Use of RAID funds from cockroaches

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches

Cockroaches are very unpretentious insects. They gladly settle in homes, quickly multiply and very annoying people living in the room. That is why the owners of apartments and houses try to measure insects as soon as possible. This will help specially intended for this tools: traps, sprays, aerosols, fumigators. Manufacturer who is able to provide, indeed, effective devices is RAID. Every day thousands of people around the world choose products of this brand.

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches


Due to their unpretentiousness, cockroaches are extremely illegible in food. They are able to eat any products, including dry cereals, sugar, bread. The main complexity of their destruction is that pests quickly get used to some one drug and will soon be returned to purified housing. That is why it is important to comprehensively affect the pests by selecting several options at once.

RAID manufactures products that have a negative impact on the gastrointestinal system of parasites. Insecticides in the composition, affect the nervous system. Their main feature is that the toxin acts gradually, insidiously. Increased insect, nothing can be suspected, will return to his home, bringing poison on the paws. With this poison, his “comrades” will be injured. Toxin will be active at least 3 weeks, and this means that young cockroach, just hatched from eggs, will also be rapidly die.

Another interesting feature is the ability tools to sterilize parasites. After the insect used the poison, it will no longer be able to fruit, and this is a huge plus. There are no resistance to such funds from cockroaches yet.

With the help of sterilization, sooner or later, it is possible to completely remove even the dominance of pests.

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches

The advantages of RAID funds are as follows:

  • the ability to penetrate the most hard-to-reach areas;

  • As many as 3 weeks of active influence on insects;

  • the presence of a component that does not allow cockroach to adapt to the drug;

  • economical spending;

  • convenient use;

  • a large assortment.

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches

Weaknesses also have:

  • Very unpleasant smell (in aerosols);

  • high prices;

  • toxicity.

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches

Means and their application

RAID produces a variety of types of tables against cockroaches. It is recommended to use several products at the same time: this will achieve a better result.


RAID sprays are able to provide a quick effect. They destroy not only adult cockroaches, but also larvae. Due to the fact that the tool is actively sprayed, its particles penetrate even in those places where it is impossible to get a rag or broom. Acts within 20 days, and then serves as the prevention of new pest appearances.

Spray spray in the air should not be, it will not give any result. It will be right first to shake the balloon well, and then send a toxic jet to where you most often see insects. This will definitely be plinths, drain hole in the sink, zone under the table top. Well, if you figure out drawers with stocks and take cereals, sugar, tea to another room. Area inside cabinets and boxes need to be processed. Do not forget to walk in open dishes, vases. Treat niches near the stove, hood, floor under the fridge.

IMPORTANT: cockroaches love water very much, and for a long time live without it they cannot. The main source of water is a sink, where small droplets often accumulate.

That is why zones around the shell should be processed first.

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches

To date, 2 funds from the company have proven its effectiveness.

  • Classic red RAID. This is all familiar bright canister with yellow inscription, lightning and dead cockroaches. The main active ingredient is called cypermethrine. It has a paralytic effect on insects. And also in the composition there are flavors who attract parasites and causing curiosity.

  • Raid Max. This remedy appeared quite recently, but already won the love of many buyers thanks to the softer, rather than the previous product, aroma. Active aerosol component – digitrine.

Before using any of the RAID sprays, the instructions should be carefully learned. Spraying an aerosol, protect the respiratory organs, it will also be worthwhile to wear glasses. When processing indoors, children can be located, pets. Having finished cleaning, close the windows and doors to the room, you can even leave the apartment for a couple of hours. When you return, ventilate the room and make a major cleaning in it. In addition, in the future, the tool can be used at any time: as soon as you saw a cockroach, spray it.

Removing the fierce animal, be sure to wipe this place from the residues of the spray.

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches


Their firm advises to use simultaneously with the spray. Traps arranged quite simple: these are small boxes inside which placed. The cover is transparent, and you can watch the curious cockroach attracted by a pleasant aroma, crashes inside and begins to eat bait. As soon as he does it, the mechanism of action will start. Insect dies not immediately: Returning home, it will infect other parasites. Over time, the whole population will be amazed toxin.

Besides, Many RAID traps have a propagation regulator. This is the very sterilization that has already been mentioned in the article. It needs to be activated before putting a trap. This is done by simply pressing the button. One such a regulator is enough for 7 square meters, so it will be correct to buy several traps. The regulator disk is recommended to change once in 90 days: it will allow traps to work without interruptions and more efficiently fight with unwanted tenants.

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches

The more traps in the kitchen, the faster you get rid of cockroaches. But it should be installed correctly. These are the following locations:

  • walls;

  • Plinths;

  • area under the sink and near it;

  • cabinets;

  • Zone near the refrigerator and garbage buckets;

  • space for batteries.

Do not install traps where food is lying. In addition, every 3 months will need to replace traps.

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches


Such funds will also provide support in the fight against insects, but only if the cockroaches are not too much. The remedy is uniformly distributed on the surfaces in the kitchen and wash away only when the pests disappeared. The gel feature is that such a product contains a number of fragrant additives, very pleasant for curious cockroaches. They gladly eat the remedy, and soon die. The minus of the gel is that it is not recommended to use in apartments where there is pets, because the animal can easily try a new product taste.

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches

Review reviews

RAID is one of the most popular insecticidation firms, and therefore there are a lot of reviews about it. Most of them are positive. So, buyers noted that with the help of aerosols Raid was able once and forever expel the pests from the house, although before which they just did not try. However, at the same time, they made an emphasis on a sharp and very unpleasant smell, which some calls even vomit.

It is especially strong in a classic red aerosol. Some clients noted that if you use spray from time to random cockroaches, you can get used to the smell, and it will begin to associate exclusively with these insects, which will cause even more disgust. So processing is better to carry out full, leaving the apartment, because it will be so much faster.

As for the traps, there are ambiguous opinions here. One such devices helped, others argue that they were waiting for their own for months. In general, consumers believe that the traps should be used simultaneously with aerosols.

Separate application is permissible only in the case of prophylactic action.

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches

Use of RAID funds from cockroaches

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