What are afraid of bugs?

Blugs – a very unpleasant phenomenon in the house. Many faced painful sensations after the bites of these small insects. Cunnops attack during sleep when a person cannot defend themselves from their bites. The most dangerous in the presence of these insects in the house is that they will distribute all sorts of infections. At the first signs of the appearance of blood-sucking parasites in the house, immediately contact the disinfection service or explore the proven funds and start to deal with insects.

What odors do not like?

The population of bedbugs due to the developed immunity to different insecticides increase. Parasites deliver discomfort to the owners of the house, breaking sleep mode, and create discomfort for invited guests, so it is so important to raise them as quickly as possible. There is no universal means to combat these small house parasites, but, focusing on the experience of those who successfully managed to cope with insects, you can highlight some effective options and consistently apply them at home to bring bugs.

Strong smells – then the means that all the bugs are most afraid. Scares insects most often the smell of some herbs, strong spirits or cologne and chemical. Parasites enjoy special neuron receptors that allow you to identify any fragrance. Effective folk remedies such as chamomile, Air, wormwood, Pijm, Lavender, Baguchik, create “disguise” for other flavors, so, not finding food, parasites go to another territory.


Baguchika is a heather shrub that grows on swamp territories. The plant resembles rosemary with thick stem and miniature petals. Strong and doperating aroma of essential oils in the composition of plants scares home bedbugs. A person with a long stay in a room with a richness can occur dizziness and nausea.

Methods for use against bedbugs.

  • Furification of the rooms by the plant: It is necessary to put out the flame right after the ignition of the richness, the smoke will appear that the rooms need to be treated. People and animals should be removed during the room. An hour after the completion of the procedure you can ventilate the room.
  • Insect scare powder: Drying the rose, you need to grind it to the powder consistency, then scatter it around the house. After a day, you can remove the powder with a damp cloth.
  • Bumber – Fresh and dry plant to connect in proportions 1 to 2 (about 150 g), add a liter of water, cook for 20 minutes from the bottom of the boil. Pour into a bottle with a pulverizer and handle furniture.


Plant, which is common in country areas, wastehouses, fields and sidelines. Bitter plant adapts to any environment. For wormwood characteristic small red and yellow flowers, thin elongated leaves and spicy flavor.

Benefits of the plant:

  • availability;
  • harmless to humans;
  • gives a quick effect;
  • Suitable for use in fresh form and in the form of dry grass, tinctures and bravery.

Disadvantages of wormwood:

  • temporary effect;
  • too strong smell;
  • not suitable for allergies.

Methods of use of wormwood.

  • Walked infusion – You can make both fresh and dry plants. It is necessary to fall asleep 200 g of plants into enamelled or glass dishes, pour 200 ml of alcohol, insist in a dark place for a month, strain and process the room every few days.
  • Walking – 400 g of plants in a dry or fresh compound from 1.5 glasses of water, cook 12 minutes from the moment of boiling, cool, strain and spray surfaces in the house every few days.
  • Fresh plant – You can make a bookmark of small beams of plants in the places of the intended accumulation of insects, for example, near the sofa, chairs, cabinets, and t. D.
  • Shelf’s essential oil – Sold in pharmacies and shops, has an effective effect in the fight against insects. Use as ordinary aromatic oils, process the ventilation grille, window sills, dissolve in water tanks.


Pijma is a weed with yellow flowers, which can be found in the meadows, in the forests, on the roads. It is considered a medicinal plant. Thanks to the rich composition of essential oils, has a strong smell that scares insects. Usually, the inflorescences of the Pijmas are collected in small bags and unfolded on the habitats of the bugs, especially in the bedroom. Infusion of Pijmas is a strong weapon against home insects. For the preparation of this infusion 2. Spoons of dry pijmas are diluted with boiling water and insist. The cooled composition can be applied by appointment.

Store the composition should not.


AIR grows next to the reservoirs and is very effective in the fight against bloodsowing insects. Use AIR best in the form of spray. For its preparation it follows 100 g of AIRA to connect with 50 g of turmeric and add 1 l of water. Drink a boiling mixture for an hour and leave for a day, after which it is strain and add 10 pieces of clean water to the brave.


Perennial plant is common in the fields, in rural and forest areas. Plant is widely used to treat various diseases and as a cosmetic. To combat pests, a chamomile flower baskets should be made, then put to dry in place inaccessible for wind, at a temperature of not more than 35 degrees.

If you put the plant in the oven or put in the sun, more than 2/3 of the essential oils will drain. For this reason, the pharmacy version of the plant is not suitable for eliminating bugs. After completion of the drying process, the chamomile is crushed and connected with naphthalene. Such a composition should be placed under the bed, on bed linen, in pillowcases, cabinets, treat them plinths.

