What are the plates from mosquitoes and how to use them?

Plates from mosquitoes are special repellents that have a rectangular or square shape. They allow to scare off bloodsowing insects. Similar funds are most often used indoors. They apply along with the appropriate networks operating.

What is it and how?

Such protective plates are impregnated with special substances that render screenshots on mosquitoes. They have a pretty simple principle of action. Products are activated using special devices of fumigators due to warm-up and evaporation toxic for impregnation pests. Similar tools are able to maintain their action within a few hours. As a rule, the substance that is impregnated with the material is also stained, providing a convenient visual indication of the fitness of the product. If it starts to acquire a white color, then it is time to change it to a new.

Plates against mosquitoes most often produced in sets of 10 pieces. In this case, each of them is separately packaged in a sealed package. The product often includes various additional fragrances that help attach pleasant flavors when using the means. It should be remembered that such protective agents have a limited radius of action (within the same room). Also, remember that similar device-working devices cannot be left to work continuously during the day. With frequent use of such products, the room should be constantly. With a significant concentration of substances that the material is impregnated, they become toxic and dangerous to humans.

As a rule, such protective agents have a low cost, but at the same time are considered a fairly effective way to combat harmful insects.

Varieties by type of active substance

Such protective plates against bloodsowing insects may vary depending on the chemical composition, which was used in their manufacture. Consider the most common options.


Such a component is often contained in impregnation. It is a potent insecticidal substance that killing mosquitoes. This element has a kind of viscous and orange-brown oily substance. Esbiotrin has a mild or even slightly aromatic smell.

The plates are impregnated with chemical composition in such proportions, so as not to harm the person and his health, so these tools are absolutely safe for people. This component allows you to hit the nervous system of flying and crawling pests, as a result of which their nervous conductivity and muscular actions are significantly disturbed, all this leads to their death.


Such a substance for processing plates is a synthetic insecticide. It allows you to quickly destroy malicious insects. Sometimes it is also used to combat indoor flies. Prellet is a rather viscous liquid, which has an orange colors and a slight characteristic smell.


This active substance against mosquitoes affects the body of parasites, scares and kills not only mosquitoes, blindly, fleas, but also small malicious animals. Clean DETA in quality tools for protection against parasites never applied. It is always diluted by other additional components.

Often, special light flavors are added to give a pleasant smell.

Flavoring and vegetable extracts

These substances are designed not to destroy bloodsowing parasites, but only to impart a lung aroma impregnation. After all, many chemical compositions that are used for processing plates have quite specific smells.

Insecticides have a variety of odors. Some smell too unpleasant, others are able to fill the whole room with citrus fruits, tea tree, various herbs. But the aromatic additional components can also cause an unwanted allergic response of the human body, so funds that do not have, in general, no smell use the greatest popularity. Remember that some varieties acquire an unpleasant odor after completion, which can be easily provoked by nausea and headaches in humans.

Comparison with liquid

Protective plates with impregnation are considered a much safer option compared to liquids, since they do not even walked in damage and will not fall into the electronic device. But at the same time, liquid compositions are produced in special small flasks that can simply be inserted into the fumigator device. Heating, the liquid will begin to evaporate in the air. Such fumigators are more comfortable and modern, in addition, they are economical. The substance in this form evaporates much slower, and one bottle can be enough for about a month of permanent use.

If you want to buy the plates, then you should remember that one such a product is enough for about 7 or 10 hours of continuous operation, that is, just at times, or one night, which is why you will have to stock plates constantly.

In addition, the product itself in the process of its heating begins to smooth, which can lead to ignition. Although, subject to all basic rules of operation of such devices, such cases should not occur.

In the modern market there are a large number of companies producing various means against mosquitoes. I highlight the most popular of them.

  • “Raptor”. The manufacturer sells plates that are included in two large series: Standard products and specialty children’s samples. They include models made without the use of flavors sometimes make them with chamomile extract. Products of this well-known brand is created on the basis of a special insecticide, the formula of which was developed in Japan. These plates against mosquitoes are sold in sets of 10 pieces, each of them is designed for 8 hours.

  • RAID. This American manufacturer manufactures plates of several types: with aluminum base, models with coniferous forests, with eucalyptus flavors, ordinary products. With their manufacture, alletin is used as the main active substance. One packaging includes 10 pieces, each of which can have an action for about 10 hours. The active impact begins after 10-20 minutes after the instrument is turned on with it.

  • “Fumitx”. This domestic company sells plates that can be both with various flavors, and, in general, without them. In the range of its products there are models specifically designed for children (Fumitx series. Slept “). The validity of one plate is 10 hours. Products of this brand belong to the budget category.

  • Picnic Family. These plates are produced in Russia. They are made on the basis of Praletrina. Such plates also have in their impregnation based on the extract of chamomile and various essential oils. They can act for at least 10 hours. In one package for sale for 10 pieces.

  • Force Guard. The manufacturer from Russia creates and sells plates of various types, including a long-acting model, double-effect samples, products without flavors, children’s plates (made with chamomile extract). All of them begin to act here 10 minutes after turning on the filled apparatus in the outlet. Production of the brand can act for more than 10 hours. At the same time, it refers to the budget price category.

  • “Taiga”. The manufacturer produces plates from mosquitoes, which are made based on a highly active substance of transfluthlitrine. Such products begin to operate for a short time (15-20 minutes) after turning on the device into the outlet. One plate can be enough for 11-12 hours.

  • “Pleash House”. The Russian brand produces a plate of several varieties: for the whole family, children’s series (with the addition of eucalyptus extract), “Triple blow” (rosemary oil is added). In the manufacture of all these funds, the manufacturer applies not only artificial, but also natural insecticides.

How to use?

Such plates can destroy harmful insects in the room should be remembered by basic recommendations for their proper use. As a rule, begin with what is learning instructions for use. It should be attached to all devices. And also better to check the shelf life of products. After that, reveal hermetic packaging with the product itself, carefully get it. Then you need to fix the tool into a special groove of the prepared instrument, the layer must be put down with a metallized side. In this form, you can insert the device into the outlet.

Remember also some important precautions. Do not place such aggregates close to furniture subjects, including sofas, beds. It is not recommended and too complied with a device included with furniture designs or curtains, because it will significantly reduce the efficiency of the plate. The remedy in the form of plates cannot be attributed to the category of hazardous funds, but it must be applied with extreme caution in rooms where pregnant and nursing women live, children under 3 years old, people who suffer from chronic respiratory diseases, allergy.

Increased level of substances that are impregnated with products may result in dizziness, nausea, irritation of mucous membranes, breathing difficulty. If any of the above symptoms persists for more than a day, even after the complete destruction of all toxins, the affected person must be directed to the doctor. It is possible to apply such a tool only in a well-ventilated room. Otherwise, the allocated substances can harm the person.

The effects of substances can be significantly intensified if placing a fumigator in the direction of movement of air masses (for example, near the open window). In order to add to insecticidal exposure, it also displays the effect, it is permissible to further drop on the plate, refilled in the included fumigator, a little lavender essential oil or carnations.

Sometimes the plates are used without appliances, in this case they are simply ignited and placed in any safe container that will not ignore.

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