Acoustics for the house: description, types, features of choice

The acoustic system for the house helps to create a real home theater, even if the screen for watching movies is not very big. Consider Read more Description, Types, as well as features of the choice of acoustics for the house.


Modern computer or laptop can be connected to an acoustic system and enjoy bulk high-quality sound, especially during a computer game. Tv although has its own sound system, but With separately connected acoustics issues a stunningly clean sound. The effect of the cinema is obtained, since the audio wave is affected on the listener from all sides.

To achieve this, music columns need to dispersed in the room.

Instruction, as a rule, helps in this, but sometimes it is necessary to independently configure if the sound quality does not suit (for example, echo or the sound is not clean). The standard acoustics system is to combine five satellite columns and one subwoofer. If you connect together such equipment, the system will be called


Acoustics system are divided into 2 categories: Active and passive. The main difference between the first option from the second – the power amplifier is embedded directly into the housing.


As indicated above, all the work is built on an amplifying unit that is mounted in the column body. The work of this installation (it adjusts sound oscillations passing from the device for playing to satellites) is easy to control, turning the regulator on the reproductor. In addition, the amplifier can reduce the load on the dynamics, which significantly reduces the power of the urzch. Since the amplifying component is directly connected to the audio colors, the audio system will give the sound of increased quality and definition. Details of such a system are less than heating, and therefore serve longer.

Music equipment of modern production has Built-in processor. This greatly simplifies the process of setting up home acoustics, unlike earlier releases of acoustic-musical systems, in which there were a large number of switches togglers. Such an audio system could only serve the user with the necessary technical skills.

Cons of the active audio system are as follows:

  • Be sure to use two wires that are responsible for the signal and power;
  • If the amplifying unit is damaged and not subject to repair, the column also ceases to function properly.

Important! Audio colors with an active system are perfectly suitable for home watching movies or computer games. For professional use they are not used.


In this version of the audio system No built-in modules – these are the usual speakers. It is required to choose a separate amplifying component. Important moment when selecting: The power of the dynamics must coincide with the power of the amplifying unit. If the power amplifier exceeds the system capabilities, the speakers will fail. Interestingly, the same speakers sound differently. This difference depends on the connected amplifier.

In the professional sphere applies precisely Passive type of audio system. The main advantage of passive columns is the ability to install at a considerable distance from the scene, closer to viewers / listeners. At the same time, the amplifier (setup and control tool) is beyond the reach of the public. Its work does not depend on weather conditions, as well as it is protected from damage to intruders. Due to high power, electronic components are strongly heated and can stop functioning – it is minus the system of passive species.

Form factor

In production is set defined A set of high-quality techno characteristics. Be sure to purchase the size of the space of space, in which the acoustic system will be mounted, you need to install and select the number of columns. Modern user selection – multi-channel surround speakers. Common options – system 5.1 or 7.1, but there are variations 3.1 and

Important! The value to the point is the number of columns. Value after point – low-frequency subwoofer. The more channels, the better the sound quality, the ability to immerse the listener directly to the center of the sound.

It is worth considering the main types of acoustics by the method of location.


This type of acoustics can be purchased for apartments with an area of ​​more than 18 m². Most often, the floor system is installed in a spacious living room or in a room with free space, since themselves Columns massive and volumetric. Floor speakers are experiencing a greater load, so they need a high-quality amplifier. An acoustic system should be compatible with an amplifier or AV receiver. When buying, you must be consulted about the value of the recommended power. If the receiver is incompatibilities or the amplifier will not be able to produce a clean sound or turn off at all with a significant increase in volume. The speaker system indicates the “Power” parameter, it is necessary to choose an amplifier by its value, although some owners compare with similar volume columns.

If the choice is stopped on a floor acoustics consisting of one device, it is better to choose Three-band system. In it, one speaker reproduces high frequencies, the second – the middle and the third – the lower. Good detail is also possible when used 2.5 and 3.5 Audio Systems. Three-band system provides detailed and saturated sound. The number of speakers sometimes does not coincide with the number of bands, since in some audio systems to one speaker, the manufacturer may install 2 bands.

On racks

This is another type of floor speakers, as they are located on the floor. This audio system can be installed in an apartment with a large hall and in spacious rooms with a minimum of furniture. Speakers are installed on the racks, which raise the system by 25-40 cm above the floor. With the help of the regulator on the rack itself, you can control the height of the lift. The design of the lifts allows you to adjust the purity of the sound, changing the level of height. Some models have recommendations on setting the speakers to the desired height. Without using a rack lowered to the floor, the system issues a distorted sound and reduces bass.

Important! The user can independently determine whether the audio system will be on the shelf (the estimale) or stand on the racks.


