Vinegar from bedbugs in the apartment

Bugs – dangerous parasites that feed on human blood. To bring them out, you can use ready-made shopping drugs. However, not everyone likes the chemistry, many prefer folk remedies, and one of them became vinegar. Of course, he is not capable of killing parasites, but it can make them leave the dwelling of people.

Operating principle

The appearance in the residential room of such unpleasant neighbors as bed bugs, threatens to become a real disaster for the whole family. And there is nothing surprising in this – despite its small sizes, this midge is able to deliver a lot of trouble to people. Bugs feed on the blood of people, and to get to “food”, they bite. At best, the place of bite will then be clamped, in worst – will be infected with heavy diseases. In addition, bedbugs do not give quietly sleep at night, so the fight against them you need to start as quickly as possible. In the modern household chemical market, there is a wide range of insecticides to destroy these bugs.

However, many are afraid to use toxic means in their home, although manufacturers assure that they do not affect the human body. That is why most users with the appearance of homemade bedbugs give preference to ordinary canteen vinegar. This is an affordable folk remedy, which is used to get rid of the housing from the bugs since the times of our grandparents. In its composition, vinegar is a natural antiseptic and insecticide. In the residential room it can be used on all surfaces from the floor to the ceiling. It received widespread when conducting antimicrobial processing of kitchens, bathrooms, cutting boards, kitchen appliances and hallway.

Of course, in comparison with the shopping products, vinegar is less efficient, so the procedure for eliminating bugs using this fund should be repeated regularly.

So, let’s stay in more detail on the features of the impact of vinegar on bloodsowing insects. Whether his bugs are afraid if the vinegar can kill bloodsuckers, and whether such a method of struggle is truly effective? In fact, vinegar does not represent any danger to parasites, but his sharp smell does not like insect, he scares them and forces to leave the habitat. That is why acetic acid is used for cleaning residential premises from bedbugs. Specific fragrance makes bedbugs to crawl out of the places and flee. The use of vinegar often leads to mass emigration of insects. Typically, these parasites are overwhelmed into neighboring apartments, therefore, to protect the dwelling from bugs for a long time, a comprehensive processing of several premises will be required.

Bloodshots for a long time will not appear in the room, where it smells like a vinegar. With a lot of probability, they will disappear at all from the previous territories. However, it should be borne in mind that acetic acid has an adverse effects exclusively on adult individuals, the eggs of parasites is not terrible. Therefore, one-time processing will not be enough – to get rid of both fellowlike individuals, and the masonry will not work. After some time, the young people will appear, which will begin as actively multiply.

That is why the fight against the clouds with the help of vinegar should be constantly repeated – only in this case the effect will be long-term.

Instructions for use


Any tight recommendations for the use of vinegar from bedbugs in the residential premises. Obviously one thing – the more the drug will be used, the more sharp will be the smell and, therefore, more effect will give the fight against clouds. Therefore, it is necessary to focus primarily on the intensity of the smell. However, if you cannot independently determine the optimal concentration of the finished working solution, you can use the recipes below. Prepare 9% vinegar solution. Divide it in cold water in a 200 ml ratio of water on the water bucket. Such a composition will be weakly concentrated, with an almost elusive smell – it is well tolerated by people, but it has sufficient effectiveness to influence the bedbop.

If you have the opportunity to use a 70 percent acetic essence, it must be pre-diluted. The use of pure drug in living conditions is not recommended. Of course, in the fight against clouds, it will help, but its negative impact will also have on households. Essence is bred in a proportion of 10 ml of vinegar per 100 ml of water – the exit will turn out to be a vinegar at a concentration of 9%. It is it that is then diluted to the required volume. Sometimes the proportions have to change. It happens if the population of the non-crude guests is too large, and weak solutions are not able to destroy them. In this case, the greatest effect can be achieved using a solution of vinegar with water taken in equal proportion – such a composition has a more aggressive effect. To enhance the effect, you can use a mixture of vinegar with other sharply smelling substances.

For the processing of the dwelling, it is necessary to take vinegar, alcohol and naphthalene in equal volumes, mix everything thoroughly. The prepared mixture is applied to all areas where the maximum cluster of bloodsuckers is observed.

If the composition gets directly on the midge, she will immediately die. But the pairs of the solution are not so radically – they only forcing parasites to leave their exhausted places.

Very well works against bedbugs Composition from acetic essence and concentrated beam wormwood taken in equal amounts. This means spray all the affected surfaces. Such a measure is effective as prophylactic when parasites have already settled in the neighboring premises. In this case, it is necessary to separate attention to the processing of those areas that parasites can use for the transition between individual apartments – places near the risers, doors, ventilation passages, as well as parts of the walls near the outlets.

