What are the dryers from cockroaches and how to use them?

The invasion of cockroaches is the constant problem of residents of high-rise buildings, these beetles regularly visit at home, scaring their kind of inhabitants. Anyone who at least for a short time lived in the apartment, knows exactly what these insects look like, and how they harm everyday life. From this article you will learn about one of the most effective methods of combating pests – Doust from cockroaches.


Dust is a chemical agent against cockroaches, presented as a white or gray powder odorless. Insecticide production is packaged by small packages – from 50 and to 200 g for each hermetic bag. Piva works well with proper distribution – on 1 square meter of the room it is necessary to spend about 5 g of insecticidal powder. The smallest packet with 50 g of substance is enough to handle 10 square meters of apartment.

Dust from cockroaches best acts in a complex with other chemicals, such as gel or dichlorophos. White refive helps the main insecticide significantly reduce the number of pests or even completely destroy the colony.

When the cockroaches are a lot, the action of the chemical powder is noticeable after 2-3 days after use. White powder penetrates the body of pests after contact – chemical, getting into the digestive system, begins to coal insect nerve cells. After some time, poisoned beetles will be completely paralyzed and gradually die.

The Doust contains many elements, adversely affecting the mixed pests – boric acid, melatonin and tetramethrine. But there is another component that enhances the effect of the drug many times – pyeronylbutoxide, its mass fraction in the package is no more than 10%. This chemical increases many times the duration of the effects of poisoning to the body of cockroaches.

Dust provides reliable protection not only from cockroaches, but also from fleas, bedbugs and flies, so professional companies often use it. However, the remedy is sold at an affordable price and in use is quite simple, so any person will cope with its use.

Some firms claim that the components contained in the powder will not harm people and pets, but still should be carefully treated with a chemical.

People hardened by time are accustomed to the constant struggle against homemade pests, and the most popular weapon against them – powder disinsection. Cockroaches are a sore problem of humanity, so many enterprises produce a variety of bulk chemicals from cockroaches. Dust was one of the first potent insecticides – before the drug was called “DDT” and possessed strong poisonous properties. What is it effective in the fight against insects, many representatives of the older generation still remember.

The disadvantage of such powdered disinsection was too high concentration of harmful chemicals, which not only killed cockroaches, but also could poison the tenants of apartments. In modern powders, the content of the components is more balanced, so drugs are effective to protect against pests and safe for people.

We present you the rating of the most popular modern doors, who gathered a lot of positive user reviews.


White powder with an average level of chemical toxicity, is used mainly for large rooms. Russian manufacturer Fossuits Dust “Acaritox” in black packaging weighing 1 kg. The active substance that makes part of the poison is alphabipermetrine – its mass fraction in the package is only 5%, but this is enough to destroy cockroaches and other small insects. After a couple of days after the use of insecticide, the result of the disinsection will be noticeable – most of the pests will die, and the remaining hurry to leave a dangerous place.

The feature of “acaritoxes” is that the chemical powder continues to poison insects for several months, if not to fit it during cleaning.


Insecticide produced in small packages of 150 g – such a quantity is enough to clean a small apartment or non-residential room. Chemicals that are part of the dryer are less toxic, so it can be used in residential rooms. Nevertheless, use “Tornado” is needed very carefully – after a few hours, wash the surfaces often used with soap. Tracame components active on the nervous system, the components of the poison – is cypermethrine and boric acid. These substances penetrate the culture of pests through the chitinous cover and affect their nervous system, causing an inevitable death.


Good insecticide, which manufactures Russian factories, packaging product in containers 250 g. The active substance acting on pests is acetamipride, which is 20% of the entire white powder. Under the chemical, not only cockroaches – fleas, ants and flies also die when contacting him.

Despite the fact that “aspid” is a small substance, it is very important to adhere to the instructions for its use.


This agent against cockroaches is made in Russia – mostly packaging weighing 1 kg, intended for large rooms. Nevertheless, the manufacturer produces small packages of 25 g for small rooms. The level of toxicity of the white powder is average, so it is rarely used with great care in residential premises.

After using the poison components, the alphabipermetrin continues to actively affect harmful insects during a couple of months.


