Whether cockroaches fly and how they do it?

Cockroaches are one of the most common types of insects that are found in the house. Like almost all insects, have two pairs of wings. But not all of them use them for flights.

What cockroaches wings?

The body of cockroaches consists of a triangular head, a taurus with tenacious paws, pulp and wings. Insect sizes are different. If you look at cockroaches near, you can see fragile bottom wings and tighter top.

They grow in these insects not immediately. When the young cockroaches appear on the light, they have no wings, only a soft shell. In the process of growing, they reset it several times. Over time, the cockroaches appear weak wings, which are strengthened over time.

Front pair of wings that adjies to the back of the insect, they are never used. They need cockroaches only to protect. They move through the air only with the help of the rear pair of wings. They are transparent and thin. Usually, The color of the wings coincides with the hint of chitin.

Does homemade cockroaches fly?

Two main types of cockroaches are found in homes and apartments.


In Russia, ordinary redhead cockroaches are known as Prusaki. They call them so because it is believed that they moved to us from Prussia. However, in Europe at the same time believe that Russia has become a focus of the spread of these insects.

Redhead cockroaches are found in homes and apartments quite often. In addition, they can be seen in hospitals, at dachas and in catering establishments. Redhead cockroaches are not addictive. They feed not only fresh, but also spoiled products. When they lack food residues, they begin to eat paper, textiles, and sometimes even nibble wires.

Insects are able to penetrate even closed lockers or refrigerators. therefore If the pests started in the house, you need to carefully handle all the available surfaces with disinfectants.

Small red-colored cockroaches breed very quickly. So it’s quite difficult to deal with them. In everyday life, these insects are practically not used by their wings. Usually homemade red cockroaches use them in order to run away from danger faster, jumping up low obstacles.

Also they use their wings during the marriage period. At this time, the female in the process of attracting the male slightly places the wings and shakes them.


Such insects are also called kitchen. In the houses they meet less often red cockroaches. The peak of insect activity falls during the dark. There are practically no visible in the dark. When the room includes light, these insects are running out, hiding in all sorts of cracks. Like their red-haired conifers, these insects are practically not used with their wings.

The maximum that they can – parry from place to place, using their wings in order for the landing to be softer.

It is believed that domestic cockroaches have the ability to fly atrophied over time due to the fact that they do not need to fly far to search for food.

Summing up, we can say that Homemade cockroaches fly very rarely. First of all, because they run very quickly. Such insects are able to develop speed up to 4 kilometers per hour. And thanks to sensitive hairs on their paws, they are able to easily change the trajectory of movement. So, use wings to escape from somewhere, they do not need.

They use their wings for the following purposes.

  1. In the resettlement process. When insect colony too grow or have some other reasons for finding a new habitat, they can make small flights to search for another house. If there were flying cockroaches of red or black in the house, they should urgently get rid of. In order to make it most quickly and efficiently, it is worth seeking help from specialists who will fulfill the premises processing.
  2. Looking for food. As a rule, cockroaches will settle in those places where there are a lot of food. After pointing in the house of the perfect order, they begin to experience the lack of food. Therefore, they have to actively look for new places where they can be reached. In the process of searching insects make short flights.
  3. When changing weather conditions. If the temperature and level of humidity in the habitats of these insects are changing, they can in a rush to leave the oblivion of the territory. In order to speed up this process, most home cockroaches use their wings.

In other cases, cockroaches behave calmly and move along various surfaces extremely short forces.

Flying varieties

In addition to ordinary home cockroaches, there are also varieties of insects that can fly. They meet mainly in countries with a warm climate.


This big cockroach is a coniferous red rider. The wings of this brown insect are slightly longer than his relative. For the first time such cockroaches were identified in America in the late 80s of the last century. Now they are sufficiently common in the southern states of the United States and in the warm countries of Asia.

Unlike Prusakov, these cockroaches are good to fly. Like moths, they constantly strive for light. Insects prefer to live in the open air, but still quite often fly into residential premises and can even base whole colonies there.


This is one of the largest cockroaches around the world. The reddish caller of such a huge insect in magnitude can reach 5 centimeters. These parasites multiply very quickly. Each of the females for his life makes about 90 masonry. Each of them contains 10-12 eggs. Fertilization occurs without the participation of males. It is noteworthy that these insects, in contrast to many of their relatives, care about their offspring.

Cockroaches call American, but they got into the USA from Africa. Settled there they decided because of what they liked the country with a warm climate. In Russia, they can be found in Sochi.

Usually such insects live in trash trays, various collection systems, sewage systems and large warehouses. Colonies of cockroaches large and quickly apply to the captured territories. These insects are pretty unpretentious. They can eat not only food waste, but also paper or synthetic materials. Fly such insects are quite active. Wings are well developed.


This is another giant among insects. Australian cockroach is A variety of tropical. You can find it on the brown color of the Taurus and the light stripe on the side. Externally, the insect is similar to the American cockroach, but differs from him smaller sizes.

Inhabit such pests usually in the warmth climate. Cold they don’t take out. It is also worth noting that Australian cockroaches Like increased humidity. They feed on various organic substances. Most of all love plants. Special harm to such insects are brought if they fall into greenhouses or a greenhouse.


These cockroaches are distinguished by very small. They look almost the same as American. They have light green. On the edges you can see the yellow stripes. Cuban cockroaches are also called banana.

They fly very well, almost just like butterflies. In the evening, they are easy to notice, because they usually tend to light. Live such insects usually in rotten wood. They received their name due to the fact that they can often be found on the platforms of the banana palm trees and on plantations.


It’s pretty rare insects. Outwardly, they resemble Prusakov. But the color of the cockroaches are not redhead, but yellow, with a slight grayish or brown tint. Mostly these insects live in nature, since the main source of their nutrition – plants. In the houses such insects flew very rarely. Selling to colonies also do not like.


This type of cockroaches was discovered in the middle of the last century in Russia. They were named furniture due to the fact that they love to dwell in archives and libraries, that is, in places where there is a huge number of furniture. But it is not attracted by her, but books rich in wallpaper glue. It is their furniture cockroaches most often and feed. They also eat any food rich in starch.

Learn these insects in appearance very simple. They are bright red and have wings with brown stripes. Use their cockroaches are pretty good. But despite this, they fly very rarely. Now such insects can be seen in the central regions of the country.


These cockroaches have a reddish or brown color. In length they reach three centimeters. Only adults and developed males are capable of flying. In females, the wings not formed to the end and very weak.


Large smoky cockroaches are closely connected with American. They can be found in a uniform red-brown color. The chest of such an insect is darker and brilliant. In length, the body of such a cockroach reaches 2-3 centimeters. These insects feed on organic substances. Like most cockroaches, are pudals.

Insects can dwell both in the wild and indoors. There are such cockroaches in the USA, Australia and Japan. In Russia, there is almost no likely to meet these insects. As you can see, most cockroaches that dwell next to people do not fly. For many years of their existence, they learned to do without flights and now enjoy wings only in very rare cases.

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