4-room apartment design 42 kV. M: Interior design ideas

Holders of small apartments fall with special care to think about interior design. I want the apartment to be cozy and modern, with a facilitator. The material of this article will prompt which design ideas today are relevant, how to better plan and arrange the rooms and a bathroom in an apartment with an area of ​​42 sq. M.

Features planning

The layout of the majority of the “doubles” of the old sample is not distinguished by special convenience. Having only 42 kV. meter, it is difficult to put on something large-scale. Typical layout of “Khrushchev” is the so-called “book”. In such apartments there are common passing and adjacent rooms. This is not the best planning.

Improved outlook the housing is considered to be the “Tram” layout. In this case, the rooms are also adjacent, but they are more comfortable. In addition, the location of the rooms can be symmetrical (“Butterfly”). In this case, the kitchen is located between them. In a different way, such a layout is called “Spasching”.

When the location of the wall overlaps is not the most convenient, the question of partial demolition of partitions or alignment, such as kitchen or bedrooms with a balcony by removing the wall to the windows. In other cases they are engaged in redevelopment, beat the shortcomings of the room perspective.

The layout must be thought out and the most functional. Even before the start of repair of a two-room apartment, the area planned in such a way as enough space for sleep, rest, storage, and the bathroom. At the same time, it is often necessary to repel from the location of communications, doorways, existing protrusions and niches.

Eurodve-native apartment with an area of ​​42 kV. m is created from “odnushka”. In this case, resort to redevelopment, trying to use the space of each dwelling room as rationally. Similar accommodation may have a layout with loggia and even storage room. His bathroom has a combined and separate.

Zoning space

To design a two-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​42 kV. m in Khrushchev turned out to be modern and aesthetically attractive, it is necessary to properly organize the space of each room. The ideal solution will be the separation of each room to the functional zones.

This will allow an unobtrusive organization to the interior and make an apartment more comfortable even without redevelopment.

You can zonate any room through:

  • Colors of wall, floor and ceiling coating;
  • selection and placement of wall and ceiling lights;
  • creating fences from existing furnishing elements;
  • use of various facing material, furniture;
  • Creating different to the appointment of functional islands.


Finishing a small apartment implies accounting for several main criteria:

  • The color scheme should be bright, used with soft and noble;
  • Luminaires can have a different form, but small size and concise design;
  • In the interior, it is allowed to use a contrast using no more than 4 shades;
  • As a basis, it is advisable to choose minimalistic modern design directions;
  • Furniture should be linear, ergonomic and optimally functional.

It is important to use the minimum accessories, create an effect of visual space and ease.

In priority, not too bulk furniture from plywood, wood and metal. Finishing materials should not be a motley, unwanted large drawing on the walls. Textiles pick up aesthetically attractive and practical.


In the hall you can equip 2 zones: guest and rest. Place of reception is equipped with a compact sofa and a tea table. Furniture can be positioned by the wall, opposite the TV zone. So that the room does not seem small, you need to choose a light trim of walls, as well as modern curtains (roller, please, Roman, classic on the chamoises or rings). Curtain material may be light, air. Lighting devices here must be compact, which will create an effect of an increase in the room.


In the bedroom of a two-bedroom apartment, you can equip 2 zones: sleeping and toilet room. Instead of the departure zone in the bedroom, you can equip a working area. The bed here is placed in such a way that there is a place for free movement around the room. The color solution of the interior should be light, the dark tones and large prints on the walls are excluded. In a narrow room, furniture is linear.

To visually increase the room, the design uses mirrors.


Despite the unity of the color solution of the whole apartment, the tint of the kitchen interior can be dynamic. Small space furniture with focus on functionality. In the priority of the banquette, soft corners with chairs or stools. You can equip the room a narrow sofa of angular type. Kitchen furniture must have a practical moisture-resistant upholstery. The space is divided into 2 zones: cooking and dining room, drawing up the room, taking into account the rules of the working triangle.


Hallway layout usually linear. Placement of furniture along the wall saves a useful area. Near the login you can position a narrow hallway or hanger with a mirror. Here they put a pouf or a banquet needed for more convenient arms. Finishing wall materials here must be practical and durable. In priority washable wallpaper or wall panels from plastic.


To the arrangement and layout of the plumbing node you need to approach. Plumbing buy in a single style and color, picking up the same in the form of furnishing elements. For the effect of design unity to plumbing, the same fitness is acquired. Each subject based on user security reasons. The space is divided into 3 zones: washing, washing and toilet (if the bathroom is combined). The bath is trying to burn from the rest of the zones by means of partial or full-fledged Shirm.

Choice of furniture

Furniture for a small apartment has several characteristic features. It is compact, ergonomic, functional. If it is a sofa, then it is necessary with a transformation mechanism that allows you to arrange raised guests overnight. If the banquette, then with a folding lid and a drawer for storing any necessary things in everyday life. If the corner is mild, with a box, soft armrests or built-in shelves.

The color solution of furniture should be related in the entire apartment. At the same time, the shades of color may differ in the degree of saturation. Form, style and design are approximately the same. This will create the effect of unity in the interior design.

The style of furnishing elements should be united, which can manifest itself in decoration and decor.

The main set of furniture for arranging the entire apartment is to include a function sofa (linear or angular type), corner, coffee table, wardrobe, work and toilet table, bed, hallway, dining table and chairs. Buying Tumba will depend on the functionality of the cabinets and the sofa.

Sofas may have not only internal linen storage boxes. Depending on the design, they can supply a lot of useful functions. For example, they are often equipped with minibars, countertops, side shelves, racks. Separate varieties have tables built into armrests. Under such countertops can be mild puffs.

    Beautiful examples

    We offer 10 ideas of the room of a two-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​42 kV. M, able to inspire the comfort of the atmosphere of comfort in their own dwelling.

    • The arrangement of the dining area with the focus of the wall.

    • Modular sofa as a key element of a guest zone.

    • Rational use of balcony as a resting place.

    • Bathroom decoration in modern style.

    • Rational placement of washing machine and cabinet with shelves.

    • Apartment design in modern style with redevelopment.

    • Examples of zoning kitchen on the working and dining area.

    • Creating a comfort zone in the guest’s guest space.

    • An increase in the room of the hall due to the alignment of the living room and the balcony.

    • The arrangement of the bedroom in the best traditions of minimalism.

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