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Cable TV, not to mention ordinary antennas, gradually goes into the past – Instead of these technologies, digital television comes to the main scene. The innovation is largely convenient and is already appreciated by hundreds of millions of people around the world. At the same time, for the full use of technology, it is necessary to separately purchase a special console for a TV, which will significantly expand the functionality of the “Blue Screen”. Another thing is that many of our fellow citizens still have not figured out all the subtleties of the novelties, so they may need to be qualified when choosing a specific model.

What it is?

Telelight is a decrypted signal that is displayed on the TV screen. Initially, the video signal transmission methods were not so much – it was necessary to either buy a classic antenna, or connect the cable by which the signal, how to say, mediocre quality, got into the TV. However, with the development of digital technologies, engineers thought about the fact that innovations would not hurt to implement and in the sphere of telephone marketing. Due to this, it became possible to transmit in higher quality and different methods, which reduced the load on separate available communication channels. However, I needed a specialized receiving agent, allowing you to receive a new standard signals.

In fact, many modern TVs have no separate console for digital television, the size of the equipment is so small that the designers successfully embed it directly into the body of the TV itself.

Another thing is that the presence of a built-in console or receiver has become the norm only in the last years and mostly in more expensive models.

All other citizens will have to buy a prefix separately. It looks different, depending on the exact set of functions and capabilities – usually this is a small flat box of about 10 per 10 cm, in many cases – with an additional small antenna, which is attached through the cable and can even be made on the roof of the high-rise building. In some cases, the sake of strengthening the signal will also have to buy a special antenna of a classic view.

What opportunities gives?

It should be understood that the concept of a digital console for TV is very tensile, and theoretically, it can provide completely different features.

The receiver is the name that in most cases is characteristic of the simplest design. In essence, it represents only a newer signal transmission standard, known as DVB-T2 or simply T2. For pensioners who do not particularly seek to delve into the subtleties of modern technologies, it is probably a sufficient option, because it can be used for the main purpose – viewing television programs. The receiver does not provide any new features – it simply provides the classic broadcast of those TV channels, whose signal can be caught most often for free. The choice of channels will not be so extensive, but most points of the reception can be seen a standard set of main programs.

More advanced consoles are a separate device, most often on the basis of the Android operating system, and turn your TV to “smart”.

First of all, such an aggregate can be connected to networks of wireless or wired Internet and install applications. You can use this in any convenient way – for example, to view YouTube, communication via video link (subject to a separate webcam purchase) or installing applications for IPTV. The latter, although they require a separate fee, give a lot of advantages – here the same TV channels, but with the ability to pause, and recording movies or TV shows in your absence, and even always affordable cinema base. Thanks to the Internet connection and the possibility of expanding the functionality due to the downloadable applications, it is possible to watch TV channels and listen to the radio from any countries of the world. In addition, most of the prefixes of this type allow the connection of external media, such as USB or portable hard drives to view your own videos and photos. Occasionally, such devices “for a complete set” are also equipped with the ability to receive the T2 signal.

Types of broadcasting

Some consoles are still equipped with even a cable signal connector, but in most cases, it is still oriented on a wireless signal. However, even with him, the principle of broadcasting can be divided into two different categories.

  • The first of these is a classic essential broadcast with a grid, which the translator determines at its own discretion, focusing on the prime time and target audiences of various channels. Essential broadcasting works, without exception, T2 consoles, it is also considered the basic and applications operating on the principle of IPTV. The key feature is forced to view what the available channels are translated at a specific point, it is without ability to pause, rewind and watch at any convenient time.
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  • Another option is more correct to characterize as “video on request”. Who is familiar with the YouTube platform, he will understand what is speech about – all content is available at the same time, its playback begins only at the request of the viewer, at any time convenient for it. You can start viewing from any moment, you can also put a video pause and continue viewing it later, or, on the contrary, turn back to closely look at the frames. Ordinary T2 does not provide such an opportunity, but full-fledged smart consoles with additional applications often make focus on such opportunities. The software can be combined with the capabilities of the air viewing and video access channels, and individual programs and transmission in paid packages are automatically recorded and is stored for some time on the servers for postponed access.

What are the difference between models of different price categories?

