Air washing venta: varieties, choice, operation

The state of human health directly depends on what he breathes. Not only the purity of the ambient air, but also the level of its humidity, temperature. Most often any climate change in the room makes it dry. Durable finding in such a room causes discomfort. The constant ventilation of the room can not always help install a comfortable level of humidity and temperature in it. For this purpose, various climatic devices that help maintain a favorable microclimate in the house. These include – air humidifiers, air conditioners, various convectors and heaters, as well as air washing, which will be discussed in detail below.


The German company Venta was founded in Winggarten in 1981 by Alfred Hisser. Today, the brand is one of the world leaders selling household appliances and climatic equipment. Branches of the company were opened in many countries in Europe and Asia. Over time, Venta goods began to be exported to the US, the Russian Federation and Japan markets, that is, in countries with the largest and complex markets. The company’s developers are engaged in constant improvement of products, an increase in the efficiency of its work while reducing electricity consumption, use in production. Environmentally friendly materials. Now the whole design of the device is suitable for processing.

A huge selection of air purifiers makes it possible to choose a model under a certain area of ​​the room. The cold evaporation system, on the principle of which the device works, helps maintain the optimal level of air humidity in the room, while the air is cleared of dust and allergens. And the furniture is not going to condensate, and the constant maintenance of 40-50% of the level of humidity does not give wooden furniture or parquet. A simple design of the product makes it possible to disassemble the device for cleaning and collecting again. On the smallest mode of operation, the cleaner spends only 3 W energy, which makes it possible to operate the device clouds.

The presence of a “night regime” and the sacchability of work makes it possible to install air sinking bedroom.

The principle of operation of the air washing of Venta is to suck dry dusty air into a rotating drum, where it is cleaned. Water keeps dust microparticles (size from 10 microns) and at the same time part evaporates, moistening air to the required level, speaking as a filter. Venta air purifiers do not imply the use of replaceable filters, so with proper care, such devices are very hygienic.

Benefit and harm

Air washing, like any other climatic devices, are designed to make a person stay in the house as comfortable as possible. There are several advantages of acquiring such an appliance, namely:

  • Moisturizing air – a low-humidity room creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of various types of viruses and bacteria, which leads to a violation of human health, so the creation of a certain level of air humidity in the room significantly reduces the risk of household disease;
  • It is an effective air purifier from accumulated dirt and dust;
  • The presence of the regulator avoids excessively moistened air indoors, which is also harmful;
  • The device is processed all air indoor;
  • Water in the reservoir does not heat up, which makes the operation of the safe device;
  • Does not result in the surrounding items of furniture and techniques of white plaque.

In addition to basic functions, many air washes are equipped with an additional set of options – a sensor behind the water level, a hygrostat, aerosol with a capacity of cartridges, a timer, several modes of operation, a cleaning reminder system and so on.

Despite the large number of advantages of buying air sink, there are a number of shortcomings of such climatic equipment.

The main one is considered not an easy care. To indoors in which the washing is installed, there has always been a favorable microclimate, it is necessary to fully clean the device at least once every 4 days. In this case, the device needs to be fully disassembled and clean each of the details of the structure, and there are many. After which it is necessary to carefully assemble the device without damaging a single element.

In addition, there are still a few small minuses of air mossets, namely:

  • Only continuous operation of the device makes it possible to maintain a comfortable level of humidity in the room;
  • Such a type of humidifier does not provide for recognition of contaminated particles less than 10 microns;
  • The installed fine filters must be changed regularly to new;
  • irregular cleaning of equipment can lead to the appearance of mold and fungus on the outer body of the fan and the water tank, so it is extremely important to periodically wash the device completely;
  • The device has a rather large design;
  • Pretty high cost of goods – from 10,000 to 40,000 rubles.

The lineup

A wide range of air purifiers is represented by devices that differ in the size of the plates of the drum plate, the power of the motor, the volume of water tank. All models are available in two colors – white and black. Among the large selection of air miles of Venta, several popular models can be distinguished.

  • Venta LW15 air purifier. It is designed to purify air in a room of 10 square meters. M and moisturizing rooms of 20 square meters. M. It has a compact design, so perfectly suitable for a small bedroom or children’s. The device includes two modes of operation, portable tank, water tank for 5 liters. The power consumed in the operating mode is 3-4 W. The manufacturer gives a warranty for 10 years. The price of the product is 15 000 rubles.

  • Venta LW45 air purifier. It is designed for premises with a large area – up to 75 kV. M. This model is purchased for accommodation in offices, studios, halls, halls. The device has three modes of operation with a power consumption from 3.5 to 8 W. Volume of water tank – 10 liters. There is a portable tank, built-in automatic shutdown function. Manufacturer’s warranty – 10 years. Device price – 31,500 rubles.

