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Multifunctional printers, called MFP, – Technique that is required in almost every home. With the help of such devices, you can print photos, abstracts and coursework, colorful presentations and copies of documents. In the professional industry, applying is even wider: photo showrooms and office complexes do not fail without such equipment. Coloring MFPs are especially in demand, which will be discussed.


Decryption of abbreviation MFP – multifunctional device. In the case of printing equipment, this is a multifunctional printer that combines properties:

  • printer;
  • scanner;
  • copier;
  • fax.

The market meets and models 3 in 1, without fax. For home devices, receiving fax messages is not required, so this function often refuses.

The presence of the scanner allows you to transfer texts and images from paper carriers on a PC or laptop. In digital form photos, pictures and drawings are being finalized or sent via the Internet. As for the press, in different models of MFPs it is presented in its own way: Some printers are sold with printing at photo chalters, others offer simpler technology with a less quality image.

For offices can also choose from the device, but now color MFPs are more popular in the equipment market. Images in color are important even in official documentation, for example, in summary, portfolio, reports with illustrations and graphs.

Review of species

There are many types of printers. The very first of them – the matrix – was invented in 1964 in Japan. However, it makes no sense to consider: Matrix devices are printed only by b / w images and text, now they are used only in the banking sector. But in offices and homes use other three types: LED, inkjet and laser aggregates.


Inexpensive devices in which the image or text is applied by print heads. The picture is transmitted to the paper point by mixing 4 main dyes. Liquid paint is used, which allows you to achieve a bright image: dyes are mixed with each other and form new shades. But there are disadvantages:

  • relatively slow printing;
  • The paint is lubricated immediately after printing, she needs to dry;
  • Cartridges in which the paint is supplied is expensive;
  • If the printer does not use the printer, the paint dries on the head, you will have to clean it.

With slow printing, nothing will be done, but other problems can be solved. To reduce the cost of replacing the cartridges, many owners install SRSH – Continuous ink supply system. This is an additional block that consists of several containers. From them directly to the print head are the tubes for which the dye comes.

What are the advantages of SRSH:

  • You can independently choose ink, therefore, to save on their purchase (maximum savings – at 70 times);
  • Less risk of drying the dye on the head;
  • You can carry out continuous printing without spending time to replace cartridges.

Previously, the SSR had to install on their own. Now there are devices with an already pre-installed option.

For home, most often buy inkjet printers A4 format. They are inexpensive. And it is precisely inkjet models most often become mini-MFP: compact devices that are easily placed on a computer table. However, when buying, it is still worth checking the dimensions, because large aggregates for photo printing in professional conditions are produced.


Laser devices are universal than inkjet. Advantages:

  • high speed;
  • Clear text printing;
  • deposition of images on any paper, film;
  • The dye is not lubricated, not afraid of water;
  • Cheaper in service.

Savings and other benefits are achieved Due to the new print technology. Liquid dyes are not used in laser models. Instead, toner is taken – dry coloring powder. It is fixed on paper by pressure of a special drum and heating, which is achieved by laser action.

Although the maintenance of laser printers is cheaper, because they do not require the purchase of expensive original cartridges, the technique itself is more expensive when buying. Another minus is not such a bright and bulk picture, like in jet printers.

Toner is not so well mixed, so it is better to practice the photo printing with the previous type of devices.


LED MFP – a new word in modern print. Their principle is similar to the action of laser technology, only instead of one ray uses whole streams that are obtained by activating the set of LEDs. As a result, printing becomes faster, 40 pages per minute – standard indicator for such models. But you can not forget about the price, and it is several times higher than in jet devices.

Rating the best models

Consider the top 3 printers at the moment. The ranking includes both budget versions with cost-effective consumables, and more expensive variations.

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M180N

Laser printer of the average price category (cost 17-19 thousand. rubles). Reliable manufacturer, printing technology Allows you to use the device and at home, and in the office. MFP M180N will provide quick printing of documents, presentations and reports, cope with colorful images. Complete Cartridges already go, so you can connect the unit and start using you immediately after purchase.

There are other features.

