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With the arrival of summer begins the season of recreation in nature, but warm weather also contributes to the vital activity of annoying insects. Mosquitoes are able to spoil their presence going to the forest or on the beach, and their opposite buzz interfers to sleep at night. People invented many different drugs to combat bloodsuckers, some of them scare or kill insects, others – no. Most recently, the market received a new American-made-repellent device, which quickly gained popularity from dacifics and travelers – Thermacell from Komarov.


The American apparatus against insects is a unique protection against bites throughout the travel or rest. The principle of action of the device is the same as in conventional fumigators – heating the replaceable plate, it exudes the smell unpleasant for pests. Thermacell mechanism is innovative, because it does not require connecting to the outlet, unlike traditional devices. Thanks to the new design, the fumigator works perfectly outdoors, protecting people within a radius of 20 sq.M.

Initially, the anti-mosquito device was created for the needs of the American army – he defended the military not only from mosquitoes, but also from ticks, mosquitoes, midges and fleas. To the tool become part of the equipment, it should have answered harsh requirements, therefore was subjected to a large number of tests.

Thermacell was repeatedly tested in action by military people, the design of the device – the fumigator is rather similar to some touchscreen device for tracking enemies than a mosquito remedy. When the device got on store shelves, he very quickly received recognition from tourists, hunters, fishermen and relax lovers in nature.

The repeller is produced in 2 versions: an active holiday design resembles a cell phone, for installation on the cottage – a table lamp. Product package includes 3 plates and 1 gas cartridge. There is an accessory in the form of a cover or a bag that allows you to attach a repeller on the belt or to a backpack.

The thermacll device is completely simple: a gas container is inserted into the housing, and under the grille – plate with gel or insecticide. The gas cartridge is intended to heat the plate soaked in poison. After you turn on the device, the heating mechanism will start, and insecticidal connections will be released into the air. The repeller does not need an additional power supply in the form of batteries or batteries – in nature it works from its own energy.

The portable device is effectively fighting insects for 12 hours, then you need to change the cartridge. The plate during continuous operation exhausts its insecticide after 4 hours. Toxic compounds for insects continue to be allocated depending on the heating temperature, Thermacell independently controls the amount of emission of poison.

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Insecticide, which are impregnated by the thermacell plates, does not pose a danger to a person – it is toxic only for insects. When the mosquitoes fall within the radius of the means, the chemical penetrates their body through the respiratory system or seeps through the chitinous cover. Inhaling a small number of repellent, pests are scared and flew away, but if the smell does not force them to retreat, a large amount of poison will lead to paralysis and inevitable death.

A variety of dischargers

Thermacell is developing 2 main types of mosquito devices – mobile and stationary. The first are intended for those who are constantly moving on the journey, and the second – for installation in the country or in camping. Consider Read more each type of mosquito unit.

For outdoor activities

Fans of active movement will be inconvenient to carry massive fumigators with them, various spirals, traps and smoke checkers are inappropriate, because they do not allow moving. Previously, the only rescue for travelers was sprays from mosquitoes, but they often caused allergies. The appearance of the device Thermacell significantly simplified the life of outdoor activities.

Externally, the device resembles a small remote control with a switch and gas content sensor in the cartridge. The standard THERMACELL MR-300 REPELLER model is available in several colors – olive, bright green and black. And sometimes there are apparatuses of orange or dark green, even less often – camouflage colors. The housing of the portable fumigator is made of impact-resistant polystyrene, so even if the device falls or hit, it will remain a whole.

An important advantage for travelers is the compactness and mass of the device – its weight is only 200 g, and the size – 19.3×7,4×4.6 cm.

The flagship of the anti-mosquito mechanism is the MR-450 REPELLER – this black machine is different from other models of an unusual ergonomic design. And he also has a special embedded clip, allowing you to conveniently fasten the device to the belt or backpack. The flagship is equipped with an additional indicator that notifies the owner that it is included. Additional feature will not allow you to forget to turn off the repeller or change the gas sprinkler on time.