Many city buyers make a choice in favor of the ceiling acoustic system, as it Suitable for installation in a small room or room up to 25 m². Another advantage of the ceiling option is absolute independence from the space – it does not require a separate place on the floor or wall. Easily embedded system does not require separate space. Such columns are well conjured with two-channel musical systems, as well as the frontal satellites of multichannel audio engineering.


This is Acoustic kit with built-in decoder. Typically, the composition of the kit – several speakers, most often two. The small size of the system allows you to locate speakers directly on the desktop or on the shelf. There are more numerous configurations – systems 5.1 or, If you do not purchase a subwoofer, satellites will not give out volumetric bass. Such columns are good to use for listening to musical compositions or when watching a movie on home PC. Satellites are a budget version of the speaker system. It is suitable for those who do not impose high sound requirements and does not need a powerful audio system.


This is a new type of music-reproducing equipment that appeared not so long ago. Thoughtful design will emphasize minimalism and perfectly fit into the modern interior. Soundbar is a compact sound panel with multichannel (sometimes stereo) system. The notableness of such audio colors is to combine all elements (speakers, an amplifying unit, a device for reading memory cards).

Although Soundbar has a minimalist view, his musical issuance is equal to the full multichannel sound 7.1 or Significant minus saunbar – not very high power (it means it does not consume a lot of food) and a fairly high price category. Soundbars are well suited for small apartments in which the music will be brought to the volume. Soundbars support television connectors.

Deciding with the type of acoustic system, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the leading manufacturers of musical audio.

F & D (Fenda) – the desire for perfection

These are products of Chinese production. This brand was known as Sven in Ukraine until November 2004. The manufacturer then stopped collaboration and established direct access to the consumer. F & D independently represented our own products and new lineups of related goods and configuration. The company is constantly improving produced products. Most well-known products: Active acoustics for home theater, personal computer. Portable multimedia sets are also available.

Creators of F & D (Fenda) take into account customer customer opportunities, at the same time do not deprive their products quality. Special attention is paid to the designer solution and convenience in exploitation. The company has proven itself as a manufacturer of budget models of acoustic systems. Most often consumers who choose the acoustics of format 2.1, lean to the F & D trading brand (Fenda). Despite the fact that this is a Chinese manufacturer, the assembly is characterized by quality and materials used. Separately, it is worth saying about sound, because pure sound is another plus in favor of F & D.

Genius (Kye Systems)

This is the trade name of the Taiwanese manufacturer’s brand, which is engaged in the development and release of peripheral computer equipment. Under the brand name Genius KYE Corporation for sale not only components for computer equipment, but also acoustic systems for personal computers. For more than 30 years, Genius is firmly held on the market and produces inexpensive compact audio systems, and also offers technical solutions to improve sound quality. Her Acoustic systems are compatible with personal computers, netbooks, TVs. Genius designer approach surprises and admire. Base – wooden canvas. The use of such a material will extend the service life of the device and that most importantly – will not distort the sound while playing music.

Microlab (Microlab Electronics)

This is a company of an international level, obtained by combining two manufacturers: International Microlab (America) and Shenzhen Microlab Technology (China). The task of the new manufacturer is to create not only computer peripherals, but also modern audio systems. Grand work on the development, research and introduction of new technologies when creating acoustic systems for mass use. Very often, consumers seeing the brand Microlab, choose this brand, as they are confident as sound and in the equipment itself.

The company produces not only compact acoustic audio systems. New Generation Microlab Electronics Products – Devices 5.1, designed to collaborate with TV. With such a system it is easy to achieve the effect of the cinema. Lovers watch movies at home will definitely appreciate the quality sound from Microlab speakers. Thanks to the use of a wooden basis There is no interference and interruptions in the work of another technique in close proximity. According to the results of the survey of most users, these columns are the loudest.

Philips (Koninklijke Philips N. V.)

This is a Netherlands transnational company that has passed the way from the coal light to modern diagnostic medical equipment. The range of products is very wide, and the brand is so recognizable that any will confirm the quality of Philips products. Portable columns are now popular, Philips is not lagging behind. Portable acoustic system Philips looks modern and effectively, perfectly copes with music playback, without interference or noise. The case is made on the new technology – with moisture and dust protection. Wireless columns quickly charged. The acoustic system from Philips can be adapted to the work of the “smart” house.


Products of this manufacturer – Modern quality standard For those who prefer to immerse themselves in all musical shades. Country of manufacture – Japan. It is worth noting a wide range of products, among which audio systems and separate embedded components are allocated for music playback. Russian professional acoustics (guitar and microphones) are very valued with us and abroad.

