What to do if the bat flew into the apartment?

What to do if the bat flew into the apartment? Why they fly at night, and how to catch them to drive out, not harming any animals nor yourself? Let’s deal with how you can find a flying animal in the afternoon, how to understand when the mouse is unwound, where she hid.

Why bats fly to the house?

Normally, a bat can dwell not only in the caves, as often think. It also meets in forests, including in extensive glades. So the situation “in the apartment flew the bat” occurs more often than it would be possible to think. Even zoologists can not yet respond, which specifically attracts representatives of the detachment of manochable in human housing. However, direct observations show what happens more often from July to December than in the first half of the year.

It has been established that the winged creatures do not seek to consciously get into some kind of house. They turn out to be there for the most part randomly, and for them, such situations may be not less stress than for those who have noticed the “monster”.

Apparently, such invasions are associated with seasonal migration, with a search of any place where you can take place from bad weather and other hazards. It is also likely that the animal is simply lost or lost the landmarks and cannot return to the previous usual place. Finally, sometimes their refuge are lost due to forest fires, other incidents, just human activity.

At home, especially multi-storey, can be confused by a winged creature with some cliffs. Naturally, they seek to find a refuge. True, temporary, because natural food for bat in the dwelling can not be. So the search for concrete reasons why “invasion” occurred does not make sense. Let them engage in theorists; For the tenants themselves it is more important to deal with the problem.

How to find where she hid?

As already mentioned, manochable in human housing seek to find usually improvised shelter for a while. And, of course, therefore, it is necessary to start solving the problem with inspection of those places where the uninvited guest can hide. IMPORTANT: Make it necessary for the day. At night, and even if artificial light is included everywhere, the winged animal usually sleeps. It is covered there, where electric lamps usually do not “get”, and it does not have to count on their help. Trying to lure the manwork in any way it is useless; There are simply no such methods.

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We will have only stages, methodically examine all the places suitable for its shelter. Often it turns out:

  • of different boxes, bags, shoulder and other packaging;

  • curtains (especially from the reverse side);

  • deaf angles, surpluses;

  • pantry;

  • basements, attic;

  • Cabinet furniture (especially convenient bat closs for products from fibrous plates and similar materials);

  • indoor plants (than they are larger than the more branches, the better);

  • outerwear;

  • Various interior items.

Immediately it is worth tune in to the fact that in the first 10-15 minutes I will not find a “traveler”. They are surprisingly found in the search for places where you can score, and sometimes the search is held for a long time. Bat mouse often tries to be on the dark surface, because it is more noticeable in light places. Such a reception is biologically due to the desire to remain unnoticed by natural enemies.

Sometimes you have to move furniture and large household appliances, but there is no other way.

How to catch an animal?

What do you need?

This question is bye not idle. Risk for people themselves, although insignificant, present. Particularly fear of rabies are not necessary, because they are infected, in fact, an insignificant percentage of volatile mice. True, the bites are still not the most pleasant thing, but in most cases the most serious danger – This is a zoono infection. In general, the bites themselves are mostly connected with self-defense, that is, you can not give mice to understand that it threatens something.

The direct transmission of the notorious coronavirus is also not worth. All experts converge in the opinion that it is directly impossible, and that there should be some kind of body intermediary between the person and volatile mouse. But still there is a risk of defeat by several dozen other infections. Useful before catching bats, if only it is possible to remove from the dwellings not occupied in the search for people, as well as pets. A grave creature can suffer greatly if a whole crowd starts to chase behind him, and in this case, a barking or meow.

When the battery location is determined, it will usually take about a quarter of an hour on its capture. Considering the danger of bites and infection, it is necessary to take care of the means of protection. This is clothes, fully or as close as possible:

  • dense trousers or jeans;

  • Long sleeves shirts (good if they can be fastened);

  • boots or boots;

  • Thick leather or other durable material.

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In some cases, gloves or mittens does not turn out, although they, in theory, are needed in any house. Then take to protect the palms and wrists twisted shirts and other similar things. To note: Although the bat does not have an impressive bite power, to rely on cotton or other thin fabric is not worth.

Terry towels also use undesirable: they are often confused in them, which does not only complicate getting rid of them, but can be perceived as an attack.

How to grab it right?

The most important thing is not to try to catch a bat immediately as soon as she flew. At this time, the animal is usually in a state of severe stress. It is advisable to immediately close the doors to eliminate the chaotic movement around the rooms. Through some time the “Tourist” will be fattened and sits somewhere. While she flies, calf is useless, and trying to grab only the shock will enhance.

The traps usually use vendors, thais and other items that can be covered with a bat. It is desirable to give preference to plastic containers – the metal will grow strongly and scare. Extensive containers are needed, because otherwise the animal may be injured. Under the top edge put in:

  • Phaneur;

  • cardboard;

  • dense magazine;

  • Small doct.

Next, bucket or pelvis turn over. In the absence of a suitable container (if there is durable gloves), animal catch hands. Careful steps, without a rush. The housing is closed with palms. The head should remain open to not provoke aggression.

What to do next?

Get rid of the bat, which flew into the house is easy. When she is caught, the capacity is carefully carried out from the dwelling. Near any big tree, removing the cover, you need to tilt a bucket or pelvis. They are raised by about the level of human growth, because the manochable is not used to take off from the ground. And if everything is done correctly, they will move to the tree and then start moving in a natural environment as usual.

Sometimes the animal who flies at night can be driven and without a special catch. This approach is:

  • Turn off the electric light, quench the candles;

  • Doors tightly;

  • Open the door to the balcony, windows;

  • tighten the curtains so that the mammal is not stuck in them;

  • leave the room and sit there as quietly as possible;

  • Usually in 30 minutes, the bat will leave the house;

  • In a more difficult situation, she flies in 1-2 hours.

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Alternative solution – Using an ordinary box. The outer edge of the box is wrapped with a cloth. For her, the animal can hold on until it is taken out in a safe place. The lid is closed and sneaked with scotch, to eliminate escape. Inside the box should be water tank; Sometimes instead of a bat simply sing in advance from the syringe without a needle.

In such a container, the animal is kept until the onset of the warm season. It is necessary to contain it at a temperature of 3-5 degrees. It is better to put the box not in the refrigerator, but in the basement, if there is such an opportunity. Anxious animals need as much as possible. Vital energy will need him to reach the spring.

Bat afraid of smoke. You can use both smoke checkers and smoke, which use beekeepers. Smoke processing helps to get rid of uninvited guests, even if they indulge the attic or a basement.

It is curious that manochable fear of water. Her jets and ordinary splashing helps to drive animals, even from the places where they decided to settle.

On the balcony, scare away bat mice help sprays from insects that are enough to apply once. Apparently, naphthalene works well. It is placed in the bag and keep in a dry corner.

If the animal fed through the gaps, they need to be closed with fiberglass. Mosquito nets hang on the windows – usually such protection is enough for mancast no longer appeared in the apartment.

IMPORTANT: Destroy the volatile mice should not. In most regions of Russia, they are listed in the Red Book. In addition, these are really useful animals, substantially thinning population of hazardous insects, harm to man and plants.

Scare them from home will help:

  • pharmacy chamomile;

  • peppermint;

  • tansy;

  • Baghone;

  • sagebrush;

  • Loud sounds (heavy rock, bells, flugers, “wind music”);

  • bright light.

But sometimes the sirry methods of catch and removal do not work. In this case, it remains only to cause a professional brigade. They know exactly how to drive the beast and return it to the usual habitat in a short time. Similar services are relatively cheap. Professionals have special chemicals that increase the efficiency of work.

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