A convenient portable apparatus works without noise and smell, does not highlight smoke and does not dock the owner. Active insecticidal substance, which is contained in the thermacll plates, is alleletin. The component in its composition is very similar to natural insecticide highlighted by chrysanthemums. When you turn on the mechanism, the piezoejig is triggered inside the case – it lights the butane (gas produced by the cartridge) and begins to slowly heat the plate.

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For giving and house

In summer, many people love to arrange cozy gatherings with friends in the fresh air to enjoy the fragrant kebab and baked vegetables together. Communicable satellites of such entertainment are annoying mosquitoes, which make the whole company herself and nervous.

Correct the situation can THERMACELL OUTDOOR LANTERN MR 9L6-00 – this is a device in the form of a portable lamp with an insecticide, which can be put on the table or hang on the wall.

Like a mobile fumigator, stationary performs the function of protecting people from pests – inside the case there are a butan cartridge and a plate with a poison, which, when heated, highlights toxic connections. To take with you within walking trip, such a device is inconvenient – its weight is about 1 kg, and the size does not allow to hide the device in the backpack. In a gazebo or camp, Outdoor Lantern can not serve as a fumigator, but also additional lighting – the mechanism is equipped with a light bulb with two brightness modes.

For minimalist lovers, there is another stationary fumigator model – Thermacell Halo Mini Repeller. It is much easier and more compact than Outdoor Lantern, but it acts no less effectively, because the principle of operation is the same. A small device is not equipped with a lamp, but its bright design will organically fit into any interior of the country yard or gazebo.

Consumables and accessories

Buying TherMacell repeller, complete you get a set of consumables – 3 plates and 1 gas cartridge, these elements are enough for 12 hours of continuous use. Such equipment is quite enough for 1-2 trips, but when the stock of consumables is over, it will need to be updated. In addition to cartridges and plates, you can also purchase some accessories that will make the use of a fumigator more comfortable.

We offer more details consider the list of consumables and accessories that you can add the device.

  • Carnish essential oil. Folk remedy that has long been used as a repellent from mosquitoes. If you add a pair of oil drops to the exhausting insecticide Thermacell plate, you will be protected from mosquitoes for a few more hours.
  • Additional set of consumables. Materials are sold by sets – in the package can be 3 plates and 1 Bhutan can or 6 plates and 2 cartridge. And there is also a spare set containing 2 vessels with gas, it is relevant for those who fight with mosquitoes by essential oil.
  • Case. Supplementing the repeller with a comfortable case, you will provide protection from parasites in a variety of situations. The bag for the device is equipped with adjustable straps, which allow you to securely attach it to the belt, backpack, tree trunk and even to the boat. Another plus cover – it provides pockets for spare consumables, you do not have to look for plates around the backpack. In addition, to replace the consumed material, you do not need to remove the device from the bag.
  • Torch. Those who love extreme travel at night, you can add a fumigator with a rotary flashlight with the 8th LED bulbs. The lighting device is equipped with a special clamp, with which it is attached to the repel. LED light bulbs provide bright white lighting with a radius of up to 5 meters.
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Tips for use

Instructions for the use of THERMACELL goods are approximately the same, because mobile and stationary devices work with the same consumables. After purchasing the device, be sure to read the rules of use and precautions to properly prepare the device to work.

After that, follow simple instructions:

  • First of all, it is necessary to steal an insecticidal plate under the grille;
  • Then open the device housing and carefully inspect – there is a place intended for the cartridge;
  • Carefully install a spray balloon in a fumigator and close the housing cover;
  • Next, turn on the device by setting the switch to the ON position, and start the heating by the START or PUSH button;
  • After the actions performed, piezoejig will light up butane, the fumigator will start working;
  • To turn off the device, move the switch to OFF.

Review reviews

The effectiveness of the military militory device is brighter than all comments of users whom the great set.

For example, one of the fishing lovers tried many ways to protect until they received the thermacll as a gift. Now nothing distracts fisherman from fishing rod.

Many have a family tradition – to get out in the summer at the cottage with the whole family and arrange gaze in the gazebo. Thermacell mosquito repeller protects any company from pests and serves excellent lighting.

Many of the thermigator Thermacell with them, when they go with friends to relax in nature with overnight. As a result, it is possible to have a good time – no parasites do not interfere with rest.

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