Universal remedy with two active components – boric acid and pyrethroid phenvalrat. “Fenaksin” is sold in bags of 125 g – such a number of poison is as convenient for use in apartments. Active white powder chemicals are effectively eliminated from cockroaches, flies, bugs and fleas. Insecticide has a good value for money – at an affordable cost “Fenaksin” is able to protect housing from pests for 3-4 months.


The problem of cockroaches worries many countries, so insecticides are produced worldwide. Sometimes people in the search, indeed, the effective tool is used by the Chinese Doors, because, by rumors, it works better than the domestic. In fact, the composition of chemicals is about the same, so you do not need to complicate my life, ordering powder from cockroaches via the Internet. We offer more to consider several dodes worthy of attention of the owners of apartments.

  • “Tyram”. This white powder is often called “tire” or “cable”, because the main scope of application of the Tiuram component is a rubber industry. Chemical has more efficient insecticidal properties than widespread boric acid. The lack of “Turama” is that it is quite difficult to find – in the economic outlets it is not for sale. It is in online stores as “cable powder” or chemical reagent.
  • Ecokiller. Diatomitic insecticide, causing strong dehydration in insects. The peculiarity of the chemical lies in the fact that it does not cause addiction and effectively destroys adult cockroaches and young nymph. “Ecokiller” cannot destroy the eggs of cockroaches if the colony is too big, it will be reasonable to use several different insecticides, or call specialists.
  • “Regent”. The substance includes a strong reflection – fipronil, thanks to this “Regent” is considered a good choice for the destruction of cockroaches and other small pests. Insect sufficiently touch powder to get a deadly dose of chemical.

Preparation for processing

Before starting processing the room insecticide, you must make sure that after processing it will not remain on different surfaces. To prevent poisoning of people and animals, it is necessary to remove all the clothes, dishes, children’s toys and other items from the room. Then it is necessary to move the furniture and coat it with a protective film so that it does not hit her.

When the premises are ready for processing, take care of your safety – be sure to put gloves and respirator. When professionals work, they also put on a special protective suit, glasses and rubber shoes.

Such protection is a good addition, but when working with a dust of the respirator and gloves will be enough.

Instructions for use

White powder from cockroaches can be used in two different methods – scatter in dry or dilute with water. If you decide to enjoy a dry man, you just need to pour it in places of accumulation of a large number of insects – In dark angles, under the sink, near the gas stove, next to the bulky furniture and ventilation holes. When the insecticide begins to act, it is very important to shoot the dead insects and wash them off in the toilet, because some individuals can pretend to be dead and then restore the colony.

The option with a solution is also quite simple – it is necessary to dissolve the powder in water, observing the proportion specified on the package. When Piva is ready, it must be applied to the places of insect accumulation using a pulverizer, a sponge or a small tassel. It is necessary to process a thick mixture in the most hard-to-reach and dark places, which may accidentally get beams of food – for the gas stove, behind the plinths, in the slots between the door and the opening, behind the bathroom and sink, ventilation grids. If you notice the cockroaches only in one room, it should not be limited to disinsection only in it – the cockroaches must be used immediately throughout the apartment, otherwise the insects will hide in the neighboring rooms and just return back after conducting.

After you have delinted a man in all the necessary places, close the windows and doors – in this state the apartment should stand at least for at least a day.

24 hours after 24 hours it is very important to ventilate the room and wash with soap all the work surfaces, because the chemical powder can be stored for a long time in small slots. When the rooms are sufficiently carried out, residents can be returned to the apartment.

Precautionary measures

Despite the fact that modern powders against cockroaches have a balanced amount of poison, it is impossible to treat them frivolously. To prevent possible poisoning, it is necessary to maximize yourself – put on the mask and gloves, as well as the clothes that you change immediately after the processing of the rooms. Apply the powder or solution when open windows – close them only after completion.

Review reviews

Choosing a dust from cockroaches, be sure to pay attention to feedback, because the brand’s fame does not always mean the effectiveness of the drug. Many users advise to use a powder poison, because it perfectly copes with the destruction of pests in the early stages. And people apply a doast not only in apartments, but also in private houses – he protects tenants from ants and flies.

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