What is a home complex and how to choose it?

For a modern man’s classic list of men’s tasks (planting a tree, grow a son and build a house) is already somehow not enough, which means there is no possibility to spend a lot of time on compulsory. In such a situation, each process should be accelerated, and modern technologies leave everyone such an opportunity. For example, Construction of own domestic home complex – this is an excellent opportunity to get housing relatively quickly and cheap. Although in our country it is still rare, in some foreign countries the technology has long passed on and became the norm – probably it’s time and we pay attention to it.

Advantages and disadvantages

To begin with, we will deal with the fact that it is a domocomplekt.

In essence, it is a set of wall panels, most often PSTK – light steel thin-walled structures made of jbbies (reinforced concrete), aerated concrete and heatbon, arbolite plates and a rounded log, as well as many similar materials.

As an alternative, the factory “designers”. Their production is organized at special factories in accordance with the requirements of typical projects – by analogy with the designer.

In Europe and North America, such structures managed to become a real hit, and this is not surprising, given the numerous advantages.

  • Significant savings. First, the project is typical – the consumer does not pay for its full cost. Secondly, the frame kit from the factory usually weighs not so much, therefore does not require the construction of a full foundation. Thirdly, it is possible to collect it even on your own, and the involvement of professionals will allow you to take away not so much of their precious time – it means that costs are reduced. Fourth, serious construction equipment is not attracted to the assembly.
  • Impressive rapidness. Collect the finished house from the panels that are already lying in the warehouse, you can literally in a couple of months – from a clean and flat site to the housewarm. No alternative for the speed of implementation is not even close! Among other things, there are no shrinkage in such houses, and therefore there is no time that will have to wait for the completion of this process.
  • Seismic resistance. Most traditional buildings from brick or concrete blocks have a hard frame and a huge weight, which means any earthquake or even simply soil moves are huge danger to them. The building has no hard connections from the wall panels, and the frameless wooden buildings are even capable of some bending, so the house will withstand any cataclysms.
  • High heat saving properties. Most models suggest an assembly of heatballs, and thermobrus is used as a finishing and decorative material. Such a house perfectly keeps heat in winter, and in the summer it remains the corner of the cool.
  • Caring for ecology. Modern domoconticks are focused on the use of purely natural materials – the same plastic in them is actually absent. Even upon completion of the service life, the construction will not turn into a dangerous to the environment.
  • Ease of maintenance and replacement of engineering networks. Panels of all types involve the presence of built-in compartments for communications. This wall is not necessary to drop to extract or hide the wires and pipes. In the project, all this is already securely hidden, but if it is necessary, access to communications to replace them is easy.
  • Expected Operation Terms. In our society, for some reason, it is still widespread that the house from the wall panels is suitable except that the role of a garden house or cabins, being temporary. Meanwhile, the highest quality samples are calculated for the service life of 50-100 years, which is quite enough for the lives of two or three generations. Today technologies replace each other so quickly that by the time the operational period is completed, the question of the change of housing will still rise.
  • Variety options. It is considered that when choosing a frame house, the client is very limited by a small number of typical projects, but today it is not so. Even in Russia, companies engaged in the release of household complexes have existed for more than 10 years, and during this time they have created an impressive range of projects. At the same time, there is also competition between manufacturers in the market, even more expanding the choice. At the same time, the frame design allows redevelopment after the assembly, because you are not limited to the configuration of the initial project.
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I find the flaws of the household complex, but a demanding person with this task, of course, will cope. No matter how cool, on the basis of such a building is really inferior to the old good classics, because the brick house stands for several centuries.

In addition, with all the variety of projects, your dwelling collected from the Domocomplekt, still does not claim uniqueness – somewhere I will definitely have its exact copy.

Finally, Houses from the panels are usually choosing people seeking to save, And their choice often falls on the cheapest projects, for the implementation of which not the most reliable and durable materials are applied.