Digital receivers can differ radically for the price of the model to the model – there are options almost for a thousand rubles, and there are also a half tens of thousands. In this case, the difference is far from being limited to a brand, and should not think that you have moved away and successfully saved, buying the cheapest sample – Most likely, you hardly cut the functionality of your device.

For a penny you acquire except for the most primitive T2 – it will be the same antenna on the type of still Soviet, only maybe with a slightly improved picture quality.

Limited You will be in everything – it works only on the essential broadcast of the TV channels, it does not help the signal, does not support HD and does not have any “smart” functions, Even connections on its package is not enough and may not be enough to connect to your TV. Perhaps somewhere we exaggerate, but you should not be surprised if all these unpleasant surprises “climb” one by one of the tuner bought in a cheap. Someone can have such a primitive functionality, but if you were counting on more – you will probably be disappointed.

Serious money is usually asked for smart consoles, which among themselves differ in the presence or absence of certain functions. The most expensive are full, almost independent gadgets that are not required to install additional, To allow you at any time to stop the essential broadcast, even received from the T2 antenna, and some time to record on your ongoing ether while you are distracted. Increasing the cost to a significant amount always means connecting the device to the Internet, the presence of connections for the same flash drive, as well as a great signal and excellent picture.

Rating the best

To simplify the choice of a portable television receiver for readers, consider several options for popular modern models T2.

At the same time, we intentionally tried not to add to the smart console rating with the Internet, because their functionality is difficult to evaluate objectively – it depends too much on the software installed.

Our list is also not worth perceiving as a literal recommendation for action – we focused on the popular receivers for televisions with an antenna and without, whereas your conditions and wishes can assume the purchase of completely different equipment.

  • Harper HDT2 1512. A simple and inexpensive model with a solid housing and an explanatory cooling system that does not allow children to watch everything in a row due to the function of parental control. Exposed to criticism for just one USB connector, as well as mediocre signal reception and inability to read all popular video formats.

  • Selenga T81d. It was solved by one of the main problems of the previous model – there are practically no formats that this technique would not read. The signal can be taken and analog, and in the figure, at cost for the worse, it did not affect. Among the minuses – a possible delay when switching channels, but no more disadvantages were detected.
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  • ORIEL 421 DVB-T2 C. This prefix is ​​characterized by high-quality display of the picture, elementary connection and adjustment, as well as the presence of a large number of ports for different sources of the signal. This model is criticized for not the most compact dimensions, forcing me to suffer with a search site for a gadget, as well as for non-ideal console.

  • Lumax DV 1108HD. Unlike the above described Wi-Fi models, it is still supported, which allows you to use the software from the Internet and even your own cinema from the manufacturer. The model is customary to praise for an excellent signal and an excellent picture, compactness and ease of management, but children, if that, there will be full access to the whole content, because no parental control does not imply a gadget.

How to choose?

From the above, it was possible to understand that the choice of a digital prefix does not imply a negligence relationship, otherwise you risk spending money and not getting the advantages of which they counted. With all the simplicity of these kinds of such a kind, we still go on the main criteria to which you need to pay attention to the purchase.


It is necessary to understand that the best prefix, which is not suitable for the connectors to your TV, may be useless.

You can usually connect to the old analog TV via RCA or SCART, for connecting to the modern usually used HDMI.

It is possible to solve the problem of incompatibility to theoretically using adapters, but it is necessary to understand that their use in most cases means lowering the quality of the signal.

Resolution pictures

The power of each console is designed to give a picture of a certain resolution, above which the quality will not even be at the perfect signal. If the SDTV standard can already be boldly called outdated, then HD and FULL HD are still the most chassis for digital consoles. Televisions have already gone forward – 4k no one is surprised, and there is 8k. If you, in principle, do not see the opportunity to buy such a prefix that will extend the full resolution of your TV, then select at least the one that the closer to all came to the required parameters.

Standard features

Android smart consoles are good for the opportunity to pay useful applications with the necessary functions, but start with the fact that the technical characteristics of the “iron” can suddenly leave you without a number of useful programs, since the gadget simply does not pull them.

In addition, sometimes you want to suspend the stream or write a signal directly from the television that you get on DVB-T2 technology.

Understanding the needs of buyers, Some manufacturers sew the relevant functions even into relatively primitive tuners, so that work with them becomes more comfortable and uninterrupted.

