All about A4 printers

    A4 format printers are peripherals that recreate an electronic file on A4 paper. Modern devices can print not only text files as well as drawings. Using this device, you can make several copies of the file.


    • Noise. Inkjet printers do not differ noise. The secret is that the printing is carried out by a dysure matrix, and not a head with needles, as in a needle printer. Noise level that makes the engine does not exceed 40 dB. He will be barely audible, because a person recognizes the sound from 30 dB.
    • Speed The printer will depend on what tasks in front of it are. If the DRAFT MODE technology is used, the inkjet printer print speed will significantly exceed the needle. Differences from the matrix printer will be minor.
    • It is worth noting the similarity of print quality with a laser printer. Modern inkjet models with 56 nozzles and more will be difficult to notice the difference.

    Since it prints inkjet printer with liquid dyes, paper will have a big effect on the result. It is recommended to use thin or increased absorbability.

    Manufacturers and their models

    Printers got tremendous distribution. The world market has a large number of devices that differ in principle of operation and design. The best models were selected, considering user reviews.

    Canon Pixma IP110

    Jet autonomous printer having a huge number of functions. Canon pixma ip 110 compact, it will fit even in a bag. Printing can be made from both a laptop computer and a mobile device. Supports function Wi-Fi. The creators of this model abandoned wires, so the power source serves accumulator battery.

    If we talk about print quality, then it is more than good. The resolution is up to 9600 dpi, thanks to this, the texts are clear, and the picture is high-quality and contrast. The device with maximum speed prints files – up to 9 sheets of black and white format per minute and up to 6 color. Do not worry if the paint ends. The printer will start to save it and prepress files even with a minimum ink.

    HP Officejet 202 (N4K99c)

    Another one Mobile Printer model. It has small sizes, so do not think about the problem of printing on the road or a crowded place. Print speed averages 9 pages per minute. If the printer is charging from alternating current, then speed. Developers of the device created Battery of enlarged capacity, To the user can print in a convenient location. Recharge from the battery does not affect the print quality.

    HP Fast Charge technology allows you to charge the printer in an absolutely any place: houses, in the car or so on. Recharging time – on average about 1.5 hours. This device is synchronized with most of the models of mobile and tablet devices, so there will be no problems with the transfer of files. Modern design complements a great printer. Fast work and an excellent result – everything you need to an active office worker.


    Epson Workforce WF – 100 W Inkjet Printer – These are the latest technology, thanks to which users at any time can print a document or image, even being out of the house. The work of the model under consideration occurs due to the built-in battery, the device is rather light weight and small size in size. It is perfect for use on business trips, it can be used in the car and on the road. The battery is charged with the AC adapter when you turn on the network, as well as through the cord of any electronic device with a suitable connecting jack, such as a computer or laptop.

    The following characteristic that allocates the device among the other such machines presented is Play the desired functions without connecting wires. The described sample works perfectly through the Epson Connect service application. If you need to print photos or multiply documents, you need to install and detect it on a portable device, and then click on print. Compatibility Epson Workforce WF – 100 W With other cloud services simplifies the process, making the easiest and most comfortable in operation. It is distinguished by the presence of pigment, non-shrinkable and quick-drying ink of four shades, with the help of which is transmitted bright, well highlighted color with unsurpassed quality.

    HP LaserJet Pro M 15 A

    Despite the strict stylistics of the appearance, you can allocate Attractive and Compactity Devices. Democratic cost in 6500 r. attracts buyers, well it is suitable for working in a small or middle office. The device is equipped with a cartridge that allows you to print up to 1000 pages. There are practically no sharp differences from other aggregates, the only one – a modified drum gear.

    If the sake of the experiment slam down the lid four times, it will begin to print the strip or cell, surprising with its skills.

    HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553 N

    First place among laser printers for middle-class offices occupies HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553 N. You can print the desired information in color and black and white types. Regardless of the prescribed mode, the working potential will be 80,000 sheets per month. An indicator of the amount of paint in cartridges, as well as performance status is displayed on the existing display.

    Customer feedback talk about his strengths:

    • speed process;
    • Capacious paper tray;
    • simple connection;
    • Equipment to the web interface and remote control over a computer network, communication with the other third-party media occurs through the built-in Wi-Fi transmission.

    There are negative sides:

    • expensive consumables;
    • Low-quality assembly.

    How to choose?

    It is important to pay attention to the selection not only on the maintenance of the load, functionality and technology, but also on a number of other parameters.

    • Thickness of sheets. Use only that paper whose density is indicated in the documents. Low density will lead to crumpled and spider sheet. Too much thickness can cause a stop and a further breakdown of the device.
    • Performance. It is important to consider the following tasks and decide. For office or for printing houses, inexpensive models designed for home use, due to the larger load. This will lead to elevated wear. And professional “helpers” will not use home due to the redundancy of the built-in options.
    • Availability of shades. The expandability of the color palette has a positive effect on the finished materials: the more colors, the better.
    • Finger-resolution. The left points are significantly affected by the result. If the printer is purchased for a set of texts, such a parameter can be omitted.
    • Speed. Pay attention to how many pages of printed information will appear per minute. The same device can have different values ​​for both photo images and black and white documents. The office variant must have a speed characteristic of 20-30 pages per minute. If you use a printer at home, similar parameters are not so important.
    • Verify connection interfaces. Traditional basic systems are connected to a computer using a USB cord. More modern and advanced devices with advanced versions can communicate with gadgets due to the Internet, by means of Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth.

    To buy a printer A4 printer, it’s facing the acquisition to study the selection criteria, a review of models and reviews of real users.

    The following video presents a brief overview of the CANON PIXMA IP110 Compact Printer.

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