Akvilon Split Systems Review

Maintaining the optimal microclimate in residential and industrial premises is an important task, since it depends on the well-being of people, their mood and efficiency. One of the popular and demanded producers of split-systems – Akvilon.


Among the climatic equipment of the Split system are the most sought-after. They practically crowded old overall models from the market. Modern air conditioners differ in a small size and high efficiency. Split AKVILON brand systems have a concise and attractive design. They are great for premises of various purposes, the main thing is to choose the right model, pushing away from the area of ​​the room and the set of functions.

Moreover, the market contains models with different additional features that are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Modern options are complemented by various modes, timer, functions of self-diagnosis and protection. Another criterion is the types of freon.

All Akvilon models work on environmentally friendly compositions that do not harm human health and the environment.


The company presents a wide range of models in the Russian market. Consider the most popular split systems.

Akvilon AT-07

The convenient and functional model is designed to maintain the optimal microclimate in the rooms of up to 20 square meters. M. Air conditioning consists of two parts: outer and internal. The outer part is used to withdraw warm air from the room. Moreover, the compressor is placed in the outer part of the split system, so it practically does not create noise or vibration indoors. The inner part can be placed in any part of the house or apartment.

Modern air conditioners are distinguished by high quality and a wide range of functions. AKVILON AT-07 model is equipped with a remote control, Highly efficient filters for air purification from dust, dirt and bacteria, timer of work, ionization and air humidification.

Moreover, the product has an accelerated heating mode and cooling the room. The manufacturer gives a warranty for 3 years.

Akvilon AT-09

Split system has the same device as the first. So it also does not create noise indoors. Air conditioning AKVILON AT-09 Suitable for heating and cooling rooms with an area of ​​26 kV. M. As for additional functions, the air conditioner has the following additions.

  • Cooling and heating modes are equipped with air ventilation and air purification.
  • The model is complemented by autorun. Thanks to this, the air conditioner will automatically turn on after turning off the electricity.
  • Remote flow control and air temperature.
  • Night Mode with Timer.
  • Split system conducts self-diagnosis.

Moreover, this air conditioner functions on the basis of an environmentally friendly R410A. The set includes a warranty for 3 years.

Akvilon AT-12

Compared with previous Akvilon AT-12 models It has more power and therefore it is able to effectively maintain the optimal microclimate in the room with an area of ​​up to 35 kV. M. Like all hinged split systems, it consists of internal and outdoor blocks. This minimizes the noise and vibration, and also allows you to effectively remove the streams of warm air from the room. This model is characteristic of the economical use of electricity and the latest management system. A warranty for 3 years is issued to air conditioners. Consider the additional possibilities of this split system.

  • Effective remote control system. Included to the air conditioner there is a convenient control panel.
  • After turning off the electricity, the model is automatically restarted.
  • Timer and night mode.
  • Automatic diagnosis of problems.
  • Availability of accelerated heating and cooling mode.
  • Using Eco-Freon R410A.

The company represents other models that differ in power, a set of functions, as well as service area.


As AKVILON recently appeared on the Russian market, there is no large number of reviews about various models of the manufacturer. But all of them are positive. Users respond positively about brand models. They estimated high power and efficiency of air conditioners. Moreover, they mark the fast work of split systems in turbo mode, which allows you to cool in a short time or warm the room. Also, everyone appreciated the night mode, which makes the work of the models absolutely silent, and the timer function is always triggered on time.

Besides, All models are sold at an average market price, which is due to a novelty company. This allows not to overpay for a well-advertised brand, but to purchase high-quality and functional air conditioning at an affordable price. Thus, choosing Akvilon’s products, you will receive an excellent split system that will serve you for many years.

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