  • Air Wash Venta LW60T. A new series of cleaners calculated for installation in large rooms – up to 150 kV. M. The performance of the humidifier is 700 ml per hour with a volume of water reservoir 8 l. The device has many additional parameters – autorem, control via Wi-Fi, cleaning program, built-in display, displaying temperature and air humidity level, as well as night mode and child protection. The manufacturer’s warranty is given for 2 years. The cost of such an instrument is 93,000 rubles.

  • Air Wash Venta LW62T. The most expensive model of Venta cleaners. It is designed for huge rooms area up to 250 kV. M. The equipment has high performance – 1000 ml per hour and five modes of operation. The built-in display displays the temperature and level of air humidity. The device can be connected to the water supply, it is possible to control via Wi-Fi, timer and night regime. Warranty on the cleaner is given for 2 years. The cost of such a model – 223 500 rubles.

How to choose?

Buying a sink of air for the house must be immediately solved, in which room it will be, as each device is designed to clean the air in the premises of a particular area. therefore It is extremely important for efficient air purification to acquire a device with regard to the size of the room in which it will be installed. Many are mistaken, assuming the device as a mobile air humidifier. The device is designed to support a favorable microclimate in one room, and it is transferred to another, you can break the level of humidity in the room supported by the cleaner. The power of the product should also correspond to the size of the room.

No need to buy too powerful device into a small bedroom, for room facilities 50 kV. Meters perfectly suitable car wash with power indicator from 25 to 35 W.

The following selection criterion is its silent. Most models are purchased into sleeping or children’s rooms, so the level of noise of the device is extremely important. The vehicle of each air purifier indicates the noise level indicator. Buying the device, you should consider this indicator, especially if it is assumed that the washing will work at night. The efficiency of the cleaner is a high performance of its performance. It lies in the amount of water, which is consumed by the device for one hour, so the water tank must be at least 5 liters.

The presence of additional functions such as air flavoring and its disinfection is necessary to destroy malicious bacteria in the ambient air and create a pleasant smell in the room. Do such additional options need air purifier, solve only the buyer, since the cost of such a product will be an order of magnitude higher than the usual device.

Terms of Use

After purchasing the Venta air purifier, it is necessary to carefully read the user’s manual, which comes with a product. The content of the instruction manual includes brief safety rules when using the instrument, a description of the device, its technical characteristics, operating rules, maintenance and care, eliminating possible troubleshooting and so on.

Before the first inclusion of air purifier, Venta should be viewed with the following main requirements of the device’s safe operation:

  • The device must be connected to the power grid, which withstands the voltage level specified in the device;
  • All Venta air purifiers can only be connected through a standard power adapter, which is included;
  • It is forbidden to cover the device, as well as put objects on it or become yourself;
  • It should limit the access of children to the cleaner, not allowing to play with it;
  • troubleshooting in the operation of the device should be carried out only by a specialist for the repair of household appliances;
  • It is impossible to make water to the device;
  • Non-working device must be disconnected from the power supply;
  • Place the air sink should be on a flat surface at a distance of at least 50 cm from the surrounding items.

In addition to the device, there is a user manual, a prospectus for products, several advertising leaflets and two bubbles of hygienic additive (the volume of one detergent bottle – 50 ml). On the control board there is a “on-shutdown” button, operation indicator light, operation mode designation, automatic shutdown light bulb and operation mode selection button.

Possible malfunctions

When violating the air purifier, Venta Two types of troubleshooting are possible.

  • The device is not working. One of the reasons may be a loosely inserted or not inserted by the power supply plug into the outlet. Check and, if necessary, insert until it clicks the power cord into the outlet. And the power adapter may not be connected to the power supply. In this case, you need to reinstate the power supply to the outlet and turn on the cleaner by pressing the “Turning on-off” button.
  • Constantly burning automatic shutdown light bulb. The first reason may be an insufficient amount of water at the bottom of the device. To correct this, you need to turn off the device from the power supply, pour water and turn the cleaner again. It is important to know: distilled water – a bad conductor, so it is baying it into the device, you can also face the problem of a burning red light bulb. The second reason can be an open or poorly installed top of the air sink. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to smoothly install the upper part of the device on the bottom, close it tightly, pressing on the edges. Then turn off and turn on the cleaner again.
  • Flashing indicator. The reason may be any technical malfunction in the operation of the engine unit. In this case, you need to call a service center for further advice with a specialist.

Review reviews

          Review reviews of people who have already time to test air washes Venta in practice quite positive. Almost everyone celebrates a significant decrease in the level of dust in the room, the ability to create a comfortable microclimate in the room, the convenience of paving the design during cleaning, as well as high performance of the device. Of the disadvantages, some implaced the noise of the humidifier during the work. In addition, buyers were pleased with their acquisition. But for many, it became a disappointment of a high price of devices of this company.

          Venta Air Washing Overview in Video.

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