Ultrasound mosquitors

    To protect against mosquitoes, a large number of different means are used. In addition to anti-mosquito nets and fumigators, ultrasonic insect repellents can be seen on the shelves of supermarkets. Such modern protective remedies are very popular among consumers.


    Ultrasonic mosquito repeller are used to fight insects both on the street and indoors. The principle of action of the repellent is to generate ultrasound. He is not heard to human ear, but causes an unpleasant reaction in insects. Screking sound affects fertilized females, which, as a rule, bite a person. Hearing him, insects try to leave dangerous place for them and not return there.

    As a rule, an electronic device that scares insects consists of the following elements:

    • instrument indicator;
    • mosquito scary;
    • switch keys;
    • neat connections for connecting the adapter;
    • Volume controller repel.

    This simple mosquito shredder has many advantages.

    1. Safety. Product hypoallergenic and does not harm neither a person nor the environment. You can use it even indoors where little children live.
    2. Easy to use. The device for combating insects quickly and easily turns on. It serves long enough.
    3. Universality. You can use such means to combat mosquitoes, both in the country and in the house or in the office. The scheme of operation of various devices is almost the same.
    4. Economy. Change batteries in such an appliance much more profitable than buying new bottles and ointment to fight mosquitoes.

    Knowing all these advantages, you can safely buy a means to combat mosquitoes.


    Before buying a suitable product, you must learn in advance about what means to scare the mosquitoes now exist on the market. In general, all the devices of this type can be divided into two categories.


    Such designs can be used in the house and outdoors. As a rule, models operating on batteries are used to protect against mosquitoes.

    The radius of such a device is from 20 to 500 square meters.


    Designs for individual protection of this type are produced in the form of bracelets or keyfobs. They have many advantages:

    • low weight;
    • Neat appearance;
    • harmlessness;
    • economy.

    Products of this type are uninterrupted for 3-5 months.

    Noticing that the portable device no longer protects against mosquitoes, you just need to change the battery.

    When choosing a high-quality street or portable tool for combating mosquitoes worth paying attention to the most popular models.

    “Typhoon LS-200”

    This is a stationary mosquito repeller, which usually buy for home or for giving. He produced a proven Russian company. The device works on a simple principle. The product is inserted into the outlet. After that, the owner remains only to choose the desired power.

    This choice depends the area of ​​exposure to the device and its effectiveness.

    Protektor Freetime

    This is one of the best products that are used for individual protection. It is made in the form of a neat bracelet. The product from high-quality anti-allergenic rubber does not have an unpleasant odor and almost imperceptibly on the body.

    Use such bracelets can Even children and people with sensitive skin. There is such a portable device within one and a half meters. Fix it can be on foot or hand. In addition, a slight product can be attached to the belt using a special clamp. It should be remembered that the device does not work when the emitter is closed.

    Therefore, it is not worth putting it in a backpack, bag or pocket.

    Keychain Mosquito

    Compact device from the Mosquito brand gets a large number of positive feedback. It works from simple batteries-tablets in two audio modes. The device imitates either a high mosquito squeak, or the voice of the dragonfly. Protects this budgetary not from all insects, but with most of the enemies he can still handle.Small key chain can be attached to the keys, strap backpack or trouser strap. It looks quite attractive.

    So it can be quietly taken with him not only for fishing or hunting, but also for a regular walk.


    Such a portable repeller works not only against mosquitoes. He perfectly protects a person from flies and mosquitoes. This model is made in the form of a neat keyfob for keys with reliable fastening. It is convenient to use it while walking on the street. The peculiarity of this model is that in the process of work it makes a sound that resembles the buzz of the dragonfly, which mosquitoes are afraid. Hearing this frightening sound, insects are not pumped to a person, “armed” with such a means of protection. Additional plus products is that it is equipped with a small flashlight.

    Therefore, it is very convenient for them to use at night.

    “Magnet Keychain”

    This is another popular key chain with mosquito protection. It differs in small sizes, but at the same time it works at a high distance. The exposure area of ​​the device – 8 square meters. It is possible to mount it not only to keys, but also to the trouser strap. In this case, it is definitely not lost. This model, like the previous one, is complemented by a small flashlight. From the built-in battery such a device can work 1-2 months.

    The flashlight shines continuously for 10 hours.

    “Tornado OK. 01 “

    Compact screler midges can work both in autonomous and inpatient mode. The effect of the impact of this miniature appliance applies to an area of ​​up to 50 square meters. The design is easy to use and reliable. In addition, it has a low level of energy consumption. It may even work in a larger heat.

