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Albums for photos with paper sheets can be found in many families. And those who are just going to acquire such options, it will be useful to learn everything about their features, varieties, design, as well as what to pay attention to when buying a better album.


Albums for photos with paper sheets are distinguished by an elegant appearance, reliable fastening of sheets, pleasant tactile sensations and a capacity.

Photos are attached in different ways. For example, here are used:

  • photosticers;
  • self-adhesive corners;
  • Photographic glue.

With such fixation, the pictures are practically not exposed to deformation.

Due to paper pages, special perception of pictures is created, the contrast increases and the visual volume is supported.

Photo albums with paper pagesreliably store photos for many years. At the same time, unlike other analogues on sheets, you can make a mark or inscription. Sometimes pages are decorated with drawings.

In addition to options with white sheets, on sale item products with beige, burgundy, black pages. The undoubted advantage of such albums is the ability to glue photos of different sizes.


You can classify all types of photo albums in several signs. By type of destination, they are classic and thematic.

  • Universal Options are often used for different photos.
  • INthematic try to arrange a certain story. For example, it can be a wedding, christening or first children’s birthday, family trip.

Products are characterized by the type of pages. Paper may have different thickness, density, color, texture. In many photo albums, pages are packed with cottage or parchment. In addition, the models differ in the number of photos, format, quality sheets, the type of their attachment. They can have a different cover.

The number of photos can vary from 36-100 to 500-600. Due to this, you can choose an option for registration of a specific history. The format can be 9×13, 9×15, 13×18, 15×20 cm. In addition, the dimensions may be non-standard.

Sheets can be attached with glue, springs, rings. Also for sale there are options with book fixing pages.


Designer photo album solutions can be the most diverse. Photo albums with paper sheets can have a different type of binding. For example, it can be a solid cover option. It is most practical as possible, because it reliably protects all content even with frequent downloads.

Some albums resemble small notebooks and magazines. Soft cover type is not so durable. Therefore, these models require more careful circulation.

Sometimes the cover has lamination. However, often such products do not have a reliable fastening of pages. The proclased albums are short-lived, as impractical.

Some photo albums resemble folders with photos. As a rule, these are options for large-format photos.

Other products are equipped with beautiful cases. Such albums can become an excellent gift for loved ones, native, friends.

Photo albums are distinguished by the design of the cover. It can be a monophonic, matte, glossy, cardboard, leather, textile.

In addition, in the rules of manufacturers you can see options with the patterns of thematic. It can be wedding rings on the background of flowers, sea and beach motifs, children’s drawings, school sketches, the subject of lovers.

How to choose?

Choosing a model of a photo album with paper pages, you need to pay attention to several nuances.

  • Initially determined with the theme. It must correspond to the content of the album.
  • Next select Size. It must be approached by placing a picture of a specific format.
  • Consider the number of pages: they should be enough for all photos of a particular story.
  • Pay attention to the quality of binding. Dense and solid cover is better fine and soft.
  • Choose the fastening type based on your own preferences. Ideal option – stitched photo album. Even with long use, its sheets will not break off and fall out.
  • If you need an option with additional protection, take the product with a trap.

Photo album for a gift is selected based on a specific case. For example, at the birth of a child, you can give a children’s version in the style of “I was born”. For baptism you need a small album.

If you need a creative option, you can select a diary album with margins and records. If there is no on sale, such a present can be made with your own hands.

When you need an ideal option that lasts a few generations, take a leather photo album with dense pages.

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