Varieties of glass entrance groups

Modern buildings are distinguished by an attractive and original design. The facades of most of them are decorated with beautiful, elegant and unique glass entrance groups. Thanks to such groups, the entrance to the building looks attractive.


The glass entrance group is a specific design that is the central part of the building facade. This building is the main entrance to the building. All-glass products are suitable for both private houses and a cottage. It is advisable only to pick up high-quality fasteners.

The design must have the following characteristics:

  • must be practical and convenient to use. The size of the structure is very important, since during operation, a huge number of people will be held through it, it may be formed and carry out large-sized things, furniture items;
  • serves the entry of the entrance to the building from atmospheric precipitation, drafts and cold;
  • Isolates warmth in the building.

The design includes the following items:

  • Door. It can be both a single and multistate;
  • Small playground, located in front of the entrance to the building;
  • porch, Equipped with periods or special fence;
  • Reliable canopy, Which is located above the porch, is additionally equipped with a bright and original lamp for the lighting of the site and the entrance.

Modern glass entrance groups are very often decorated with various elements, such as:

  • Beautiful railing;
  • columns;
  • various stairs, different shapes and sizes;
  • elegant forged structures;
  • Other details, devices and decoration elements.

Types of glass

For glazing input groups, ordinary glass will not fit, use special. Varieties of such glass are quite a lot, but it is necessary to highlight the most popular and common.

  • Triplex. A distinctive feature of this type of glass is the absence of small fragments when breaking. It has a special strength, consists of a film with an adhesive basis and several glasses.
  • Tempered glass. Thanks to the special production technology of this type of glass, it has high strength.
  • Optivat. This type of glass has a very beneficial property – the maximum transmits the light, absolutely does not distort the space and colors.
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  • Glass windows. For the production of double-glazed windows, glass is used for plastic glasses.
  • Armored. Such models are thick glass, made with gluing of individual thin glasses strips. Distinctive features of this species is a large weight of the product and a significant thickness.
  • Darken glass. Such glasses will help protect the building from sunlight and foreign explosion.


Glass input groups are divided into several types depending on the type of construction: the structure with a tambour and without it. Very often you can meet structures with doors in the form of the arch. It is worth noting that the shape of the doors can be different, as well as the size of the input group. Conditionally, you can split the input groups by the type of glass package and the type of glass used in the manufacture of the design. For the manufacture of entrance groups, single-chamber and two-chamber double-glazed windows, Kalenoe Glass and Triplex are most commonly used. The last version of the glass is safer, since small fragments are not formed when breaking the glass.

Triplex is highly durable, so the probability of damage is extremely small.

There are protective input groups, decorative and decorative protective. For various buildings with a high probability of hacking and penetration of foreign people, protective and decorative protective structures are used. The features of such entrance groups are that the probability of falling into the building of the outsiders is almost equal to zero. Decorative entrance groups have an interesting, original appearance and decorate the facade of the building.

Glass entrance groups are also divided into two main types.

  • Internal. Such designs are installed in the building itself, at the entrance. From the interior, the entrance group is separated using a special partition.
  • External. This type of construction implies the installation of the structure outside, before entering the building.
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These input designs made of glass can also be insulated or cold. For insulation of input groups, double glass glass are installed. The design of the structure is made by special thermal insulation building materials. Heat the group allows the installation of various heating devices. In addition, the entrance door doors are also equipped with double glasses.

Cold structures are usually made from one layer of glass as doors and walls of the structure. In the manufacture of entrance groups, two types of building materials are mainly used: tempered glass and aluminum. The second material is necessary for the manufacture of a solid framework frame.

Types of doors

Doors are the main and integral part of the entrance groups. The view of the door canvase mainly depends on the architectural style of the building and fantasy of the masters. In addition to the original appearance, the doors of the entrance design must have high strength and increased resistance to various loads and mechanical effects.

Additionally, the door canvases are equipped with durable and reliable fittings and high-quality locking mechanisms. The life of the data of the elements mainly depends the service life of the door canvase.

The most popular are the following types of doors:

  • swing;
  • sliding;

  • carousel;
  • pendulum.

Fencing and design construction

Installation of the design is performed on a pre-prepared, low foundation or parapet. Based on this, it is implied for the mandatory installation of a small porch with several steps for the convenience of visitors.

An integral part of the porch and the input group as a whole is the ramp. This is a very important element, since there is a high probability of visiting the building with disabilities and mothers with children in strollers. To protect the porch from atmospheric precipitation, snow drops and icicles from the roof it is necessary to install a special visor.

Glass entrance groups of modern public buildings are customary to equip automatic sliding doors. The work of such structures is based on special sensors reacting to human approximation, and electric drives, which lead to the movement of door canvases.

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Additionally, the entrance groups are equipped with a special rubber flooring, in order for dirt from the street, it did not get inside the building.

Man passing by such a coating, automatically brushes the sole of shoes from pollution, therefore, in the main building of the dirt is much less.

Sheds and visors

Recently, it is very often for the manufacture of a canopy over the entrance group, modern and practical material are used – this is polycarbonate. The technical and operational characteristics of this building material make it possible to use polycarbonate as roofs for entrance groups.

It is also necessary to add that such material is easy to handle, it is easy to work with it and simply. If necessary, polycarbonate can be replaced quite quickly.

In addition to polycarbonate, galvanized tin is very often used for canopy.


Very popular in modern buildings to install angular entrance groups. Corner-type designs are mainly used for public places with a large passability of people. The design is placed on the corner of the building and has an entrance on one side, and the output from the other. The most popular and common is the installation of angular glass structures in modern large-sized shopping centers, department stores and metro stations.

According to many modern marketers, entrance groups are the main part of the building, its business card. In the entrance group, a person folds the overall impression of the building. That is why the design and architectural style of this entrance group is in the first place. The design of the design is given to the maximum of attention, the owners invest decent amounts to produce an indelible impression on the visitors to the building.

More about glass entrance groups you will learn from the following video.

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