1. Black batteries and their capacity. To comfortably shoot video and photos, it is desirable to choose the camera with the most capacious battery. Also, it will not be superfluous to buy several additional power supplies, so that during long-term shooting the device can return to work after the first battery used.
  2. Design. Cameras from the Digma brand are made in different color colors. Therefore, you need to decide in what design the user wants the camera: it may be black with a ribbed surface or a light gadget with backlit buttons.
  3. Support 4K. Today, technology allows you to make amazing personnel. And if you decide to remove nature, landscapes or lead your own blog, the possibility of shooting in high resolution you just need. In the case of using the camera as the autorecaster, the shooting in 4k can be neglected.
  4. Budget. Although all company cameras are affordable at prices, here also have their own expensive models and ultrasound. Therefore, you can either take several cameras at the lowest price, or make a choice in favor of one, more premium variation.

Gadgets for extreme shooting often break and Out of construction, Because used in aggressive environment: water, mountains, forest.

For this reason, when choosing it is desirable to pay attention to two cameras: one with a low price tag, and the other with an advanced filling. So you can protect yourself from a sudden failure of one of the gadgets.

Select from current models on the official website of the manufacturer: There is sorting cameras according to characteristics, as well as the camera comparison function. The user can select multiple devices and compare their characteristics.

The following video presents an overview of the budget ECCHN cameras Digma.

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