Important! Some manufacturers are embedded in the audio system guitar amplifier, which is designed to enhance the sound of the guitar, as well as it helps process the sound. The presence of this function in a specific model must be specified by the sellers.

Criterias of choice

To find the desired model of the audio system, you need to explore the description of the characteristics. Compound part of the speaker system can be several options.

  • one.0 – Designation of portable columns. In low-cost models, the sound quality is not very good, but they have an advantage – a small size (there will not be much space in the backpack) and you can always take them. Portable models are popular among adolescents and young people, as well as they are suitable for those who do not want to part with music. More expensive options will have the quality of sound an order of magnitude higher, but they still will not be equal to the present speaker system.
  • 2.0 – Designation of two front speakers that are not bad play sound in stereo mode. They are perfect for the desktop and for connecting to a personal computer. With them you can watch a movie on home PC or listen to your favorite playlist.
  • – Designation of two front speakers and subwoofer. Such a system is approaching the high-quality playback of all sound effects, it can be selected home. The bass is transmitted to the subwoofer, and other frequencies – on satellites. By installing the amplifier on the floor and putting the satellite at different ends of the table, unscrewing them from the monitor, you can enjoy home viewing and experience pleasant emotions. Those who really distinguishes just a good sound from high quality, this option is not suitable, because the subwoofer resets low frequencies, because of which the sound is distorted.
  • 4.0 – Designation of two rear and two front speakers. Such a system provides a cleaner stereo sound. The combination of 2 on 2 is designed specifically for inexperienced kinomans who want to watch movies in the home atmosphere. And also they are suitable for personal listening of musical compositions at low volume.
  • – Designation of two rear and two front speakers, complemented by another column with a subwoofer block. This is a supplemented system (with an amplifier), which gives the sound approximate almost to the perfect sound. It is perfect for a spacious studio.
  • – Designation of two front speakers, two rear, central and subwoofer. Such a combination guarantees complete enjoyment of musical accompaniment. This option is great for connoisseurs of high-quality home movies or computer games with sound special effects.

Consider more, what other criteria should be taken into account when choosing a home columns.

  • Power. In the choice of power you need to come with your desires and evaluate the quality of the sound in a certain area of ​​the room. It makes no sense to buy an expensive audio system if you have nowhere to put it or it can not fulfill its functions due to a small space. For a small apartment, 25-40 watts per canal. If the area has a large room or it’s own home, you can try to install 50-70 watts. If the audio system is used for home parties, it is better to take 60-150 watts, for the street format festivals to choose a device from 120 watts.

For discos and other events related to constant music playback, high performance equipment and low frequencies are used. Consumers trust such models as Sony Shake-66D or LG CM9540. But it is not necessary to acquire these models for a closed small room – the sound quality and bass will not be properly reproduced due to the fact that the system is designed for another space.

  • Frequency range. Qualitative sound is guaranteed provided that the frequency of the bands is approaching the frequency range captured by the human ear: from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Professional equipment can give higher performance. With a decrease in frequency, the bass are stronger, then in computer games the sound from shooting sounds most realistic. Those who need bass, it is worth purchasing columns with a frequency of 10 Hz, and movies to watch movies in a relaxed home environment – buy a system with an indicator to 40,000 Hz.

  • Material and equipment. Material used to produce columns and amplifier box affects sound quality. If in the manufacturing process, the manufacturer saves and makes the body of plastic, the consumer will get rattling and extraneous noises while watching the film. The system of the housing made of wood gives a pure surround sound. If components are attached to the system, you need to check that they are the same length (for example, foot-fasteners). If the length turns out to be different, the system installed crooked will issue a “curve”, “floating” sound.

If you choose between MDF and chipboard models, Better to stay on the MDF, Since he is better and reliable. Designs from chipboard fragile and poorly endure increased humidity. The body of plastic can quickly deform, which means to issue a poor-quality sound. Aluminum case will save the internal parts from damage for a long time, but it will distort the sound.

  • Optical input. Modern audio systems are designed with optical entrance. Such a technical solution allows you to transmit a signal by means of a light stream concluded in the cable structure. The signal is fed from the TV optical output connector to the receiver’s optical input.

  • The size. There are three main categories of music centers:
    • micro – with anterior panel width up to 18 cm;
    • mini – with anterior panel width up to 28 cm;
    • Midi are the largest and powerful, their composition may include disconnected elements.

      • Audio colors with bluetooth function. Improved audio systems operate from the remote control signals. Modern complexes Support Bluetooth 4 wireless communication.2. This advantageous advantage is allocated similar systems among others, as they make it possible to listen to the music files on the smartphone, tablet or laptop without using the connecting wire (from the carrier device to the speakers).

      On how to build an acoustic system, see the following video.

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