    Therefore, it is often used, going out in the summer.

    “ECOSINEER AR-115”

    Chinese product for combating insects helps to fight both mosquitoes of all kinds and small midges. Such a stationary means works efficiently and consumes a small amount of energy. The zone of exposure to such a repeller – 50 square meters. Very often it is used as a night light in the house. Install this safe device is quite possible even in the children’s room.

    The main thing is to ensure that there are no massive items next to it, which will serve as a barrier limiting the rapid spread of ultrasound waves.

    WR 30m

    This portable repeller is usually used on the street. It is made in the form of stylish wristwatches. Such a device is very popular among fishermen, hunters and tourists. Big plus bracelet lies in the fact that he has a waterproof case. The exposure area of ​​this accessory is quite large.

    Work such a device for combating mosquitoes can be both batteries and solar batteries. You can buy such a means against mosquitoes both on the Internet and in ordinary stores. The device works immediately after turning on.

    It is like lovers of simple gadgets that do not need to customize long.

    WeiTech WK0029

    Portable ultrasound dischargers from the Belgian manufacturer are distinguished by a small size. That is why they are comfortable to carry with them and take it in nature. Many use such insect protection in cars. Compact devices do not harm or human organism, nor the environment.

    They protect not only from different types of mosquitoes, but also from other bloodsowing insects.


    Such instruments are used mainly on the street. They work due to generating signals of a certain frequency on an ongoing basis. Easy modern device does not represent danger to man. At the same time, it shows excellent results in combating mosquitoes and other insects.

    The area of ​​the device – 30 square meters.


    A scarecher working to protect against mosquitoes and large tracks can be used both on the street and in closed rooms. Device non-toxic and fully safe. Therefore, it can be calmly installed in the premises where children are present.

    There is such a device much cheaper analogs.


    This is one of the most expensive funds in this ranking. Such an ultrasonic insect repeller is characterized by high power. So he acts on the big area. As the manufacturer declares, it helps in the fight not only with mosquitoes, but also with rodents. It means that Such an appliance is ideal for summer cottages.

    Having spent money on his purchase once, you can forget the pests in your home and yard for a long time.

    Choice rules

    Regardless of whether the purchased device will be used, it must be high quality. When buying a mosquito scarement, you should pay attention to the following parameters.

    1. Radius of action. Depending on the power of the device, the radius of its action may vary from 2 to 50 meters. Simple portable devices are suitable for use by one person. But powerful stationary devices will provide protection for the whole family.
    2. Cost of device. To date, you can find cheap products that are distinguished by reliability and high efficiency. But it is not recommended to buy cheap Chinese probes, because they may not only not worry, but also harmful to health.
    3. Features of work. When buying an instrument to protect against mosquitoes, it is worth paying attention to both at what temperature and with what level of humidity it can work. If the device is used in non-standard conditions, you need to buy a scaryer with high-quality protective housing.

    Choose for use in the house or in the country area best multifunctional device. He helps to fight not only with mosquitoes, but also with other insects. In this case, no pests will interfere with a relaxing rest. If there are doubts as a device, it is better to check the technical documentation going along with the device.

    Acquire goods best at the proven supplier.

    Review reviews

    Buyers of gadgets to scare mosquito leave a rather contradictory reviews about them. Satisfied users marked high efficiency of devices. People use dischargers in different conditions. Effective devices work both indoors and outdoors. They can safely install in the house where there are small children and animals, as well as take with them to tourist hiking or walking.

    Dissatisfied reviews most often leave buyers who stumbled upon a poor-quality fake or product from the unverified manufacturer. They note that after installing such a device, insects do not react to unpleasant sounds.So get rid of them by other ways.

    In order for the selected device to work as efficiently as possible and disappointing buyers, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules.

    1. Carefully choose a place to install a repeller. Place it best next to the door or window openings. After all, it is from there insects usually fall into the house.
    2. If possible, use the device is needed in several modes. After all, if you do not change the frequency of sound attack, insects can get used to. So over time they will respond to the device not so actively as in the first days.
    3. Before using the instrument to combat mosquitoes, you need to explore the instructions for it. It usually indicates how to turn it on and off correctly. In addition, there you can see the information and on what conditions the device should not be used to not break it.

    Ultrasonic mosquitoes comarants are becoming increasingly popular among buyers. They are effective and harmless both for humans and pets.

    To enjoy all the advantages of such drugs to combat insects, you only need to choose a quality and suitable product for yourself.

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