Review of species

Although an unprepared consumer may seem that the variety of projects literally circles his head, in fact they can be conveniently classified into several groups, each of which has its own key features. Understanding them, it will be much easier to discard the options that you definitely do not fit, because we consider the most pronounced classes of household complexes.


Panel buildings in the best traditions of Canada are made from OSP (oriented chipboard), or rather – By gluing two panels together for increased rigidity. The last characteristic is important from the point of view that rigid structures allow you to do without a frame, except for the formal internal minibar that increases the same rigidity.

Warming is ensured by a thick layer of polystyrene foam.

Production of parts for assembly is carried out in factory conditions, their cutting and forming is engaged in computer. For the maximum speed and simplicity of assembly in every detail there is a groove-thicker lock, so you can collect the building almost bare hands. From the panels that are called SIP in Canada, all details of the house are performed, while the axial load on such a part is allowed at 3-4 tons per square meter.

Supported the overall picture allows a coniferous timber, but it is not just included as the material, but as ready-made parts, fitted in the size of the project. The entire set is mandatory processed by impregnation from mold, as well as antipirens that reduce the fire danger of a wooden house. Almost the only part of the plastic in such a building can be the PVC window, but their installation Customer carries out separately at his own request, so you can choose wooden frames.


Unlike Canada, who settled relatively recently and mostly, those people who could not know where will be tomorrow, Finland populated for a long time. Local residents also sought to spend a minimum of effort to build housing, but also understood that they would definitely not go in the coming decades to master new territories – it means that it is necessary to use the maximum possibilities of the materials involved and certainly not save on quality. Besides, The aesthetic side of the question here is also made to pay a little more attention, because in the building erected from the household complex, is initially going to live long and happily. For this reason, even the designer projects of A la Famverk are not excluded here.

At the same time, the construction of the same OSP is used for construction, however, the insulation is basalt, characterized by natural origin, durability, non-combustion and sound insulation properties. Inside the plate there is also a vapor barrier membrane and internal plates of plaster and wood chips. Complement the picture boarding frame racks and outdoor sheathing end timber.

Finnish Domocomplekt offers a more pronounced difference between the various details of the national team building – for example, for the inner partitions, a layer of heat and sound insulation thinner, but the outer shelted polystyrene fiber and can assume even the coating of the facade plaster.

As in the case of Canadian “counterparts”, Finnish type projects require impregnation of all parts by antiseptic and fire-fighting compositions. The principal difference between “Canada” and “Finland” is that in Finnish projects, adhesive is not used to connect anything – instead of staples either nails.

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For self-assembly

A separate class of household complexes is considered to be those labeled as intended for self-assembly of the client’s efforts. You can collect the house with your own hands from any household complex, not even designated as the one that is going to do it yourself, but provided that there are too large and heavy panels in the design.

In addition, special marking means that the personnel implementation of this particular project is everyday reality, and not a feat, while kits, not labeled in a special way, may be significantly more difficult.

As in the case of assembling the building by the manufacturer himself, the set for self-assembly involves the supply of a complete set of parts, but now with a detailed instruction regarding what to connect with and how. At the same time, the customer may additionally order the details to modify the project on his own request. But the inner and exterior finish, as well as the roof in the set for self-assembly no longer consists – they will have to choose and buy separately, at their discretion.

For someone, this is a plus that allows you to find the necessary materials cheaper or make housing more original, but be prepared that it will complicate the task. If we talk about the advantages of such a choice, then independent assembly allows you to save even more – working alone, you are no longer paying the salary to builders. However, you can not doubt that one person, and even without experience, to assemble the whole house will be more difficult, and the whole process is somewhat stretching.

Recently, household complex manufacturers, even domestic, has become so much that it is not possible to make any adequate rating. This statement is all the more relevant that in most cases it is reasonable to choose the nearest supplier – it allows you to thoroughly save on the delivery of parts to the site.

If you still allocate enterprises that can earn consumer praise, then there is good news – such companies are scattered throughout the country.