Internet connection

If the manufacturer declared the possibility of entering the Internet directly by the prefix forces, it means that it already belongs to the category Smart. For you, this means more opportunities to use the gadget – in fact, complete with a TV, it is already a semi-laminator, and not an ordinary receiver. In most cases, the access to the network is possible both by connecting the cable and via Wi-Fi, but when buying an inexpensive model, it is worth clarifying whether both such opportunities are implemented in a specific model.

Where to post?

Many consumers mistakenly believe that once the technology is new and more advanced, and the prefix itself is connected to the TV through the cable, then it is possible to put it anywhere. Meanwhile it is not quite true. To put the receiver anywhere, whether it is a shelf on a wall or a free space under the bed, you can only if the signal source is reliable – For example, this is an Internet cable, a television cable, a flash drive or a cable connected external hard disk. However, even in this case, the device must be located so that it is convenient to direct the remote control.

If you receive a signal from the Internet, and the connection is carried out via Wi-Fi, you must definitely choose to install the place where the wireless signal gets without the slightest problems.

Here much depends on the abilities of your router, the thickness of the walls in the building and the connection speed, which is required for normal transmissions in the quality you selected. It works the general rule, according to which the closer the prefix is ​​located to the router, the better the signal. Placing it far and for obstacles, do not be surprised that it cannot catch a signal, it does not show well or regularly interrupts broadcasts.

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In terms of connection using DVB-T2 technology, the situation looks even more complicated – although the technology is supplied as a new and modern, In most cases, it is strictly tied to classic television tits. The farther from such an infrastructure object you live, the harder it is to count on a good signal, and you should not be surprised if the device catches only 10 channels from the promised 20. Interference in this case can be considered completely any obstacles, whether it is high-rise buildings, rocks or something else.

The T2 antenna follows at least to bring closer to the window and send towards the closest television tower. If this does not give any result, some improvement can ensure the removal of the antenna already outside the window where the interference should be slightly less.

If this method does not work, then you need to install an antenna as above – in cities with a multi-storey building it is better to mount it right away, otherwise it will not really be able to find the signal on the lower floors.

With a significant distance from the computer, it will also be necessary for a separate antenna that enhances the signal, however, in particularly launched cases, even it does not always cope with the task.

How to connect and configure?

Connecting the console to the TV usually looks quite simple – to confuse the connectors problematic because they are not the same. In most old TVs, the consoles are connected by three “tulips” RCA (plug color must match the color of the connector) or SCART, in more recent models – through one HDMI connector. The last standard provides the highest sound quality and images, so if your technique leaves you a choice, it is better to navigate exactly on HDMI.

The manufacturer, of course, can put a small “pig” to the buyer, without putting the cables required for the connection.

The purchase of an HDMI cord is not possible today, but the cables of old standards will have to look for more to start using the purchase. Purchasing such products, at the time of connection Carefully check the plug connection density and connectivity – if there is no sound or image goes black and white, without color, you may have sold a poor-quality product or you have a bad connection.

In a good way, read the instruction was worth it even before connecting the cables, but we counted that with the connection of plugs and connections you can cope and so. In all other way, the instructions are very useful to you – she tells how to configure and use the prefix in general and its individual functions in particular.

In most cases, modern models focused on working with T2 or cable, at the time of joining the TV and the first launch, automatically scan the range for the location of the channels, but sometimes this function must be specifically started. In some cases, the automation does not give full results if the signal of individual channels is perceived by the technique as too weak – In these cases, it makes sense to hold manual search in the estimated range.

Theoretically, the receiver must find all channels from those multiplexes that are available in your region. It happens that the signal of some of them is too weak, and you predictably want to add more channels to be “like all”.

This solution is quite legal, but it is usually possible to increase the number of channels taken only by the antenna in a more advantageous place – outside the window and somewhere higher. You can try to use the signal amplifier.

    If the prefix stopped working after closing or without a visible reason, buzzing when you turn on or you simply decided to globally update its software, in no case should you look for schemes or try to do anything yourself. The maximum that the user is allowed to eliminate any existing problems is to restart the device and double-check the cable connection density with connectors. For any serious repair, you must contact an authorized service center that qualified will solve your problem or officially recognizes the receiver not subject to repair.

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