Vibropressed tile

Vibropressed tile (sidewalk) – the newest development of European engineers.

Thanks to the special formula, it is possible to achieve the production of incredibly high-quality tiles with high levels of strength and frost resistance. It is also distinguished by proper geometry, so it is not at all surprising that it gradually displaces the granite coating of European streets.


  • Low cost.
  • Concrete does not create a radiation background, unlike granite.
  • Universal material that can be given any size, color, drawing. Easy to work.
  • The rough surface makes it a very attractive material for use in winter. Due to this property, it is almost non-slip, which is very relevant in the conditions of our climate.

Production technology

Initially make a concrete mixture. The mixture for tiles or for a curb will differ significantly from a concrete solution having a different purpose. The mixture must be rigid, there should be little water in it. For a good mixing mixture, a special planned concrete mixer will be required. In addition, you need a computer tracking level of humidity and determining readiness.

The next stage is the load in the mold and production. With the method of vibratoryropressing on a mixture laid in the mold, pressure not only with the help of the press, but also by special vibrators. Through the use of such vibrators, it is possible to get rid of excess water and air. The mixture itself compacts as much as possible, which gives the product maximum strength, high level of frost resistance and low water absorption.

Color tile

Paving vibropressed tile does not necessarily have concrete color. For this, European engineers have developed another special technology. So, during production, they mix two concrete at the same time: the main and facing. This is caused by the fact that high-quality dye – the pleasure is quite expensive. And its use is directly related to the final cost of goods.

The peculiarity of this method is that at first the usual gray concrete is poured into the mold, after which the vibration includes. When he settles, in the remaining place is filled with colored concrete, and continue to form a tile. Due to this, it is possible to cross about one centimeter. This does not lose durability, nor other qualitative characteristics, but at the same time the dye is essential. Thus, it is possible to make an affordable price. High-quality product can be operated many more decades.

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