Use of “Rapor” from bedbugs

Bring home bugs very simple. They are distributed even in public transport. When pest appear, it is important to immediately go to the fight. If the bedbugs have time to start a few nests, then you will be harder to drive them. Products from “Raptor” allows you to quickly and easily destroy all pests.

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs


The company “Raptor” offers high-quality professional means to protect against insects. The manufacturer has long been the leader in the segment of manufacturers of insecticides in Russia. The composition is carefully thought out and fully safe for people. All means are tested, which eliminates possible toxicity.

New generation insecticides show a good result even with respect to insects with resistance to active ingredients. “Raptor” from bedbugs has several forms of release. This allows you to choose the most comfortable pest protection format.

The benefits of the company’s products are quite a lot.

  1. Balanced composition has several active substances at once. Thanks to this, funds begin to act quite quickly. The effect can be seen after 15 minutes after use.
  2. The concentration of the poison is insignificant. Its enough for the death of a bang, but it does not affect people and pets at all.
  3. Means protect the house from insects a few more weeks after applying.
  4. Compositions have pleasant smells.
  5. After use, the fund does not leave stains or divorces, do not spoil furniture.
  6. Available cost and wider prevalence allow you to purchase the desired drug at any time.
  7. Apply tools are quite simple. The manufacturer always makes a clear instruction manual.

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs

With the right use of funds from “Raptor” all these advantages play a big role. Enough 1-2 treatments to achieve the desired result. It is necessary to process even those rooms that are not yet infected with clouds.

However, products “Raptor” have and cons.

  • Spries have a less concentrated composition. One processing may not be enough with a strong infection.
  • Claps can adapt to the active substance. Therefore, it is important to carry out quality processing.
  • Helps against bed bugs, but does not affect insect eggs. That is why re-disinfection should be made in a few weeks.

However, such disadvantages can be called simply difficulties. It is always important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The tool is not necessarily applied immediately after purchase. True, in this case, it is necessary to store it in a dark and cool place, away from heat sources.

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs


Insecticide “Raptor” is produced in several forms. Aerosol agent less concentrated than an aquafumigator. Therefore, it is well suited for combating clusters in the early stages. Aquafumigator works on another principle. The concentration of the active substance is higher, however, it does not harm it anyway.

When choosing it is worth navigating your own convenience and degree of facilities. The use of these forms differs as security measures when used. The fumigator is better penetrated into hard-to-reach zones.

In any case, after use, you must ventilate the room. And all means affect only adult individuals without affecting bugs.

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs


Spray is sold in a cylinder with a volume of 225 ml. The composition affects the bugs with direct contact. It is recommended to use with a moderate or small number of parasites. If there are a lot of bugs, then the tool can disappoint. The drug quickly settles on surfaces.

The active action of the aerosol is manifested during spraying. With each next hour, efficiency decreases, but still saves on 21 days. Processing bedding, pillows and mattresses this means can not. Spray is used for disinfection of various surfaces, such as sex, walls.

The composition in aerosol cartridges does not harm the health of people, has a quite pleasant aroma. However, during processing, it is still worth off the room, remove pets from it. Before use, you just need to shake the bottle.

It is worth noting that such a product does not affect the bug eggs. That is why it is important to re-process after 2-3 weeks.

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs


The active ingredient is mixed with water. Then the solution just evaporates. In this case, the device does not need to be inserted into the outlet. The smoke checker is characterized by good performance and safety. Liquid composition more effective than plates.

Active substance in the means is digital. It is completely safe for human health, non-toxic. The tool shows the result, even if used in open locality. The concentration of the active substance is quite large in a couple of days after use. The digitalotrin enters the body of the cloud and blocks the motion functions, reproduction.

The active substance is located in a metal container. After contact with water, a special couple is formed. The substance extends through the air, falls into all corners of the room. This process begins a couple of minutes after the start of using the device. In this case, the substance quietly penetrates through the upholstered furniture, gets inside.

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs

It is the principle of operation makes a fumigator so effective. Digitally has a low density, so the settlement takes some time. For some time the substance just soars in the air. It guarantees high efficiency.