The unchanged effect for the removal of parasites gives the application Vinegar and Skipidar, They are also mixed in equal volumes. Insects react to such a caustic smell and rapidly leaving spaces. However, such a fragrance will be disappeared much slower than acetic, and it can cause discomfort of the inhabitants of the apartment. As an additive, you can use alcohol or Corvolol. Such cocktails will become a good alternative to expensive shopping drugs, while practically not inferior to them as and efficiency.

If the procedure for processing the room from bugs by such recipes is carried out in private homes, then the desired result will be guaranteed. Running from annoying aromas, the insect falls into a hostile external environment filled with dangers, and a short time insects die. In the apartments the result is not so unequivocal. With a lot of probability, bugs will still find a loophole, which will return to the territory they liked. In the fight against sofic clusters, apple and apple vinegar. It is made of natural fruit raw materials, it contains less chemical compounds. In addition, the apple essence has a thinner for human sense of fragrance. However, for bedbugs, it is as definite as the smell of ordinary vinegar.

In addition, apple essence can be made at home. She does not leave any traces on upholstered furniture and facing materials – this makes it such a popular.


Before roping to the bugs based on vinegar, it is necessary to get rid of any trash. You should throw out unnecessary soft toys, old furniture and unused carpets – usually it is located there is a rampant board of bloodsowing insects, which cause so much discomfort to family members and their pets. Most often bugs inhabit in the sleeping place of a person, they try to equip their sockets as close to the source of food. Therefore, before proceeding with vinegar processing, you need to remove mattress from bed, pillows and bed linen. Carefully inspect the sleeping facilities – if you notice damage on them, make sure that the bugs in them did not. Very fond of parasites sofas and armchairs, they prefer to hide in their folds. Before processing, such furniture is desirable to partially dismantle to open access to all secluded corners of the design. Considering that usually such objects of furniture are collapsible, do this will not be no difficulty.

Blookos love other places of the apartment:

  • carpets;
  • clothes;
  • the inner side of the furniture;
  • slots in window frames, floors and windowsill;
  • Plinths;
  • sockets;
  • sections of wall joints;
  • Posters and pictures.

In addition, you need to take some more preparatory steps.

Wash at a temperature of 60-90 degrees All toys, sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases. A good effect gives processing steam generator. The fact is that in such places of females often leave eggs, and if you do not spend hot processing, then a new generation of bloodsuckers will appear from the eggs after a short time. Carpeted coating should be turned over. If carpet is inscribed in the room, then you need to try to break the edges. Insects love to hide in these places.

Free the cabinet – you need to ensure maximum access to all its inner surfaces. At the same time try the things that lie very long. It is possible that somewhere between them dwells the family of the bugs. All furniture need to push off the wall. It is not necessary to move it to the room center, it is enough to move by 10-15 cm. This will allow access to vertical partitions, the rear surfaces of the cabinets and carrier structures.

To process apartments with vinegar from bedbugs, various techniques are used:

  • Tassel or sponge – They will allow acetic solution to plinths, furniture and other vertical surfaces;
  • spray – Helps to handle upholstered furniture, mattresses and other places of clusters of bugs.

Vinegar – non-toxic substance, so it is not necessary to use serious means of protection. However, it is advisable to put on gloves – they will protect the skin of the hands during the processing of the room.

And also need to ensure that the solution does not hit the eye. So that this does not happen, you need to keep the pulverizer at a distance of 15-20 cm from the surface treated.

Useful advice

In order to completely lime insects, and eliminate the problem, you need to spend thorough processing of the entire room. Single splashing and washing surfaces can only give a short-term effect. As soon as the smell is weathered, parasites will immediately return to the apartment. That is why acetic aroma should be supported in the house as long as possible. At the first signs of the return of parasites, processing should be re-conducted.

Remember: Even if the treatment with acetic solution will be performed in compliance with all proportions, we should not expect full getting rind of bedbugs. After the migration of adults, the eggs, deferred by female, remain safe and preservation, and after one and a half or two weeks later, your home will be attacked by the younger young, and the struggle will have to begin again. It should be understood that the specific fragrance is transferred not all households. It’s one thing, when a few drops of vinegar are used as a refueling in a salad, completely different – regular processing of the entire residential premises. It is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous. Therefore, the premises after processing should be ventilated, and this leads to the neutralization of the smell. Therefore, bugs can come back again.

The only way to destroy the culop of vinegar is to place it in a concentrated solution. That is why the use of this tool is more in demand as a prophylactic measure – if the neighbors are etched by bedbugs, and you assume that refugees will go to you. If the parasites have already firmly settled in your home, vinegar will not become a panacea. In such a situation, it makes sense to refer to a qualified disinfector – the drugs used by them provide a quick and long-term victory over the annoying bloodsuckers.

Nevertheless, there are situations where the use of vinegar becomes the only possible solution to the problem. It happens if:

  • The house has pets or small children;
  • family members have allergic diseases;
  • Households do not have the opportunity to leave the house during the sampling.

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