Air humidifier fans: Device, Review of models and selection tips

Duchot and dry air indoors are very annoyed by a person. The harmful effects of heat affects the heart and vessels: the pulse is studied, pressure drops and in general the body begins to work in extreme mode. Against the background of all this, a person has even a psyche disorder.

Saving “sweat in three streams” helps modern climatic systems. Primitive on the principle of work, relatively cheap, but all the most relevant among them remain fans.

Advanced fans

Today these simple devices – fans – improved. Manufacturers supplemented them with air humidifiers. Now the fan with such a function creates not just a persecuted air flow, but also saturates its moisture. The resulting air medium from the fan operation with a humidifier is similar to the resulting effect from the air conditioner.

How is all this is achieved, you can learn from the device and the principle of action of the fan with moisture. Constructive changes have been subjected to only outdoor type.


So now it is arranged Modern outdoor fan:

  • tubular support with the possibility of adjusting height;
  • electric motor;
  • impeller protected by a grid;
  • block with mode switches;
  • Water reservoir stand;
  • evaporative chamber;
  • water heating system;
  • Ultrasonic emitter.

Some models, mostly expensive and with air ionization, are complemented:

  • built-in timer;
  • control panel;
  • hygrometer that controls the level of humidity;
  • Fragravization unit with interchangeable cartridges.

Incomprehensible for many ionization function is actually a big plus. Due to it, the air becomes discharged, saturated with oxygen. Creates a sense of stay in the mountains or during the water branch area. When inhalation of such air, the charge of cheerfulness and mood appears. Despite the multiple and incomprehensible elements, the device works quite simply.

Principle of working with humidifier

When the device is enabled, the device is supplied to the power voltage. He and the impeller, fixed on his shaft, begin to rotate. Depending on the inclusive speed, the flow of air of a certain force is formed.

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At the same time, water in the tank is heated. The heating process and ultrasound exposure lead to the evaporation of water. The formed pairs of tubes inside the support rises to the blades, where it is sprayed from the air flow created by them. So the humidification system works.

Ionization is achieved by a separate block. It includes a current converter and filter. Electrodes are used as the emitter, from which free electrons are formed. They fall under the flow of air and form an ion wind, which saturates air oxygen.

As can be seen from the above, today the fan from the simple device has become a real climatic installation. Its household appointment for the home is now expanded to industrial scale. Moistribution fans can be found in greenhouses, greenhouses, medical facilities, manufacturing workshops, sites and entertainment places. But the main sphere of its application remains.

The lineup

Outdoor versions of fans with a moisturizer of air a lot.

Eminty brands are:

  • Ves electrik;
  • Ricci;
  • Vitta;
  • AEG;
  • Vitek;
  • Zanussi.

The price range of these models begins from 3 thousand. rubles, which makes them available for a wide range of consumers.

Automatic regulation of all parameters, including:

  • speed mode;
  • Timer on and off;
  • heating intensity;
  • auto traffic;
  • Backlight, Ionization and Remote Switching Options.

In general, everything is provided in the data models of manufacturers.

By rating outdoor models, it is impossible to name the best. It all depends on personal preferences and financial capabilities of a potential buyer. Help to understand however, it is possible to consider in the technical capabilities that should be considered when choosing a fan with moisture.

Technical points of choice

When buying it is important to take into account such an indicator as the power of the device. It is measured in watts, and the serviced area will depend on it. Per 1 sq. m accounts for 6-7 W useful power of the device. Therefore, for example, for a bedroom with an area of ​​14 kV. m will suit the fan with a power of 100-120 W. The fan in the hall is usually started to choose from the limit of 150 W.

  1. The diameter of the impeller. Moment is important. The fan action radius will depend on it. The larger the diameter, the bigger zone covers the air flow.
  2. Water tank. From its capacity will depend on the frequency of the liquid. An occupied person, of course, it is better to purchase a model with a large tank so that its volume is enough for the whole hot season.
  3. Tilt and angle of rotation. These values ​​refer to the “head” part of the device. The higher these numbers, the better. These indicators, like the diameter of the impeller, affect the covered area of ​​the blowing area.
  4. Noise device. Measured in Decibelch. Suitable values ​​stacked in the frame up to 30 dB. With all that above this value, you have to put up.
  5. Performance. Her will depend on the achieved level of comfort. Incorrectly chosen performance will lead to the fact that the fan will not cope with one of the main function – moisturizing. It is not necessary to count anything, it is simply necessary to take a model with a maximum productivity coefficient. Performance must be at least 5 thousand. cubic meters per hour.
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Additional parameters that may be useful are the remote control, backlight and automatic timer. The console will create convenience in switching work modes. Illumination will help not drop or find a device at night. Automatic timer, pre-programmed under operation, will not distract control. At a given time, it will turn on or turn off the device, and it will make it with the set speed parameters, steam intensity.


One of the questions that usually arises in the buyer’s head, which decided to purchase an outdoor fan regarding the need of moisture function. Indeed, the usual model will cost cheaper. But the pluses of the fan with moisture prove the opposite.

The advantages of fans with moisture have convincing moments.

  1. Thanks to cooling And simultaneous moisturization creates a comfortable microclimate.
  2. Easy exploitation. Unlike air conditioning, which makes approximately the same, no expensive installation and subsequent maintenance (refueling, repair).
  3. Financial accessibility. The actual moment when there is no possibility to purchase an expensive climatic installation.
  4. Gradual effects. Risks to catch a sudden drops – minimal.


Picture of using fan with moisture appears rainbow. However, it is impossible to forget about the disadvantages.

They also found their place in such an unusual device.

  1. Noity. Manufacturers get rid of it until nowhere. Durable device operations documen your silver wind.
  2. Require a certain space. The outdoor option for pasty premises is bulky. In this regard, they are superior to air conditioners that are installed under the ceiling and do not interfere with the movement of people.


Despite the minuses, the quantity and weight of the benefits wins. The cheap alternative to the air conditioner in the form of a fan with a moisturizing system works effectively and saves millions of people who chose it from the heat. The primitive fan in the final form is already becoming a sales leader and competes with many types of climatic systems, and competition, it is known, in an empty place does not occur.

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In the next video, see the review on the fan, the humidifier and the UFO ATSFI-121 ionizer.

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