Use of COMBAT funds from cockroaches

The cockroach is one of the most malicious and common in the house of insects. They can be seen almost everywhere, even in the cleanest premises. Cockroaches easily adapt to environmental conditions, settle in the most inaccessible places, very quickly multiply, and they are almost impossible to withdraw. Scientists have established that even in the case of an atomic explosion or a large-scale flood, the only creature that can survive will be the cockroach. The danger of these insects is that they will distribute a very dangerous disease for a person, so they need to destroy them.

Today there are a lot of various drugs to combat these insects, but whether they are so good and effective, as the manufacturer indicates? There is one tool in the market that is verified by many consumers and is considered one of the most high-quality and productive – Combat. It is about him that will be discussed in the article.


Combat in translation means “wrestling” or “battle”. Manufacturer of the funds – Henkel company, the products of which have long been successfully sold in different countries around the world. And this is not surprising at all, because cockroaches are perhaps one of the few insects who live and feel great at all on all continents.

Why does the drug from Comban cockroaches are so popular? The demand for the product is due to a number of features and advantages that is characteristic of it. List them.

  • High efficiency coefficient.

  • Works both indoors and outdoors. For example, Combat can handle bushes, threshold or doors from the street, and special traps are conveniently placed inside the house.

  • Safety. This remedy for cockroaches harms exclusively insects, it is harmless to humans.

  • Duration of action. The manufacturer claims that with proper processing and compliance with all instructions for using the effect lasts at least 2 months.

  • Wide selection and range. Insecticide is presented in different forms – these are special traps, gels and aerosols.

  • Availability of quality certificates. Each COMBAT cockroach remedy passes a number of laboratory tests and is manufactured according to regulatory documents.

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If we talk about disadvantages, then, considering consumer reviews, we can say that there are high cost. But it is verified by experimentally, it is fully justified by the quality and effectiveness of the drug.

Species and their use

COMBAT COMBAT TOOT from Henkel, as already mentioned, today you can meet in 3 varieties: trap, gel, aerosol. Very often consumers are asked about whether they are distinguished by something else, in addition to the appearance and instructions for use. The answer is not. The composition, efficiency and duration of impact are absolutely identical. The remedy is modified by the manufacturer exclusively for the convenience of using the drug.

Let’s consider each of the types of means to deal with COMBAT cockroaches.


It is the most budget type of cockroaches, but not less effective. The trap has a kind of box in which there are special pills. The number of boxes required for the purchase depends on the area of ​​the house or apartment.

The main active substance, poison or toxin for cockroaches, which is contained in the tablet, is hydrometinol. This is a particularly dangerous insecticide insecticide, the action of which begins on the second day after. Figure Research Causes the so-called “Domino effect”. After eating poison, the cockroach is awake for some time. He calmly moves around the room, while contacting other individuals and masonry of eggs. Poisoned individual in contact with all other.

As a result, all cockroaches, larvae and even masonry eggs are dying. And after a week, the whole population of insects will sweep.

Most often, the pills are placed in the kitchen under the sink, on the wall behind the refrigerator.

COMBAT cockroaches traps are very convenient in use. The presence on one side of the adhesive tape box makes it possible to securely fix the means both in horizontal and vertical position. It is absolutely non-toxic and does not smell. COMBAT traps cost is very budget, available to almost all. Combat Super Bait and Combat Super Bait “Decor” traps use the greatest demand.

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Combat Aerosol is the most frequently purchased tool from cockroaches. The reason for this is simplicity and ease of use. Due to the aerosol, you can instantly get rid of cockroaches even in the most hard-to-reach places.

Combat spray is characterized by:

  • rapid effect – as soon as the drug falls on cockroaches, it immediately leads to the death of the pest;

  • lack of smell;

  • Efficiency.

But if you compare with Combat traps, the aerosol has more flaws. It is worth noting the main among them.

  • Toxicity. Spraying aerosol, man must use personal protective equipment. In the room where they used it, it is better for several hours not to go. And it is also desirable to keep it well. Animals and children in no way should breathe vapors.

  • Valid only with direct contact. Unfortunately, masonry eggs and larvae can not be killed by aerosol. If you do not take advantage of the other type of COMBAT Poison, most likely, the cockroaches will appear after a while again.

  • Price. The price of an aerosol is significantly higher than, for example, on the same traps.

The greatest demand is used by aerosol cans with gold inscriptions Combat Super Spray, Super Spray Plus and Combat Multi Spray. Each of the specified species of sprays has certain technical parameters, is characterized by the duration of impact and efficiency. The manufacturer claims that one 500 ml bracket is enough to treat the whole apartment. It should also be noted that it is precisely to use outdoors.


Another kind of preparations in the fight against cockroaches from Henkel. On the sale of the COMBAT gel enters the syringe.

COMBAT gel very effective. It consists of:

  • various nutritional supplements;

  • preservatives;

  • Pyreteroid insecticides.

The composition of the drug and its gel form contributes to the fact that for a long time the remedy does not lose its initial qualities. Food supplements that are in the composition, work as a trap on cockroaches. Their smell attracts insects.

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Gel is very convenient to use.Thanks to the thin hole on the needle of the syringe, the poison can be applied in the desired amount even in the most inaccessible place, for example, behind the plinth. For that so as not to be staining the floor or walls the drug can be squeeze out of the syringe on cardboard paper and put in a certain place.

One of the main advantages of the gel against cockroaches is that it does not cause insect addiction and is characterized by an instant effect.

Most often buy Combat Roach Killing Gel, Source Kill Max and Combat Supergel. The number of gel in the syringe can be different. On average, it is 80-100 grams. Such a quantity is enough to handle the whole apartment and get rid of the big population of cockroaches.

When choosing a combat preparation to combat insects, it is necessary to consider:

  • room area;

  • toxicity of the substance;

  • presence or absence of smell;

  • Population of Tarakanov.

So, if there are masonry, or you notice small larvae, which, most likely, only hatched, it is better to use traps.

Review reviews

Carefully examining consumer reviews, which many different drugs and folk drugs were used in the fight against the invasion of cockroaches, we can conclude that the COMBAT brand means of the Henkel brand is most effectively. Many argue that The main advantage of the drug is that with its help you can get rid of not only from adult individuals, but also from their eggs and small offspring. And consumers after using the drug remain very satisfied with the duration of the result.

The main thing is to carefully study the instructions in which the manufacturer paints very detailed how to properly use the Combat preparation to achieve maximum efficiency. And also do not forget to look at the date of production and shelf life.

If possible, make sure that the goods are authenticated, as there are many fakes today. The seller must necessarily have all documents and quality certificates.

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