  1. Automatic shutdown system. In the case of long inactivity, the printer is turned off independently. This saves energy even in cases where the employee or owner forget about the technique.
  2. The possibility of autonomous work. The device can perform all its functions without connecting to a PC or laptop. A convenient display is built on the top panel, with which control.
  3. Transfer files with wireless way from any device. Holders of smartphones can install a special application and send images and documents to the printer through it. A convenient solution for small offices, where not all workers work for PCs, some use only tablets or telephones.

Although most of the functions are useful for the office, due to the small dimensions, the model is suitable for home use.

She will like professional photographers and all those who often work with documents and pictures.

Epson L3150

This model is an order of magnitude cheaper: although on average the price is 14.5 thousand. rubles, in some stores, the device is offered for 12-13 thousand. rub. Manufacturer, like HP, tested by time. L3150 is an inkjet printer that has already been pre-installed CHAR. Thanks to the system of continuous supply, the cost of consumables is significantly reduced, and the resource supply increases. The manufacturer declares that the initial set of ink (in the kit there is a set of containers) is enough for 7500 color documents or 4500 h / w.

Print format any – up to A4. Thanks to the inkjet technology at the output, bright images are obtained. You can print photos, presentations. Other advantages include several characteristics.

  • Printing right from the smartphone without connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Even without using the router from the phone, you can transfer pictures and documentation. And if you install an additional application, it will be possible to monitor the print state and the ink level in containers.
  • Different wraits for refueling in containers with different ink. This simple option will avoid improper refueling, which often leads to nonprofessional to dirty printing. Convert capacities physically fail.
  • Reliable protection against container flowing. Even if they are inverted, the Ink Lock system will not allow content to shed.

The model is perfect for those who want to save on consumables, but at the same time get high-quality printing.

Canon PIXMA G3411

Another inkjet printer with the built-in SHRCH option. Cost, considering the functionality, pleasantly surprises – from 10 to 12 thousand. rubles. Buy recommended for home: print quality excellent, color reproduction, but due to inkjet technology, the speed is lame. Volume documentation in offices will be hard to print.

Like many other modern printers, Canon PIXMA G3411 Equipped with capacities in front of the case. The walls of the translucent containers, so the owner can track the level of ink, not even looking into the technical characteristics of the device. Such a location of containers also reduces the risk of trimming, prolongs the life of equipment.

In Canon know how important bright detailed images are important. Printing here further improves ink hybrid technology. It provides the maximum manifold of shades.

There are other advantages.

  1. Three containers with color ink and 2 containers with black dye included. Enough for 6000 color or 7000 b / w2.
  2. Printout of documentation with cloud storage and smartphones.

If the seal is scheduled for night, the owner can activate the function of silent work. The productivity is falling, but the technique practically does not make sounds when the head moves.

Refueling the printer is very convenient, and use the original ink optional. Consumables will cost in a penny if you choose a budget version of the dye. Neoriginal inks are not inferior in quality branded, the only difference is the manufacturer.

How to choose?

Before buying a MFP, you need to decide on several nuances that will make it easier to choose.

  1. Print features – It is assumed to print images or text. If you need bright images, you should look for inkjet printers with high-quality ink. Laser and LED suitable for text.
  2. Using machinery – for typography, office or house. Typographical Option – LED Technology, Office – Laser, For Homework – Inkjet. If we are talking about photo printing, and inkjet and laser aggregates are suitable.
  3. Buyer budget. Than it is higher, the more premium models are available.
  4. Provided area under the device. Professional models may require several square meters, home printers have enough plot on the table with a size of 50×70 cm.

It is recommended to pay attention to the brand. Good Manufacturers – HP, Epson, Canon. They have a wide service of service support in Russia, and the devices themselves are rare. But if you need a device with cheap consumables, a brand can be proceeded to purchase a model with built-in CSR. This will allow not to buy expensive original cartridges.

If you plan to work with images, you should pay attention to DPI, or permission. The higher it is, the more detailed it turns out the picture.

If the model is selected for the house, from many additional functions you can refuse. Offline work without connecting to a computer, fax, wireless connection – optional additions.

Video review 6-color MFP EPSON EP-806AR See More.

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