After insects are crawling out of shelters, it is important to sanitation.


The famous plant is used against home pests – both in the form of fresh inflorescences and as essential oil. To prepare a lavender spray from bugs, it is necessary to connect 15 droplets of plants from 50 ml of water, and then handle bedroom facilities, plinths, furniture, window sills, doors and t.D.

How to get rid of temperature drops?

In order to make rid of pests forever, it is not necessary to specifically. There are other methods of combating clusters, in particular, temperature differences in the room. Since the body of the bugs is not adapted to thermoregulation, the temperature changes in the room can radically affect the presence of insects in the house.

In the winter season, the freeing of premises will be very effective. This method is completely harmless to households.

An important point to be taken into account is the heating and water supply systems, which from a sharp change in the room temperature may fail.

Claps adjacent to man at a temperature range from 15 to 30 ° C above zero. Adult bugs die at a temperature of -20 ° C, while bugs are stable and short-term 30-degree frost. An effective option will be preserved in the room of a reduced temperature for several days by opening windows in frosty weather. In a private house, you can put a sleeping set and soft furniture for frost.

Blood circulation also do not tolerate hot weather. At temperatures from 45 ° C, insects die, and bug eggs – at 50 ° C are viable for days. As a rule, it requires certain equipment for creating such a temperature in the room, for example, steam generators, after processing which parasites disappear.

Unfortunately, for processing the entire area of ​​the apartment or at home this way requires too many time costs.

Sunlight and Special Lamps

Unlike strongly smelling plants, chlorks and alcohol, a safe and proven tool against bedbugs – sunlight, which is able to blind malicious insects, and also heat their internal organs strongly, because the shell in the bugs is transparent. Such a method can be an effective type of prevention, if you regularly leave furniture, blankets, pillows, carpets, bed linen to warm with sunlight.

For the processing of the rooms themselves, where the sun’s rays do not get, you can apply ultraviolet lamps. Enough to expose the insect of ultraviolet from 3 to 5 minutes to blind it. Since parasites prefer to be in hard-to-reach places, it should be pre-removed all furniture from the apartment, after which the lamps. The furniture itself is also important to handle ultraviolet.

When applying this method, it is important to use the means of protection so that the bright light does not harm the person.

What do not tolerate bugs in the apartment?

Various essential oils and products with a strong smell are suitable as a temporary means from bedlops: mint, tea tree, thyme, eucalyptus, carnation. To prevent the appearance of blood-suicing insects, you can use the composition of camphor oil and turpentine, whose sharp smell will not allow clouds to close. It is important to wipe the composition all the inner surfaces of beds, cabinets, legs of a lunch headset, chairs, plinths, window sills and doors.

Vinegar – safe remedy for bedbugs, from the smell of which you can get rid of, carrying out the room. In the case of detection of insect socket, you can pour it with vinegar and in such a way to get rid of them. To scar bugs use acetic solution with water.

Naphthalene – a substance possessing a pronounced aroma that can quickly scare insects. It is best to connect naphthalene with other components, such as kerosene. Need to apply on all surfaces composition, leave for about a day, then spark the room well and thoroughly wash the floor and furniture.

Ready alcoholic tincture of Valerians, which is sold on any pharmacy at an affordable price, is also suitable for masking odors. Destroy bugs such a means is not able. It is important to keep in mind that in indoors with pets the substance is not recommended on the surface, since pets can lick it. Another minus of the use of Valerian is a peculiar smell of a plant with high resistance.

Such substances like ammonia and ethyl alcohol, kerosene is effective for the prevention of parasites. To do this, it is necessary to prepare a mixture of components or use them separately for surface treatment in the apartment. The ultrasound method of scaring insects is also used to combat them, but its 100% success has not been proven.

Cold Fog – Professional Powerful Means from Insects. Independently, the procedure for spraying insecticides in large quantities cannot be produced, the help of professionals will need. Smoke checkers – a means that is also better not to use independently due to the high risk of poisoning contained in the composition of poisonous substances.

Professionals applying such funds work in the absence of hosts.

The market of all sorts of insecticides today is filled with various substances. Sprays, traps, crayons, gels, powders, solutions can be found in any store of household goods. Such tools should be used only after familiarization with the recommendations on the package. In case of improper use, such substances are dangerous to humans.

The ideal option will be the appeal to special services that are engaged in the elimination of bedbugs. Experts will take into account the features of the room and select an effective means for processing the apartment, and also recommend effective substances for the prevention of re-appearance of pests.

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