Instructions for use

Use the products “Raptor” is quite simple. However, the exact instruction depends on the outflow form. Aerosols have several types of nozzles for access to all slots. You can proceed to processing immediately after purchase. The manufacturer always writes instructions and precautions on the bottle.

Before starting processing, it is necessary to conduct a general cleaning. At the same time it is important to spend thoroughly, wash the floor and other surfaces. All upholstered furniture should be moved away from the walls so that you can spend thorough treatment. Curtains, bedspreads, clothing and other things need to be wrapped at high temperatures or sip. This will allow you to kill eggs and adult individuals who could settle in textiles.

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs

The apartment should be released from colors, aquariums, terrariums. Food, dishes and toys can be sealed, but it is better to make it better. And also at the time of processing the apartment must leave all people and pets. Doors and windows close tightly so that the aerosol will not disappear.

Here is what the processing process will be the “Raptor”.

  1. Shake the balloon. This will allow uniformly distribute the components.
  2. Put on personalize. It is necessary to use gloves, mask and bathrobe.
  3. Spraying the remedy at a distance of 30 cm. Need to pull out your hand and keep the tool vertically.
  4. At one place, no more than 2 seconds should be influenced. Wet spots and puddes should not.
  5. It is important to lead one line without interrupting it. So bugs will not be able to cross the processing place.
  6. It is especially important to find and spray nests. This will make it possible to cover the bugs themselves and their larvae by the active substance.
  7. After the end of the disinfection, close the apartment for 30 minutes. Then carefully ventilate the room for 1 hour.

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs

Aquafumigator is used a little differently. It is important to comply with the instructions, otherwise the effectiveness of the active substance will significantly decrease. Apply the fumigator is much easier than spray due to differences in principle.

Consider how treatment is.

  1. The aquafumigator system consists of a container with poison, a package with liquid, working capacity. Before use, all components should be pulled out from the package.
  2. Plastic can be installed in the middle of the room. It is important to put it on a flat and smooth surface.
  3. In the packaging to fill the liquid from the package. Put inside a metal container. It is important that the holes for the exit steam were located on top.

The disinfection process itself begins after a couple of minutes. During this time, it is important to get out of the room and close the door. The room with an area of ​​30 m2 is processed within 3 hours. After the completion of the procedure, it is necessary to carefully ventilate the room. If necessary, processing time increases to 12 hours.

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs

Re-processing is carried out in 2-3 weeks. In about this time, bugs from eggs will hatch, which have already been postponed. By themselves they are not at all susceptible to poisons.

At the same time, it is important to prepare the room to disinfect in advance.

  1. Disable fire alarm. Evaporation can lead to false positive.
  2. Remove the objects of hygiene and dishes from the room.
  3. Close hood. To do this, it is convenient to use a plastic bag or scotch.
  4. Furniture should be decomposed, and all the cabinets – open.
  5. It is important to close the window and tightly lock the door. This will allow the active substance for a long time to affect the room.

Aquafumigator use much easier. It is only important to correctly calculate the processing time based on the area of ​​the room. Textiles and clothing are also disinfected with such a fund.

It is important to adhere to the safety rules for disinfection by steam.

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs

Review reviews

Raptor aerosol is quite easy to use. but It shows well only in case of careful processing, which takes a lot of time and effort. If the bedbugs are a lot, that is, the risk does not detect all the nests. In this case, you will have to make more than 2 treatments for the full destruction of pests.

Some buyers note the presence of allergic responses to aerosol. To prevent undesirable consequences, it is important to comply with all precautions and use protection tools. If the “Raptor” fell to the open area of ​​the skin, it is necessary to rinse it with a large number of running water. A small apartment can be easily and effectively disinfected with an aerosol.

Aquafumigators are used both in apartments and in private houses. The processing time depends on the area. Many prefer to install the device before going to work, and after returning to ventilate the room. And also after use on surfaces there is a white flare, so you have to clean up. Lingerie, clothing and textiles It is recommended to wash.

Means does not always help the first time. If the bedbugs were a lot, then you will have to re-process.

Use of "Rapor" from bedbugs

Some users noticed that pests get out, but do not die. This is possible if the processing was not sufficiently long. However, most often aquafumigator allows you to get rid of bugs with minimal efforts.

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