For example, in Yaroslavl, the production of wooden household complexes is engaged in LLC “Forest Company”, in Ufa – the company “Wooden House”. In Krasnodar – Kuban Stroy House LLC. In St. Petersburg, the company “Stroygarant” is considered the leader of the industry, and in Moscow and the Moscow region the service provides the construction company “Individual House” and the Tamak plant.

Child Nuances

The choice of project project is not the task, when solving which it is worth navigating only on the aesthetic side of the issue. Even if you choose the household for the cottage, you probably want it to serve for a long time and fully justified invested funds.

If so, it is necessary to ensure that the project corresponds to a number of criteria.

  • Features of climate. In very cold regions, thermal insulation is predictable in large volumes, whereas in the south, it is reasonable not to overpay for only about.
  • The probability of earthquakes in the region. It depends directly directly, you need a more rigid frame or not. The answer to the last question largely depends on whether the features of the soil on the built-in territory, and which type of foundation will be used.
  • How deeply go ground. If they lie close to the surface, it strongly limits the possibilities. Otherwise, you can save on the waterproofing, knowing that you will not definitely flood, or afford the basement.
  • Compliance with the aesthetic wishes of the customer. The owner should not be ashamed for his home, so that no one has canceled the requirements for beauty.
  • Own construction skills. If the work with his hands is not completely alien, he can afford savings on hired workers, paying attention to the sets for self-assembly. If this does not require the necessary skills, time or even elementary desire, such projects are reasonably immediately excluded from the list of the considered.
  • Financial opportunities. Domocomplekt is often considered as an opportunity to acquire their own housing for relatively little money. In fact, projects have a completely different level of value, and the consumer to drop inappropriate projects should be in advance to decide which approximate amount it expects.
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According to the last criterion there is a separate classification, showing how the cost of the project affects the set of a set for assembly. Allocate four classes of household complexes.

  • Low-budget – up to 4 thousand rubles for the “Square”. In the set – the details necessary for the assembly of a naked frame, but also insulation, and the finish does not enter.
  • Economy – 4-7 thousand rubles per m2. For this money you can collect the frame already with the insulation, but there is still no facing.
  • Standard – 7-12 thousand rubles per square meter. To your disposal, everything you need to build a frame, as well as facing materials.
  • Lux – more than 13 thousand rubles per meter. Increased quality of all materials is guaranteed, even engineering communications include.

Domocomplekt can be ordered and According to an individual project, But it will cost more about a quarter.

The price is often not included payment for the installation team service, and this is another third of the total amount.

Separately, you can order the departure of the assembly consultant – its services will cost 5% of the cost of the project.

How to collect?

The first step will be the definition of optimal for your site and the foundation project. In all cases, it is selected lightweight – tape with low deepening, pile or column. Accurate selection of the right type of foundation is better to trust a specialist or at least ask you choose your neighbors. In some projects, the required type of foundation may be specified, including clear requirements for it – to adhere to such prompts must be required. Waterproofing, respect for the horizontal and parallelism of future walls – obvious duties of the collector.

Upon receipt of the Domocomplekt, it is important to store it correctly – so that there is free access to the desired details. Fragments lay out on a flat place, it is possible to each other, but necessarily through the pads. Rafters stored only in a vertical position. Actually installation begins with floor laying. Panels connect with groove-spike compounds with gateway, and if there are no grooves – self-draws. After checking the accuracy of the markup, the lower strapping is assembled by anchors, and the wall panels are installed on the corner – first external, and only after assembling the external walls go to the internal partitions.

If there is a second floor, the ceiling slabs are mounted on the corresponding beams, after which the next floor is collected and go to the assembly of the roof frame. Windows and doors are installed upon completion of the frame assembly, the roof is recruited even later. The latest step is the outer and interior decoration, after which it can be settled in the building, without expecting a shrinkage – there is simply no household complex.

Domocompute Review Look in the video.

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